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The most common jokes on Facebook

If we consider Facebook as an extension of oneself, of our thinking, of our way of being, of the way we perceive life, then we can also imagine that the same is true for other users.

Based on this principle, and given the distorting mirror that is this social network, one can address to the whole network the self-image with which one feels best.

In fact Facebook allows us to be identified by members of our network as we would like to be perceived in life. If you don't want to be joked about, then choose a good password.

It is, in this sense, a tool to control its image.

The best jokes to make

From there, a lot of situations can be funny. Sometimes it only takes a small change on a single point, to make all our "friends" move.

If you've had a Facebook account for a long time, and the people who follow you have spotted you, try some manipulations, and you'll see for yourself. You can easily find a facebook password to make these jokes to your friends.

Changing your status as a couple

For example, while you are known for your celibacy, change your status and show up as a couple. You'll immediately see a string of congratulations on your life change on your News Feed.

Many people taking what is written on other people's walls for cash, you will have trapped your followers.

The double anniversary

Similarly, if you feel unserved, there is nothing to stop you from celebrating your birthday twice a year.

Again, most of your contacts will wish you a happy birthday, without even remembering that they had done it six months before. And this type of joke is endlessly repeatable.

You can change your statuses as you see fit, so write down what you want or what goes through your head. In absolute terms, nothing forbids you to invent a life…

I like

The limits of humour

But there is a limit to that. And, invariably, we always come back to the story of Peter and the Wolf.

By constantly joking, no one will believe you when you publish serious information. If the opposite is true too, it is easier to remedy it. In addition, you can tire your contacts, who will be uninterested in you and will no longer follow your thread.

The risk is that on the actual date of your birthday, no one will celebrate it for you.

Beware of black humour

In another style, black humour also has its followers. Whether it's photos or text elements, it's always interesting to pay attention to how others react to your outings.

But then again, some forms of humor are not compatible with each other, or with context, quite simply. The whole thing, in humor, is to know when, and on what audience, you take out your stories. A certain balance must be found to maintain some form of credibility. And everyone has their own limits.

And remember Pierre Desproges' sentence: "You can laugh at everything, but not with anyone. »

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What is the right frequency of publication?

Today everyone has several accounts on different sites and other platforms. Each of these accounts comes with a password, the only line of data protection, sometimes personal, that you can store there. Internet attacks are increasing and occurring every day, which is why it's important to change your passwords from time to time.

A good password changed regularly

First of all, it is essential to choose a good password. Avoid composing a password of less than ten characters and having too close a relationship with your person, such as: date of birth, date of marriage, first name. Advocate a mix of numbers and letters. Above all, avoid using the same password for all your accounts, otherwise once it is known all your accounts are defenseless. It is recommended that you change your password several times a year. Many people never change their passwords, this poses a definite danger to the data stored on the various accounts. In general, it is desirable that you change your passwords every six months, or approximately twice a year.

A change based on the data

The recommended change frequency is twice a year, but this is different depending on the data you have recorded on the account. For your account that gives access to your banking and financial information, prefer a change about every 90 days, or three times a year. Then if you have professional emails, which have a certain sensitive nature, recommend a monthly change. The more regularly the password is changed, the more difficult it is to access your account, however, there is no need to change it every week.

In the end, because hacks are the most frequent on the internet, be careful to choose a password that is complicated to guess. If you ever have a doubt that someone knows your password, please change it as soon as possible to protect your data.

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Are the passwords forming patterns on his keyboard secure?

Used as a means of protecting or limiting access to its resource or service, the password has been a reliable security feature for many people for several years. However, can a logical password still guarantee this security if the patterns that form it appear on the keyboard?

Patterned passwords

You are unable to memorize multiple passwords that you use to ensure the security of your resources when you don't want to leave them lying around on a note block. To solve this problem, you can choose a password forming a pattern on your keyboard. You have a choice of patterns but the most common are geometric patterns in the shape of a round, square, triangle, trapeze, ripple or other. But you can also use your imagination and create the pattern you want.

Patterned passwords are easy to remember

You have several possibilities on the starting point of your pattern but the important thing is that you make sure that this starting point and the shape of the pattern are easy to remember.

Patterned passwords are secure

Did you know that 7-character passwords are decrypted in one day by a hacker, eight characters decryptable in 70 days and 9-character passwords that can be decrypted in 13 years? Patterned passwords are, therefore, more secure if you choose a larger form that can contain multiple characters. The more the password contains several inconsistent characters, the more difficult it is to decipher it when you who know your pattern very well needs to remember the chosen shape and your starting point.

Patterned passwords are reliable

A password forming a pattern on your keyboard is like an expression known to you alone, unlikely to guess and difficult to decipher.

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Are passwords in a specific order secure?

When it comes to choosing a logical password, you always ask yourself the question of remembering it. The first idea that comes to you is to use a series of numbers or letters positioned in a precise order and easy to remember. Unfortunately we will disappoint you. The layout in a specific order will make it easier to crack your password.

Understand how to crack a password?

In addition to the various "espionage" techniques (social engineering, wiretapping, keylogger, etc.), there are two methods of breaking passwords.

  • Brute force, which consists of trying all possible combinations (several billion possibilities). Of course this is done by robot software, which is unfortunately very easy to get on the web. On the other hand it is a method that can be long, especially if the hacker has standard hardware. It is usually used when the attacker does not have access to his target and is not able to have information about it. By analogy with fishing you could compare it to trawling
  • The "smart" method goes to it, try to get straight to the point to save time. It is similar to underwater hunting and consists of guessing the password using a logical procedure, which in turn seeks to discover a precise order of layout, characters or numbers. It requires having as much information as possible about the person to put yourself in their place (in their head) in order to imagine how they chose their password. So you understand that if you followed a logic, which is to use combinations that make sense to you, the hacker will be able to deduce it based on the information he has collected.

How do I choose a secure password and remember it?

We often see it as advice on the internet, to use a mnemotechnical phrase that is your own so as to easily remember it. This technique is not recommended because it is based on information related to your psychology, which can be known or deduced. Ideally you should choose a succession of numbers, a capital and lower letter and totally random punctuation marks. It's the passwords that have the best resistance. On the other hand, these are the most difficult to remember.
If you work under Mac OS there is an internal program in the system, which is called OS X X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) access kit. It retains for you all the passwords you use and all you have to do is remember the only admin password. For Windows there are similar external programs to install on his computer.

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How do I create a logic-based password?

The rules for a reliable password

A good password combines length and complexity. Use at least 8 characters. Put numbers, symbols, and feel free to vary between capital letters and tiny ones.
Change your password often to make your security more secure.

Strong but not practical

The problem with a password being too long and too complex is that you'll have a hard time remembering it. Once selected, you have to use it very often or you may forget it, which is not practical when you have to juggle several passwords or you have to change them often (company login for example). Thus, it is necessary to create a robust password but easy to remember.

Creative logic

You need to follow a logic when creating your password. Indeed, it is easier for a human to memorize "0m1ot-paYsZs" if he created it following a logic. Here, you'll find a mix between "motpass," "01," "YZ" and "–." 01 are two digits that follow each other, YZ the last letter of the alphabet and a special binding character. By mixing these elements logically, the resulting password becomes much easier to remember. This is just one example among an infinite number of possibilities.
When you have to change your password often, or adopt several, changed by character type. In the example of "1m4ot-paYsZs," 01 was changed to 14 (the year in court) and to 'union' (union-link).
By making your imagination and keyboard knowledge work, you can customize great passwords and even enjoy them.

Not to take the lead

Start by writing two sentences: "Good security."
Remove the spaces: "a good security."
Use steno or deliberately misspelling the words. You can also draw inspiration from sms language: "unnebonesécuryT ".

You can finally add numbers or/and special characters (logically chosen) after (not necessarily) your password: "unnebonesécuryT."

Passwords on the keyboard

These so special passwords are they secure, that's what we're trying to determine in this article on the subject.

Passwords in a specific order

Often to build a password, we follow a specific order to create it. Is it really secure?

Other ideas

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