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Should I use a password manager?

Warnings against using a single password are multiplying because in case of hacking, the hacker will have access to all the user's accounts. However, it is difficult to retain a large number of passwords so the solution of the future seems to be in the managers of its codes.


Software that specializes in the field

To offer a tailor-made solution, the proliferation of password management software allows you to make a choice to keep your passwords. This is not just an aid for the use of this data but a real tool to fight hacking since when keeping different passwords, they are encrypted. This precaution is useful in the event of an attempt to attack these new methods to develop a more effective strategy in relation to its passwords.

These software can also help users by offering random passwords based on security rules so they can be used with confidence. Their complexity will make it possible to better defend its online accounts. Available in a PC or mobile version with the ability to be integrated into a USB stick, password managers allow you to move around and use other computers while always having your passwords available to log in in peace. A tool that makes its contents more secure, the password manager seems to be a good solution for the future.


An Internet browser that keeps passwords

Each time a user enters a password on a site, the Internet browser will ask if he should save it for the corresponding page. This method is very interesting because it will no longer be necessary to enter it every time. Allowing to create a large number of different messages, knowing that they will always be available when necessary is an argument to use this free method. However, it will be necessary to adorn yourself with a quality antivirus to be sure that these recordings on the Internet browser will not fall victim to hacking because hackers will have to adapt to this new mode of operation.

Before using this backup mode, you will need to find out what security is right for it. Most browsers have developed a sophisticated system and knowing the various functions will be the way to familiarize themselves with password management through tools designed only for that use. They make you aware of the vulnerability of a password during different online browsing and will change users' behavior by making them more responsible for their practices. Choosing a password manager seems obvious today to be able to guard against all the hacking risks that exist with a solution that can counter it.

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45 security flaws fixed at Google

The security vulnerabilities of some sites are real scourges for Internet users. While new operating systems are still performing as well, progress needs to be made towards data protection as piracy intensifies. Faced with increasingly proven techniques, it is very easy to enter a user's computer using a number of different techniques.

Awareness with the Google case

Known to be one of the most widely used systems by Internet users, the revelation of 45 security vulnerabilities has challenged the entire system. If a large group such as this is not able to guarantee total protection to its users, then everyone has the right to wonder if the Internet has not become too dangerous to use on a daily basis. Personal control tools such as anti-virus and malware or computer scans do not always detect a problem.

Google Chrome has not had to suffer too many flaws but the fact that these risks have been reported by individuals shows that with a little knowledge of computer science, it is possible to exceed the measures taken by the different sites. If these anomalies are to be corrected, there is no indication that others will be discovered in the future. The battle is far from won to guarantee full confidence in its computer tools.

A data transfer between sites

One of the most important flaws at the moment is the fact that data can end up directly on another because the link between all those used by the same internal remains open. It is also surprising to note that when simply participating in a contest game, whichever site should be, all the data on Google Chrome is immediately displayed. If it may seem practical at first glance, it is a real danger on the web.

In these circumstances, it will be legitimate to ask what is the case with other data such as bank references, which may as well be hacked by a means as simple as a simple game or the announcement of a particular gain that simply requires payment of the delivery fee. It is not uncommon for payment method references to appear on their own as with PayPal or directly online payment methods of the same type.

The spectre of push worries at the highest level

Push is a mode of operation that once again appeals to smartphone users because they only need to subscribe to a service and then automatically receive the information of all the actions performed. The plan to use this method for the Internet represents a very high risk because servers that operate in this way inform about data about all users who use the same service. It will be very easy for a hacker to break into each of these systems to retrieve the information that allows them to enter the accounts of targeted Internet users.

Being able to combat the development of data hacking in such circumstances will prove very difficult if not impossible. Online security professionals and creators of protection systems want to draw attention to the fact that the evolution of the Internet seems to take into account only the improvement of the way it operates in order to be more practical. This perpetual search for a perfect response to the expectations of Internet users, however, places them increasingly in a situation of danger in relation to the risks that are constantly present on the web.

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Do passwords and Windows 10 go hand in hand?

For its new version of Windows, Microsoft has decided to introduce a new method of identification significantly more advanced than the password because it is based on biometric identification. Windows Hello is the brand new system that was introduced by the group and could well prove to be a revolution.


Recognition of certain personal elements

Windows Hello will allow users to identify themselves with a retinal scan, a biometric fingerprint or use facial recognition. Operating with a realSense camera, you only need to record your personal items to lock and access your accounts on demand. Microsoft insisted that Windows 10 had to offer such a solution to protect customer accounts but above all to offer a level of security of high-end banking transactions.

The aim is to get rid of the famous identifiers and passwords in favor of a passport for its digital devices. To convince, Microsoft carried out tests with the presentation of photographs or digital images. The camera is quite able to realize that this is not the original model and will not offer access to the user's information. Windows 10 is taking the first step towards a new generation of security solutions via a Pin code that is constantly carried by the user. This solution will significantly reduce password hacking and online data theft.


A blockage originally against hacking

By doing so, Windows 10 will directly take away the opportunity for hackers to have access to any information. Even if you went to the page you'd like to see, you'd have to benefit from the Pin code chosen by the user but also from your system via a camera that is said to be compatible with Microsoft. Suffice to say that this company will put a brake on the number of data recovered fraudulently each day. In the absence of targets to tackle, the theft of confidential data and bank details should stop. This invention will mark the history of Internet protection by offering a model that is not copyable.

This system is not compatible with all devices since it is absolutely necessary to have a camera that is part of the list that Microsoft makes available. The Windows version should be the latest because this system is only available for Windows 10 and probably the following versions. Windows Hello will be ready in a few months but we will have to wait longer to benefit from retinal recognition that requires further technological adjustments. In any case, Microsoft seems firmly determined to forget the password and its weaknesses to move to a new type of security in accordance with current needs. Given the number of Windows users in the world, it was time to create something new that lived up to the expectations of its customers.

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Security flaw fixed at Microsoft

After the Google episode, it's Microsoft's turn…

Internet Explorer is used by millions of people around the world and the news of major security flaws in a Microsoft newsletter is not going to reassure them. The relevant versions range from IE6 to IE11, recently released. This means that a large number of Internet users who have used this browser may have been victimized at some point in their use without knowing it for a second.

A loophole that offers total control

This flaw on Internet Explorer has a very simple but particularly formidable operation. It would allow a hacker to completely control his victim's computer remotely from the moment he goes to a specific web page. Of course, phishing techniques have been put in place to attract users in a way that seems natural and to shoot down the trap on them with dramatic consequences as soon as the computer is infected since it is no longer really possible to access certain commands.

A newsletter was issued by Microsoft for all users of these versions of Internet Explorer, just as the update was sent directly to all devices operating with this type of browser. The correction was therefore developed immediately in order to fill this possibility of entry into the different computers via multiple processes. Once the damage is done, it is very difficult to recover his device.

An urgent update

This flaw was deemed critical on all Microsoft operating systems so an update via Windows Update was immediately put in place to address this issue. The risk will always be present until the user has made this correction available but some of them tend to delay updates because they block access to the computer for several minutes. It will therefore be necessary to proceed as quickly as possible to protect ourselves.

Just go to the Windows Update part of your computer and look for that critical update that will then be flagged in red. You just have to do it to fix the problem. For people who have set up their computer for automatic updates will not have to worry about this manipulation because the updates are programmed in advance and will then be done at the specified time, allowing the user to always own a secure computer.

Access to SSL 3.0 strongly discouraged

In the same process of securing users' accounts and their data, Microsoft saw fit to warn about the use of this data security protocol which showed some signs of weakness. It has therefore been removed for individuals in order to avoid mass piracy. Access has been left free for businesses, while emphasizing that its use jeopardizes a company's most important data. Frequently used for accounting, it then leaves access to the company's accounts, various transactions and by extension to the bank details of each of them.

Microsoft strongly recommends switching to the TLS 1.2 version, which has been developed to provide a more appropriate response. Filling all the security flaws observed on previous versions, it now appears to be the most effective security protocol. Where possible, Microsoft draws attention to the value of focusing on recent web applications and servers. They are formulated to combat attacks suffered by previous versions and constitute a protective barrier.

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What should I do if your password is stolen?

Despite all the protections taken, it is possible to fall victim to the hacking and find that his email account has been hacked. In this case, we will have to intervene immediately in order to re-secure all of our online user accounts and start using the Internet safely again.


Reset all passwords

The first reaction to have is to go to each of his accounts and immediately change his passwords in order to avoid that the hacker can go there thanks to the information he will be able to collect on the first account that has been cracked. The fact that he may have been hacked must also alert us to the value of his password. While it could be found so easily, its reliability rate was insufficient. For new passwords, you'll have to do things differently so you don't take the same risk.

The new passwords that will be chosen will need to be more complex to avoid falling victims again. If a target has been reached for the first time, there is a good chance that it will still be hit in the future, so we will have to take the lead. A password generator can be of great help in this situation because it will allow to create very quickly a large number of combinations that will be much more developed than those used until then. The goal is to use means that make it very difficult to re-hack a person's account.


Inform your correspondents

When an email address or customer account has been hacked, it will be necessary to promptly report it to all of its contacts so that they will not send any more emails to that address until the account is secured again. If a breach has been found in a person, his or her personal or professional contact list may in turn fall victim to hacking. Information that is available online can be used by hackers to reach correspondents' email accounts. This snowball effect is seen in many cases so the information as soon as possible is imperative.

It is also strongly recommended to use an email account other than the one that has been hacked to warn others of the situation. The error is often made by individuals who change passwords and immediately think that their account is secure again.By doing so, they open a large amount of portals to the email accounts of the savvy people. It will be essential to choose another email address to proceed with this step so as not to endanger anyone by a lack of protection. Once an email address has been hacked, it will have to be re-tested for several weeks before being sure that it will become completely healthy again and reuse it for its exchanges.

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