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Cyber security is a very special area that experts describe as "dreadful". It concerns computers, smartphones, connected devices… all this little world sensitive to Internet security.

The President's Cup, a competition that tests federal and military cyber experts in the United States

« (…) Things like this competition bring people together because the more information we share, the more we can create relationships, the more security we will have as a nation will be strengthened."

Organized by the U.S. Department of Security, The President's Cup is a competition that allows you to confront cybersecurity experts from different departments. The president cup, as it is called, will soon bring together the most daring people from law enforcement and the public administration. The competition will be launched in the next 3 months. Registration is open until September 27.

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like Rob Karas, Vice-Director of the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, the competition concerns all members of the government, not just law enforcement. Also any official who thinks they have enough knowledge of programming or cybersecurity is invited. "The President's Cup cybersecurity competition is a competition to promote identify and recognize the best cybersecurity talent federal workforce," he said in an interview with the Federal News Network. He added: "We are certain that there are great technical talents and we want to identify them. This will give people who may not have the opportunity to show off their skills on a day-to-day basis against some of the best players in the country. So it will be a unique competition for everyone. ».

It's in the last 4 months that the Department of Homeland Security came up with the idea of creating its own competition. This is rooted in the decree signed by US President Donald Trump in May dealing with effective cybers.

the competition will be organized in 3 rounds. Competitors who will be composed at the individuals and teams. They will do their participations in the first 2 rounds at a distance. participants will have to respond to Jeopardy, which is an environment made up of challenges and questions. "It's could be a scientific police question or an answer question to an incident or a question that requires (…) It won't be a yes/no or a filling in the kind of empty question," Rob Karas said.

he was added that only 100 candidates will be selected to participate in the second round. The second one will be more difficult. and only 10 candidates will be selected for the final phase. The third stage includes two events as Rob Karas has meant. "Everything will be based on the framework of the National Education Initiative CyberSecurity Institute (NICE) of the National Institute of Standards and technology and will be linked to it (…) One of the concepts we are developing is currently the simulation of a nuclear facility. The teams will be assigned to a nuclear facility, something is not working properly and they need to understand what is going on, diagnose it and get away with it. »

It should also be noted that the President Cup is not open to academics or entrepreneurs. Private government-providing companies and individuals who are not government agents are totally excluded from the competition. Rob Karas replies: "It's about recognizing cyber criminals in government, but it's not just about them. I work with a lot of working groups and various roles and there are a lot of technicians. In the future, we need to think that cybersecurity is everyone's job, not just a small group. »

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US giant Google and the U.S. Department of Justice neck-and-neck

For some time now, the U.S. Department of Justice has demanded that digital giant Google provide a number of documents as part of an investigation it is conducting, the main protagonists of which are those same digital firms.

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seemingly the U.S. Department of Justice is interested in the activities of these major web groups as well as practices in areas such as competition.

if the department had not accurately stated what the targeted companies, in its actions it is clear that it appears to be mainly to look at GAFA, i.e. Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook. "We have responded to many questions on these issues for many years, in the United States and on many aspects of our business model, so this is not the case. not new for us (…) The Ministry of Justice has asked us to provide information on these past investigations (…). We have always worked constructively with regulators and we will continue. Google said in a statement.

respondent to a rumor that was circulating about a soon-to-be-investigated launched as part of the antitrust case, Google officials responded, "We expect prosecutors to generals ask similar questions. ».

he noted that in recent times a coalition of different US states have decided to ensure through an antitrust investigation the proper management of the personal data produced by users of the major web groups. For now it is Facebook that is paying the price for this procedure and it on the table investigators. some so, Google is also waiting its turn because it is estimated that it will not be long. It is for this reason that he assures "working constructively with regulators. while ensuring that authorities do not forget that Google is "one of the world's largest investors in research and development, which stimulate innovation: things that were science fiction a few years ago years are now free for all"

the key points of the investigation would include confidentiality personal data, privacy and privacy processing and user information-sharing systems by users silicon Valley giants.

On the matter we must admit that many things to check. It is not uncommon for all these web companies to be repeatedly accused without a real and precise view of what they are also doing. The user's personal data is at stake as well as the individual's own life. This action by the U.S. states coincides with the meetings that the federal government has initiated with the giant differences of the web with a view to them in organizing certain aspects of the upcoming elections. Will it be possible to reconcile the general interest with the special interest at this level. However, what will happen as a result of the investigations, it is proven that these web giants are indeed at fault when it comes to the management of their users' personal data?

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When technology giants and the U.S. government work together in preparation for the 2020 elections

The U.S. government has decided that, for the 2020 elections, certain elements will be organized in concert with the country's major technology solutions providers.

As a result, some firms such as Facebook are preparing to put in place a set of systems that will prevent certain scandals such as the 2016 elections, notably the one in Cambridge Analytica, which have greatly highlighted some of the rather inappropriate behaviors of the digital giants. "We have developed a comprehensive strategy to fix security vulnerabilities, while detecting and analyzing new threats. Nathaniel Gleicher, Head of Facebook's Cybersecurity Directorate, said in a statement.

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from this fact, a meeting was held at Facebook's headquarters in Silicon Valley, between the various leaders of Facebook, Google's Twitter Microsoft and state institutions such as the Federal Police, the FBI and the Ministry of the Interior. The aim was to find a way to working together to ensure a safe environment for free elections scandal in 2020 for the presidential elections but also for the elections Senate to come. "We have specifically talked about how our industry and government could improve information sharing and coordinate our efforts to better detect and respond to threats (…) We continue to focus on more sophisticated tools, increased transparency and closer collaborations," Gleicher noted.

It's a chance for Facebook to make up for the scandal involved in association with the specialist analytics company today dissolved, Cambridge analytica. Indeed, if you recall, Facebook had convicted of unlawfully collaborating with candidate Donald Trump's mis-committing user data illicit and shared with a specialist statistical analysis firm, which allowed candidate Donald Trump to pursue a political strategy to judge manipulative and shameless.

Facebook for some time has revised these rules relating to advertising politics. Indeed, the web giant now requires certain details on candidates want to advertise through its interface. The information now required would, for example, focus on the origin of funding Candidates. In this regard Facebook state that: "People should know who is trying to influence them in their vote, advertisers should not be able to hide who is paying for them Advertisements. ».

As to other giants such as Google and Amazon, one wonders what might be be their usefulness. First on advertising and campaign referencing Policies. One can well imagine giants like Google will want to take advantage of this level. So to warn him of the consequences that could result from a practice or unstewing practice would be beneficial from the outset.

But at this stage, the question we have to ask ourselves is who controls the candidates or the potential candidates.

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SIM Swapping, a new form of IT security hazard

As we all know lately, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been the victim of a short-lived computer hack.

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that hacking has highlighted a form of online piracy that up to this point little was known. Called SIM card scam still in English SIM swapping which means SIM card transfer, is a new form of hacking that is to use his victim's SIM card to access his accounts Online.

in practice the SWAPping SIM will consist for the hacker to try to transfer their victims' SIM card items on a new SIM card LEUR POSSESSION. How is this happening? It's simple cybercriminals contact mobile operators by posing as the victim. He then requests a SIM card transfer on a new SIM card claiming either a malfunction or the loss of a tool containing The card in question. It's that simple. Once this transfer is completed, hackers have access to all the information related to this SIM card. he These include calls, text messages or other related data. i.e. connections to online accounts. The major fault, some protection systems will be easy to hijack such as authentication double factor. "The phone number account was exposed due to a security error by the operator telephone" had announced twitter at the time of the attack on the its director.

if The social network believes that "no that Twitter's systems have been compromised, "the problem is not solved," ori Eisen, the founder of the cybersecurity firm, Trusona.

like it was mentioned, this attack has gained momentum lately, that or simply access celebrity accounts to publish celebrity unpleasant messages or to make online purchases at the expense of Victims.

Ori Eisen notifies that the current digital system facilitates manipulation and can make it very easy to get some information about victims and then use them as they see fit. What makes this technique hacking quite dangerous.

R. David Edelman, Director of the CyberSecurity Research Centre at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also a former white Housefirmed this: "The mobile phone messaging can be hacked by means sophisticated techniques, but also simply by convincing a migrate your account to another, on an unauthorized phone takes no more than a few minutes of confusion to commit a mischief like the one Dorsey was a victim of. »

for Ori Eisen, "Professionals security have to admit that what worked before doesn't work anymore (•••) We need to look for solutions that are not easy to exploit fraudsters but easy for people to adopt. »

But what is most surprising about this story is that the first officials even responsible for the security of SIM cards do not speak out on the issue because after all security is the responsibility of these mobile phone houses. Should they not further enhance their security by putting in place systems to further control their users.

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Hosting Host invites more than 14 million of its customers to rephrase password for risk of computer intrusion

On July 22, Hostinger, the online hosting service, tried to give more details to its invitation that it had issued to its customers to change the password.

The firm explains that the intruder may have managed to infiltrate its internal server.

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Using an access token system, the hacker computer has managed to gain access to the company's interface without even having to need to use a login ID. This gives you access to a number of data, including that of the host's users.

In various databases such as access API, the intruder had the ability to access usernames, e-mail addresses or encrypted passwords. the encryption is corrupted, the host informs that he is now using words SHA-2 pass. To confirm, the host also meant that the database that had been corrupted contained about 14 million data personal information about customers. So half of the users who rise 29 million.

But to reassure this time, Hostinger assured on his Twitter account that no financial data and information held Consulted. "We have restricted the vulnerable system. ». And given that payment services are provided by third-party structures other than Hostinger "This means that we never store any payment cards or other customer's sensitive financial data on our servers."

However, this does not seem to satisfy some media when they feel it's a common slur in the event of a cyber crisis. But for now, Hostinger maintains position.

It may be that many Europeans particularly the French and Belgians were affected by this intrusion Hostinger servers based on information from ZATAZ, the hosting service computer intelligence. The service also informs that Hostinger make every effort to identify the culprit and prevent him from put on the market the data that he could have stolen from you. Indeed, already in 2016 more than 1 million people have had their personal data internet market, in 2018 these figures have doubled tripled.

While the company has not yet unveiled its strategy or measures still being implemented, it would appear that it is on a track. At the moment people do not want to make statements about it. The main measure that was adopted by this pressure was to ask affected customers to reform their passwords as soon as possible.

But one question has not yet been raised, is whether the data has already been went on sale on the Darknet. For the time being, regulators have not reacted so we will only be if Hostinger will be sanctioned for this failure or society will come out of the cracks.

This position is strongly reminiscent of that of the American banking institution, Capital One or the Canadian Desjardins Institute. Cybercrime market is doing well in 2019 (see 106 million victims for Capital One hacking)

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