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Facebook is the world's No.1 social networking leader. It is also the most hacked. With billions of users in the world, it is the one that all hackers are trying to crack.

Data leak on Facebook: 419 million affected users

The latest news the moment concerns the massive data leak that Facebook has just wiped out.

one Computer security researcher named Sanyam Jain, during an inspection on a server accessible to all on the web, discovered the phone number more than 419 million users of the most famous social network in the world. A huge more data leak in the counter of the American giant digital entertainment.

he it must be admitted that this is a bad thing because, as a result of the case concerning the lack of privacy that had alerted all users of the global social network. It didn't last long before other problems do fall under their arms. This puts the credibility of the social network, which has recently been seen by some as a "personal data colander. Let's say that for Mark Zuckerberg, it's bad luck!

According to the researcher at the GDI Foundation, it's not just the numbers phones that were available on the unprotected server on the web. We could find other login credentials such as usernames, email addresses, the geographical location of users such as their countries or their homes.

by subsequently, it was discovered that 133 million of this data recorded illegally came from U.S. users. 18 million including British users, and 50 million for many Vietnamese. Among the victims were some celebrities who saw their phone numbers exposed in the open. With all the inconvenience that go with it.

the U.S. giant, for its part, is trying to reassure its subscribers by assuring them that the data leak was not about the accounts. However, it is difficult to believe this because one wonders where so much data could come from and which they currently belong to. Facebook points out that the data are contained on this server are outdated data with no value and we cannot affect the active accounts in any way. currently.

Let's not forget not that a few weeks ago Facebook had been sanctioned, condemned to pay fines of about $5 billion for its lack of transparency and seriousness about management and confidentiality personal data of its dependent subscribers.

for at the time the authorities have not yet taken up the case. Just as So far, no facebook account has been filed for this incident. To believe that the leaders of the social network may be right, the de-deciduic nature of the data.

the social networks are increasingly databases for hackers Computer. The security of personal data is something a little more important today, let's say critical.

Leaks are getting legion lately. If not Instagram or Snapchat, hi it's facebook's turn, knowing that they are the biggest user of personal data in the world.

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The most common jokes on Facebook

If we consider Facebook as an extension of oneself, of our thinking, of our way of being, of the way we perceive life, then we can also imagine that the same is true for other users.

Based on this principle, and given the distorting mirror that is this social network, one can address to the whole network the self-image with which one feels best.

In fact Facebook allows us to be identified by members of our network as we would like to be perceived in life. If you don't want to be joked about, then choose a good password.

It is, in this sense, a tool to control its image.

The best jokes to make

From there, a lot of situations can be funny. Sometimes it only takes a small change on a single point, to make all our "friends" move.

If you've had a Facebook account for a long time, and the people who follow you have spotted you, try some manipulations, and you'll see for yourself. You can easily find a facebook password to make these jokes to your friends.

Changing your status as a couple

For example, while you are known for your celibacy, change your status and show up as a couple. You'll immediately see a string of congratulations on your life change on your News Feed.

Many people taking what is written on other people's walls for cash, you will have trapped your followers.

The double anniversary

Similarly, if you feel unserved, there is nothing to stop you from celebrating your birthday twice a year.

Again, most of your contacts will wish you a happy birthday, without even remembering that they had done it six months before. And this type of joke is endlessly repeatable.

You can change your statuses as you see fit, so write down what you want or what goes through your head. In absolute terms, nothing forbids you to invent a life…

I like

The limits of humour

But there is a limit to that. And, invariably, we always come back to the story of Peter and the Wolf.

By constantly joking, no one will believe you when you publish serious information. If the opposite is true too, it is easier to remedy it. In addition, you can tire your contacts, who will be uninterested in you and will no longer follow your thread.

The risk is that on the actual date of your birthday, no one will celebrate it for you.

Beware of black humour

In another style, black humour also has its followers. Whether it's photos or text elements, it's always interesting to pay attention to how others react to your outings.

But then again, some forms of humor are not compatible with each other, or with context, quite simply. The whole thing, in humor, is to know when, and on what audience, you take out your stories. A certain balance must be found to maintain some form of credibility. And everyone has their own limits.

And remember Pierre Desproges' sentence: "You can laugh at everything, but not with anyone. »

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Facebook consults our profiles without password

Strangely enough, it won't surprise anyone. Some may be offended, but it seemed pretty obvious that our Facebook account could be accessed so easily. Certainly, we lock it with a password. But this password must be effective enough, to prevent anyone from being able to access our private information.

No need for passwords to penetrate Facebook accounts

It was Finnish music producer Paavo Siljamaki who made the discovery, during an appointment with the American firm, that employees of the number one social network could consult at leisure all accounts of all Facebook subscribers, without the need for passwords. In absolute terms, all the private information of each registrant can therefore be not only read, but also disclosed by unscrupulous employees.

Facebook's response

Facebook assures that this option is offered only to certain employees, depending on their functions in the company, and always with the aim of fixing certain bugs. In addition, the company states that it was recently audited by the equivalent of the Irish CNIL as part of an audit. And that's where the problem lies. It is no coincidence that the European headquarters of the largest high-tech companies are based in Ireland. The Irish CNIL is a real sieve. Therefore, we cannot be sure of the high reliability of the controls. And even though Facebook assures that suspicious employees will be tracked and fired in case of abuse, there is no evidence to verify this and doubt is allowed.

We don't hide vital information on Facebook.
Anyway, and unless you're dreaming, we already know that Facebook is not the ideal place to hide information that is too intimate, even sensitive. In recent years, loopholes on the networks of some countries allowed anyone who knew how to find them to consult the profiles of anyone. Moreover, when you consider that the most common password used in 2014 was "123456", you think that many people don't care what could be found on their page. Finally, the personal information stored on our computers is already easily accessible for a hacker of good level, so on a social network …

What about data protection on Facebook?

Facebook, like it or not, is a public space, more or less secure depending on the privacy settings set up by the user. To think that one can preserve total intimacy in a public square is utopian, if not naivety. The social network must be seen as a virtual place in which exchanges are possible with geographically distant people, but especially not as a private place that could be opened to a chosen audience from time to time. One way or another, everything that is posted on Facebook is public. Knowing that employees of the firm can access it more simply than others is not so disturbing.

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Facebook wants to compete with Youtube

It's not a scoop, but a new battle has just begun between the two American internet giants. And it was Facebook that started the hostilities. Until now, Google and Facebook have been careful not to walk too much on its neighbor's flats. To Google video technology and to Facebook image and text.

In fact, the competition between the two was mostly internal, on engineers leaving one company to join the other, and vice versa. But recently, the war is open between two companies that have the sole ambition to dominate the world… From the internet.

Google and its social network

Google launched its social network and grouped all its functions under one account. More convenient for the user, and most importantly, anyone with a Google email address is almost obliged to own a Google Coptic. Very good marketing strategy, albeit a little forced. But the Americans know how to sell us bad news as the best thing that can happen to us. So it's no surprise that the vast majority of Google email holders saw the arrival of the Google social network – as good news…

Nevertheless, Google is struggling to compete directly with Facebook on this issue. But now it's Facebook's turn to attack, and much stronger, by exposing at its last annual conference, March 25 in San Francisco, that Facebook was going to compete with Youtube (owned by Google, therefore). Mark Zuckerberg plans to roll out his plan over the next five years and declines it into two major steps; First, video integration for public videos, via the famous code "embed"; then, integrate the videos in 360 degrees, exactly as youtube announced last January.

A war continues between the two

On the other hand, it was quite possible to anticipate this announcement, given the acquisitions of start-ups made by Facebook in recent years. Besides, there is an interesting question to ask in the world of the internet. The proposed business model is extremely basic: an idea, a start-up. If the idea likes and seems to be able to develop, the start-up is bought by Google or Facebook … And the war continues between the two.

As long as this battle lasts, there will be room for creators and inventors of all kinds. But if one of them were to sink, or be bought by the other, then the proposed business model would also plunge. Not to mention the sum of information and powers then concentrated in the hands of a single company.

History has already shown us, it seems that the thing is inevitable, even if the term is not known. And the only way to avoid such a monopoly of information and knowledge is the use of open source software, that is, the inability to file patents and therefore for a company to own something or someone in a private capacity. These are two philosophies that clash; a savage liberalism, born of a basic law of the jungle, faced with an idea of the sharing of resources by and for all.

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