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The update system hijacked by hackers

It was a hacking that lasted for months.

Indeed, hackers managed to hijack the system allowing the firm Asus to carry out its software updates on its machines in several months as we have said. According to the information that did not come to us the goal was of course to install backdoors on thousands of computers of this brand. From there, by exploiting the security weakness of the ASUS Live Update utility, researchers eventually discovered that millions of computers were infected by these hackers.

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ASUS Live Update is the program that to install updates. It is pre-installed on computers Asus. he is used to update components such as BIOS, applications, or drivers.

According to computer security experts at Kaspersky lab, the giant of the cybersecurity based in Moscow, had made the discovery of this cyber espionage companion whom they referred to as "operation "ShadowHammer." According to Kaspersky's experts, this operation, ShadowHammer, took place exactly between June and November 2018. It was essentially based on broadcasting a corrupted version of the ASUS Live update program Update, to users of PC Asus. He wanted to introduce backdoors which he could use later to take the control of its machines or access users' personal data.

he it should be noted, however, that this massive cyber espionage campaign is the work of a group of APT-type hackers, which is literally in the context of group genre.

It is noted that the specialized research and analysis team of the cybersecurity company Kaspersky have managed to identify more than 15 countries that have been affected by this computer espionage companion, including Germany, Russia, France, the United States and Italy. It estimates that about 57,000 of the users of the ASUS brand had indeed downloaded and installed the corrupted update. and worst of all, there were several versions of the Asus update software available. "We are not able to calculate the total number of affected users solely from our data. However, we estimate that the true scale of the problem is much greater and probably affects more than one million users worldwide," said one of the experts.

The cybersecurity company did inform Asus of the problem. It says it is working with the manufacturer to find an adequate solution to the problem. But while waiting to find a definitive situation, a program has been set up to be used offline and an online checker 'is made available to users in order to check if their computer has not been as affected by operation ShadowHammer. From the evidence that Kaspersky's experts have acknowledged, there has been a connection between this cyber espionage companion and another that happened in the northern United States in 2017 called ShadowPad.

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A security flaw in the Mercedes app would display other users' data

Three days ago, the Mercedes app, the auto giant had a system bug.

Indeed, it happened that users could not access their data, but in return it could access those of other users.

According to statements made by owners of Mercedes-branded vehicles to TechCrunch media, they had been able to access the personal data of other Mercedes car owners instead of their own. On the Mercedes side it has been brought a confirmation on this flaw without having to give further details.

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That's when we remember that it's a tool to facilitate the use of vehicles, even though they are useful, also have enough drawbacks because of their many Vulnerabilities. Connected vehicles like any other another connected object does not escape this computer security problem. And cases like this time, it's the users' personal data that are exposed to many strangers.

This is a real concern when you know that there is no not so long ago, experts have been concerned about flaw connected televisions that allowed or could allow for potential espionage, he knew that today the problem could extend to vehicles connected too.

In addition, MercedesMe users, the application of the car company, which allows the vehicle to be started locate or open it, have assured that they have had access to the data in your face and Mercedes. When you know that The app allows Mercedes users to control the vehicle distance, what happens when a user is able to enter possession of someone else's data. So let's ask ourselves what really happened.

A regulator of a Mercedes residents in Seattle claiming that in wanting to use the app to access his car, he saw personal data relating to another user and their vehicle. he could thus see the recent activities of the the other user and its location. However, the parameters unlock or lock the vehicle, as well as the settings start the vehicle could not be operated since its mobile. Good side this user wanted to warn Mercedes of the flaw he had just discovered, the company only asked him to delete hearing that the problem is fully resolved.

This was not an isolated case as another user also had the same experience: "I contacted the user of the car that has been displayed on my app (…) I could see that the car had recently been to Los Angeles, where he was still in fact. ».

On the automotive firm's side: "There was an interval course where data from other users was displayed on our MercedesMe app (…) The information presented was not in real time, no financial information was available, it was also impossible to interact with the vehicle associated with the account or to determine its current location," explained Donna Boland, spokeswoman for Daimler's parent company.

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Humans are the main flaw in the face of piracy

The extensive integration of IT today in the business environment has really made their business easier and how they work.

However, we all know that new technologies are double-edged swords. As a result, in addition to their positives, they expose companies to a new form of threat: cybercrime. We know that the losses in 2018 in terms of cyber crime amount to more than 20 billion dollars. That is why we are asking questions. Who is really responsible for this story?

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We know that today, all the information related to a company's activities are compiled into a set forming a information system. It is this set that attracts the most cybercriminals. That is why they are increasingly under attack. And what marks most in this story is that these attacks are carried out by remote individuals armed with just a computer. How do they achieve such a feat.

As a prelude, there is something important. Cyberattacks are often carried out by employees or former employees of a company: "The most sophisticated computer system will not protect the company from the employee who has communicated its access codes to a third party, thus allowing him to access confidential information.

In addition, the company is responsible for its own harm when, after the employee's departure, the employee has not changed the computer access. For example, it will be useful for the employment contract to stipulate a confidentiality and return clause (…) Indeed, this employee may be tempted to break into the system after his departure to copy or alter data … Explains Bertrand Moupfouma, Lawyer at Themis Lex.

Another essential aspect to take into account is of course the lack of vigilance or the carelessness of the employees of a company. Indeed some even innocuous gestures are often the basis of big problem of piracy. Indeed, it has often been noticed some employees making online downloads on questionable websites, via their workstations. It also often happens that some people driven by their curiosity or greed, click on links they receive by email. By this kind of error they end up infecting their often personal terminals with which it connects to the company's private network or to the information system.

This is the starting point for a large-scale infection. Some go so far as to use USB sticks found in public places on business terminals. It is for this reason it is recommended "to invest in the awareness and training of staff (…) to ensure the acquisition of reflexes such as: avoid using a USB stick; share the password with a third party Giving extended access to trainees Be vigilant in communicating information be careful in remote access. as we advised Bertrand Moupfouma.

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NordVPN victim of computer hacking

A provider of VPN (virtual private network) who was able to use the slogan of "protect your privacy online" was to the dismay of this quote the victim of a computer attack.

NordVPN confirmed in a statement that he was attacked. The case was revealed following clarification of a security incident you touched him on social media. From then on, the secure ACCESS provider could no longer cover up the case. Currently the company in question is at the heart of a controversy over the quality of the security it offers its customers.

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On October 20, the observation was made at the level of supplier's infrastructure after being compromised. Indeed the keys private encryption which have also expired, have been recovered by unknown persons, who could have used it under certain conditions, to mimic the clean NordVPN server, to attract potential customers.

We know that it was On October 21, that is, the day after the company communicated about this leak. In fact, everyone thinks she has downplayed things enough. However, the company claims that one of its servers was hacked and that data relating to the habits and navigation of its customers who used their service to protect their personal data would have been collected.

Moreover, this corrupt server, which was located in Finland, did not contain, according to the company, browsing his or her logs, activity logs, usernames, or passwords. But it does not rule out that the content of the web has been unmasked since the encryption has been broken. A member of NordVPN's technical advisory board, named Tom Ockland, explained: "Potential attackers could only have accessed this server, intercepted traffic and saw which websites people view – not the content, but only the website – for a limited time, only in this remote area."

For the computer security company, the breach that was used for the intrusion was due to an error by the provider who had to manage the server in question, since the server was leased. The intrusion could only have taken place once between January 31, 2018 and March 20, 2018. A NordVPN official explained in one: " (…) When we learned of the Datacenter's vulnerability a few months ago, we immediately terminated the contract with the server provider and destroyed all the servers we had rented. We did not reveal the feat immediately, as we had to make sure that none of our infrastructure could be exposed to similar problems. This could not be done quickly because of the huge amount of servers and the complexity of our infrastructure. (…) The timeline is as follows: the server concerned was created and added to our server list on January 31, 2018. The data center found the vulnerability it left behind and deleted the remote management account without notifying us on March 20, 2018.

The Datacenter put its finger on the vulnerability it was suffering from and deleted the remote management account without informing us on March 20, 2018. Our technicians discovered that the supplier had this account that they had not told us about months in advance. We then immediately took steps to audit our entire server network and accelerated the encryption of all our servers. (…) The expired TLS key was taken when the data center was being operated. However, the key could not be used to decipher VPN traffic from another server. On the same note, the only possible way to abuse website traffic was to launch a customized and complex MiTM attack to intercept a single connection attempting to access"

To assure its customers, the privacy solutions provider meant that what happened was an isolated event in its own right. That of his 3000 servers, only one, the one among which he rented, suffered from this misbehaviour. It was for this very reason that he terminated all these contracts with other servers to which he had entered into such a contract.

If this was truly the case, why nordVPN deleted this promotional tweet: "No hacker can steal your life online (if you use VPN). Stay safe." Coincidence?

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Netflix would have committed computer hacking?

Various communication channels described as "official" in the summer, it would seem hacked by the multimedia platform Netflix for the promotion of its flagship series entitled "Casa de Papel".

Apparently this wave of hacking did not go unnoticed, since it was their intention. Of course, it involved various actors and structures. From the station's advertising surfaces to local press platforms, everyone would have been touched by netflix's unusual marketing partner.

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The Casa de Papel series is a hit series we know. Since season 2, exactly so, this series has had a lot and a lot of fans who appreciated and liked the content proposed by the American firm. So the latter wanted to put the package for the release of season 3.

So for this promotion, several local dailies were flooded by irregular images and videos with the aim of creating a mystery around of the next series to come. The advertising pages of daily newspapers were also hacked to try to imitate the plot of the film a little. the fetters TV shows have also had their fill. On the advertising sign side, several of them have been hacked, such as the one that displays the advertisement of a domino pizza seller during which he had interference as a result of which the images of the "professor" iconic character of the series and his famous message from the call for help.

But after several investigations, it would appear that this hacking was not really something illegal. Indeed, according to tf1, all this wave of operations and pseudo-hacking of advertising brands a major operation that resulted from an active cooperation between Netflix and various advertising agencies including that of TF1. This is where we are informed that when hacking is a matter of advertising persistence, it is that it can be the source of cooperation between the various players involved. It would be called "retinal persistence."

And we see in practice that stations such as the Paris station and the Lyon station were also hacked in this story. Something that would be quite difficult in practice. Especially since the advertising agencies in these stations (Remind-PHD and Ubi Bene) did not use the speakers dedicated to advertising screens, but instead used those used for the station's activities directly. This further highlighted the idea of piracy. Again, messages from the professor were broadcast in view of all those present at these stations.

Several screens in this story have been used to make the promotion of this series. One can then imagine the financial cost of such a advertising campaign because it seems clear that the negotiations have not been the most laborious.

But overall the partnership that led to this wave of computer hacking promotion, will benefit everyone. indeed the brands that have allowed themselves to be hacked for the advertising of the series that is already famous, will also enjoy a publicity stunt taking into account the popularity that it will generate. This is called an inter-branded partnership. In this case everyone wins and everyone has surely won because the series was once again a success.

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