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49 million Instagram accounts exposed by hacking

Social networks are useful but are generally unseemly it is possible to create a lot of inconvenience via these new fun platform.

The most striking is the leakage of personal data. In the category of leaks of the most extra personal data, note one of the most famous, the one that affected more than 49 million Instagram followers.

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By the second half of 2018, more than 49 million people worldwide had their information disclosed available to the general public. They are made up in part of influencers, celebrities, vloggers, as well as people with social media awareness. It was a computer security expert named Anurag Sen who discovered the flaw and of course the disclosure of personal information.

The information disclosed consisted in all, of personal and non-nominal data including names, addresses, login credentials such as usernames but even email addresses. If data leaks have become commonplace, it still has marked. According to the TechCrunch website, the published data came from a digital marketing firm called Chtrbox.

This Indian company was responsible for a database of Instagram users for marketing activities. Is it recklessness, legend or incompetence? We're still wondering.

Instagram executives alerted by the event said: "We are looking into whether the data described including email and phone numbers – from Instagram or other sources we are also inv[…]estigating with Chtrbox to understand where this data came from and how it became publicly available. What after this statement is that the leaked data did not come only from Instagram.

If this is due to a technical error on the part of the firms involved in data management their subscribers, this would not be a first. Because in 2017 During the month of September, a loophole in the sharing system images had also been used by a hacker to steal information about 6 million people who subscribe to the Instagram network. without forget that in August 2018 hackers managed to take control of tens of thousands of accounts through shenanigans whose objectives are unknown Thus far.

The Indian company was quick to delete the data that was stolen and published.

So far, the culprits of the data leak have not been found. Hackers have not been identified and investigations are still on the way to whether they will ever succeed. The leaders of the social network will not apparently be worried. Which is still distressing because they still have a significant share of responsibility in this case. One wonders how long social network users will be able to admit such levity.

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The scandal over the illegal use of user data by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

One of the most important digital business in the field of personal data protection is undoubtedly the "Facebook Cambridge Analytica" scandal.

One of the biggest data leak stories of all time. The case concerns a history of the illegal use of Facebook users' data for political purposes. In 2016, Cambridge analytica exploited data from Facebook, which contained information illegally collected by the social network's executives. More than 80 million users of the social network are affected by this data leak.

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The facts are simple. During the 2016 campaigns, the British data analytics company Cambridge Analytica used data from the user in collusion with Facebook, data collected without their explicit consent. The goal was to analyze them and then help candidate Donald Trump define his election strategy, through highly targeted posts and messages. Cambridge analytica had been collecting data since 2014, two years before its practical use.

In 2018 around April 17, the social network acknowledges that it has provided personal data of Users regardless of their status, whether they are subscribers on Facebook or not, whether they are browsing Facebook or other sites. In other words, a large-scale intrusion. The data stolen in complicity with Facebook by Cambridge Analytica, served in various events. First in 2015 in the Republican Party elections in addition to the presidential elections in 2016.

the 80 million users affected by this data leak are distributed as more than 70 million Americans, one million Britons, 0.6 million million Australians and 0.3 Canadians. And the rest, all from different backgrounds.

If Facebook apologized note that this greatly affected its shares on the stock exchange during the deal. The consequence was greater on the other side for the British firm. Indeed, in 2018 precisely at the beginning of May, Cambridge Analytica publicly claimed bankruptcy and had to close the doors. A company will take over called Propia, made up largely of former members of the Cambridge Analytica corps. At the helm is the head of the former British company, Matt Oczkowski, head of scientific data.

Authority regulation of communication information technology United Kingdom, the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office), THE CNIL in France, ordered Facebook to pay a fine of 500,000 euros, which is equivalent to €565,000. This huge fine is the most serious that this authority could inflict on American society. Facebook, for its part, intends to appeal decision. Meanwhile, the ICO justifies this sanction by the various irregularities in Facebook's attitude to this such as not obtaining clear and explicit consent from the users before making personal data available to a firm third. And this to serve political intentions. Defending society Anna Benckert states that " the ICO had not been in to prove that data from British users of the social network had been recovered by Cambridge Analytica. ».

Although the case has exploded since 2016, this collateral damage and its effects continue to persist. We're waiting to see what Facebook's call will do. For the moment the American company is still ordered to pay this big fine a first of the middle.

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Chinese giant Huawei allegedly involved in hacking case in Africa

According to the US media outlet the Wall Street Journal, Chinese firm Huawei is allegedly involved in espionage activities in Uganda and Zambia.

Indeed, in the revelations of this newspaper, employees of the Chinese firm allegedly helped the authorities in place to access personal information relating to political and ideological opponents.

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So would Donald Trump be right in accusing the Chinese firm of spying? Where is it just an isolated act?

According to reports, Chinese company employees allegedly helped the government of Zambia and Uganda spy on certain people. The intrusions have extended to phone calls, internet accounts, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

The information obtained fraudulently through Israeli spying software allegedly helped the authorities to arrest political opponents. The authorities of these states for their part justified the actions of the Huawei employees. They claim that specialists in Chinese society have "contributed to the fight against information sites with opposing positions in the country… whenever we want to track down the authors of fake news, we ask Zicta, which is the main agency. They work with Huawei to make sure people don't use our space to spread fake news. »

however Following an internal investigation, the Chinese company's executives claim that none of its employees were involved in this event. « …Huawei and its employees were not engaged in any of the suggested activities. announced the spokesperson for the firm.

for the moment the concern is general and whether Huawei is affinity with Chinese state, which seems to constantly belied the technology firm. According to WSJ, Huawei denies involvement in its actions simply because the company's executives were not informed their employees' activities and had not given any of their consent for this. Even if there was a hint of truth in this Chinese society's statement, too many coincidences tend to confirm Donald Trump's suspicions about Huawei's activities and this falls to peak with Google's disengagement from the Chinese giant that refuses you to give the update to Google Android.

for Huawei's actions in these African countries have served to provide assistance to government authorities to counter opponents policies with the powers in place. But also to find bloggers activists or people who are secretly campaigning online.

by Zambia, following a series of hacking of Facebook accounts, WhatsApp, and Instagram, the government succeeded thanks to Chinese society to put bloggers who campaigned very strongly against the president in the Edgar Lungu.

The Chinese state, for its part, has not made any statement on this matter. Apparently the Chinese leaders have not been concerned or just do not want to meddle in the business of the firm.

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French authorities end ongoing hacking cycle

French law enforcement managed to shut down a network of hacked terminals.

On this network of infected computers, there were thousands of machines. According to the statement of the French gendarmerie: "This world first is currently resulting in the disinfection of 800,000 machines."

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This intervention is due to the French gendarmerie precisely its computer section under the supervision of the public prosecutor's office under the jurisdiction of Paris. It was the anti-virus firm Avast that initiated this action by providing information gathered on this phenomenon. According to antivirus publisher, corrupted computers had been controlled for a base located in the Ile-de-France. It is in Locality of France that their server was hosted. This network of infected computers has been referred to as "Botnet."

The French gendarmes had to cooperate with the FBI, the U.S. Federal Police, in a joint operation managed to thwart The genius of hackers. You are informed that affected computers have been cleared of any computer viruses. The beauty of this chain piracy, has spread to the United States and Central America South America.

The program used for this chain piracy campaign "Retadup" type. This computer virus after its programming could allow hackers to remotely take control of the terminals infected without the main users even realizing it.

The deception was discovered by the solutions editor computer security, Avast. The antivirus manufacturer had managed to detect the illicit activities of this computer program and the location of its main server. Informed of this state of events, cybergendarmes first set out to make a copy of this server in the the pirates' backs and then fool vigilance. The operation has begun March 2019. Following an in-depth analysis of the program used by the hackers. The authorities discovered that there was a vulnerability on the latter to then counter the hackers Computer. Thanks to this painstaking work, they were able to rid more 800,000 terminals of this malware. We then realize that the scale of the threat that had been hanging over the years. "Investigations are continuing to identify the criminal group the origin of the facts" notified the gendarmerie.

The security flaw discovered on the program maliciously has been helpful in that the terminals have been disinfected distance. The procedure was quite simple. After making a copy of the server used by cyber criminals, the original server was replaced by another which they controlled themselves. From there they were able to send instructions to infected machines to gradually break the bond that bound them pirates.

Moreover, it has been discovered that this network of corrupt terminals is mainly used to produce cryptographic currency such as "Monero". It would appear, according to one source, that the virus used in this case was "the source since 2016 of numerous attacks and thefts of data and blocking of systems".

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The United States preyed on ransomware

in 2019, the trend in the U.S. in terms of computer attack is surely ransom program.

Indeed, more than 40 American communities have been the victims of ransomware attacks in recent times. The main cities are Albany and Baltimore.

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one small town in the state of Texas as well as others are in a state of paralysis of system for several days. There are 22 small towns have suffered from this surge in cybercrime. Neighbouring State, Canada also confirmed that it had been affected by this wave of piracy. In the process, several other cities are taking over these ransom programs. According to information, it is required to pay ransom amounting to 2 million U.S. dollars.

According to authorities in charge, it could be the same group of hackers which is the cause of all these cascading hacks. For the first time, at the moment there is no clues, it does not make it possible to trace back to these.

two U.S. Midwestern cities, Keene and Broger have officially acknowledged that they have victims of this ransom program. He assures that it is impossible to have access to some of the public services online. Practically all computer systems are blocked in particular, that of the police water treatment plant or even the library. This case worry and a solution but not on track. The attack was effective the only thing that victims have access to is a blue screen where it appears: "all your files are encrypted."

in The city of Kaufman, it is the telephony and computer services that are blocked. At the moment we do not have more details on what is going on there. the authorities informed that a deployment was under way and that they would do everything they could to immediate outcome.

for authorities in the cities under attack say they have no intention of pay the ransoms demanded. However, last month, the City of Salt Lake city had agreed to pay the sum of 460,000 U.S. dollars to the pirates computers because they feel it costs less than rebuilding the system if it was damaged. They took the example on the case of the city Atlanta who had refused to pay the $51,000 ransom and who by the result spent about $7 million repairing the system complete computer science.

at Canada the threat is even greater. Because small communities have had to to protect against such attacks. "Small municipalities are quite poor and have little infrastructure to deal with such attacks. Their teams security systems are very small and have fairly limited financial means, so be they pay, or they lose a lot of data," explained the expert Computer security of the Duke of Computer Security Research Chair Canada, Benoit Dupont.

As in the United States, some cities have also agreed to pay the ransom in Canada because they cannot find solutions to combat these cyberattacks. The solution is still pending, the hackers continue to crack down. The authorities, on the other hand, are always looking for solutions to minimize the impacts of this kind of phenomenon.

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