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Smartphone security is now a big problem. The main players in the iPhone and Android market are trying by all means to protect them from hackers who, they always seem to have a head start.

Nokia tops mobile security updates

And today, considered to be the leader in software update and security in the smartphone industry.

It has been reported that since 2018, 96% of Nokia-branded mobiles that have been sold, operate on Android pie. What doesn't ship the system natively have all received updates allowing them to actually run Android pie.

In the latest report from the research company Counterpoint Research titled "Software and Security Updates: What that smartphones lack," it was mentioned: "We are convinced that device manufacturers should redouble their efforts to provide regular software and security updates to the their users. With the exception of Nokia and Lenovo, performance other manufacturers of devices were found to be poor. he it should be pointed out that today's consumers are beginning to retain longer their smartphones."

While we all know that changing continuously smartphone costs much more, Nokia is one of those few companies that can keep longer their products therefore spend less. The key question today is about security updates. Because if the smartphone is efficient with effective security, consumers will only do so enjoy a little longer. In addition, all mobile manufacturers neglecting the aspect of updates security will see customers diverted to other brands inevitably. Counterpoint's Director of Research Research, Peter Richardson said: "Operating system and security updates on Android-powered smartphones are one of the aspects that hold back relatively little attention. Based on our own experience, we have seen very few brands really take an interest in it. In addition, the fact that manufacturers don't talk about it, consumer awareness is growing also found to be very low. In fact, there is little information on the updates among the ten most important things that must make up the features of a smartphone and which consumers care about the most (…) It is therefore not surprising that the major manufacturers are not deploying very little effort when it is necessary to implement updates operating system and device safety, and this is what how much it is even an element of the utmost importance on a smartphone. At this level, it should be pointed out that most key features, including battery life, processor, camera and memory, are directly related to the performance of the camera underlying operating system. A regular update improves significantly experience the consumer. ».

The study conducted by Peter Richardson's firm to determine the performance of smartphones which has located us on Nokia's leadership in this area. Tarun Pathak, Vice-Director, gives more details: "Of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers, nearly 96% of Nokia smartphones, sold cumulatively since the third quarter of 2018, already run Android Pie or have been updated to run on Android Pie. Samsung follows closely with 89%, while Xiaomi follows suit with 84%. It should be noted that Xiaomi has succeeded in ensure the launch, at an affordable price, of its products while at the very least equipping the latest version of Android (…) Many factors play a key role in ensuring greater regularity in terms of software updates. However, some brands have deployed a lot of more effort than others in order to succeed in reducing the time needed to get the latest version of Android on their smartphones. Only a few brands have made a real commitment to ensure that their smartphones can use the latest versions of the software operating operations. Nokia has been the most efficient and fastest brand to offer regular updates on as much as 94% of its portfolio in just one year after the launch of the latest version of the Android. »

Undoubtedly, Nokia is indeed the leader in smartphones in terms of software and security updates.

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A security flaw affecting some popular smartphones on the market including the Galaxy S9, Huawei P20, Redmi Note 5…

On some Android OS smartphones, a 0 Day security flaw has been discovered.

And this new flaw found on the Android core of these mobiles, could allow to take control of these remotely. And vulnerability has been affecting some of the most popular mobiles lately. These include the Huawei p20, the Samsung Galaxy s9 the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. And it has been mentioned that this security flaw is more or less critical and sensitive.

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this Vulnerability was discovered by the Project Zero team Google, this branch dedicated exclusively to the search for vulnerabilities and critical vulnerabilities. Maddie Stone, computer security researcher discovered this 0 Day flaw that did not never documented or even corrected. This security flaw affects the lunix nucleus Android, which will allow cybercriminals to be able to grant themselves privileges administrator on the system and take control total even remotely. This loophole could grant privileges to change the smartphone system to lower levels.

Affecting smartphones quite popular, this vulnerability would have appeared in the core version of Android that was born in April 2018 and which had even been corrected in another 4.14 LTS version of the Linux kernel, available to the general public in December 2018. The problem is that this fix has been integrated only in the core versions of Android 3.18 ; 4.4 and 4.9. As a result, many Android-type phones have been marketed with this vulnerability. The affected smartphones have been listed by the the Hacker News and they are at the number of 13

1) Samsung Galaxy S7

2) Samsung Galaxy S8

3) Samsung Galaxy S9

4) Google Pixel

5) Google Pixel XL

6) Google Pixel 2

7) Google Pixel 2 XL

8) Huawei P20

9) Xiaomi Redmi 5A

10) Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

11) Xiaomi A1

12) Oppo A3

13) Motorola Moto Z3

In addition, it was meant that the vulnerability could extend to some LG devices running Android Oreo. The researcher wanted to notify that the security breach also affected the new version of Android. Indeed, she admits to having managed to exploit the flaw even though there is a recent fix security.

Accessible from Google Chrome's Sandbox, the is workable by an application or a simple web page, which will save money reading rights and even writing on the core of the Android system. In short, just the essentials to take control of a device discreetly.

If a security fix is on the way, there is no no less than the security breach was exploited by a company NSO Group, an IT security firm that is recognized in the sector for its easily detect such loopholes and then sell them to governments.

Google has been warned that it will deploy a security fix by the end of October. On the other hand, all the smartphone manufacturers involved have been warned so that they can also develop updates that can help close the gap.

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Hacking our smartphones is becoming more and more disturbing

In recent years, computer attacks on smartphones in particular, those operating on Android, have multiplied.

These differences attack aims at different goals. From espionage to the theft of personal data, all the reasons are considered to attack anyone's motives. The piracy industry is doing well and it is only growing.

the Checkpoint structure, which specializes in computer security and cybercrime conducted a study on the first half of 2019. This study focuses on cyberattacks and smartphone security. According to his report, computer attacks on smartphones would be more than 50% more than in 2018.

Checkpoint explains that this increase in attack on mobile could have with the increase in banking applications, compatible for mobile phones. As a result, it was attracted by the easy gain, and cybercrime turned to money, one of the main reasons for their activity. The theft and resale of bank ID and payment data is one of the most prolific markets in the world of digital crime.

Maya Horowitz, checkpoint's head of intelligence and it threat on ZDnet, said: "The sharp increase in mobile banking malware is correlated with the increasing use of mobile banking applications… The methodology used to distribute malware has also learned from the rest of the industry. Malware manufacturers are now offering their malware for purchase in clandestine forums."

The report noted that malware attacks follow roughly the same protocols, especially those that attack desktop computers. Android mobile malware works in a sub-plane, making detection that is literally impossible. Some forms of Android malware have even been developed with advanced escape techniques in order to remain undetected on infected devices.

And in recent years, new forms of malware are growing to counter Google security. Android's Google Protect, which aims to ensure the reliability of mobile-installed applications, is a big problem for hackers, who are now looking for ways to get around it.

On the other hand, the most widespread on mobiles is the "Triada" software. According to the report Checkpoint, it alone accounts for 30% of recent attacks on smartphones. It is categorized as one of the most sophisticated hacking for Android smartphones. For the little one history this software was discovered preinstalled on 20,000 Android phones low-end.

Computer security researchers believe that as long as users continue to use their smartphones, attacks will continue. Indeed, we must admit that the security of our mobile phones often comes to the fore. Users don't pay much attention to their online practice and habits. As a result, they are continually exposed to any form of piracy. To say that it is not today that the attacks will stop.

They will even increase. "Users need to protect their devices with a comprehensive solution that blocks malware and network attacks, as well as data leaks and identifier theft, without harming the user experience," Horowitz advised.

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The most secure smartphones in 2019

Today cybersecurity and cybercrime are two facets of the same pieces that are the most dynamic of the digital world.

The issue of protecting the internet users is growing. The terminals that everyone uses are a part of our choices in our own security.

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Today, we decided to tell you about the most secure smartphones of the moment.

The Katim

the KATIM brand smartphone is of course a not very famous model. It has been created by cybersecurity expert DarkMatte. This phone is recognized for more than three years now as one of the secure mobiles that exist on earth. in Indeed, it has the most reliable and robust security systems that can exist in a phone. One of the intricacies of its security system lies in its programs self-destruction (messages, system, etc.) It owns several systems stunning security events to ensure the secure your communications and access to the internet.

The Blackphone 2

It's a phone that is famous in the professional world and on the circuit competition from high-security mobiles. It also has a variety of security systems that are as sophisticated as others, he has been awarded several times as one of the best these five (5) Years.

that phone costs the United States the trifle of six hundred (600) dollars, and a can no longer breed in Europe.

The Sirin Solarin

The Sirin Solarin is an expensive phone reserved for a fairly reserved clientele. Costing about sixteen thousand U.S. dollars ($16,000) this phone is ready to offer its holder all the security possible. One that combines luxury and security

The Sirin Finney

telephone for targeted use, the Sirin Finney is dubbed by its manufacturer the first " smartphone blockchain." Therefore, its use for standard action menus of conventional smartphones is limited. Like the Sirin Solarin, it offers a great security but also a pretty believable aesthetic.

Blackberry Touch 2

Known for its high-security devices, the Canadian firm Blackberry offers us a jewel of technology with her baby, The Blackberry Touch 2 with always the physical keyboard of the Blackberry tradition. Operating as standard with Android 8.1, this model's security system is designed to reassure. Not to mention some specialized home software included in systems to ensure maximum protection.

UnaPhone Zenith

the UnaPhone Zenith designed as a mobile service. The brand works with the firm, LG the tech giant. It turns on the Android 6.0 system specially modified to fit its requirements security. This mobile is quite simple but suitable for professional use, if you are a start-up company. It will help you will offer the extent of a triple-speed security with its operating system UniOS. Supporting dual sim card connectivity, you'll have a good tool for your daily life.

The Turation Phone

This phone is a jewel of the specialist firm Turing Robotics Industries. Specially developed to secure the data stored in its internal storage, note that this terminal is at a fairly affordable price. Despite its price, it is considered one of the most secure smartphones of recent times. It delivers performance of up to 2.5 GHz with a quad core processor backed by threeGB of RAM. With a battery of 3000 mAh, its battery life can last up to two days.

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SMS piracy is a reality!

In a recent press release, the firm, which is an expert ESET has informed and warned all mobile users Android.

Apparently, a simple text message can be very dangerous. Indeed, this SMS would contain links to malicious apps that some users may want to click on. This threat is called Filecoder C.

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"Filecoder C" is a virus that takes the form of a SMS but that could make you lose money if you are not alert. This virus uses the contacts of its victims to spread.

It's on the community website of "Reddit and also on other forums that the malicious application would have started with its first steps, by retransmitting exchanges of a nature pornographic, dabs the places where the posts had been deleted.

The messages we're talking about take the form of messages standards that we see constantly on Facebook, for example. It is often read that any person would have very intimate images, and there, the user is led to click on these famous links.

Malware, once installed begin their dark drawings. Without the consent of they infect the phone and steal personal data containing it. Finally, the hacker behind the virus will demand a ransom against the valuable information he has obtained.

According to ESET, the amounts generally required often range from 0.01 to 0.02 Bitcoin, which equates to a value of standard currency from 90 to 180 euros.

More than Forty-two (42) versions of this message were found, each in composed in different languages. Pirates would attack all countries, then.

To protect against this vulnerability, two advice is given t to follow literally: in the first place, it is you need to update your mobile as soon as a security patch becomes available. a especially if you see in the version notes that this update corrects CTE 2019 3107. The second piece of advice is never, in a way that you want to download or open links from unknown sources outside of apps such as Facebook Messenger and text messages.

However, but the computer security firm tries to reassure us by pointing out that the malware does not can fly only images below 150KB. In addition, the programme is considered an amateur program. On the other hand, if developers try to to correct the flaws and are able to improve the way it is spread, which new malware would then be a more serious threat put in place Lukas Stefanko, one of the researchers for ESET.

As you can see, Android apps are constantly being tested. Their popularity is also the cause of all this relentlessness that does not suffer at the moment. Google will always offer solutions as they have to secure their users' devices. But the best protection comes from the user himself. Users need to learn to adopt good practices.

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