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6 Tips to Stay Safe from Internet Piracy

Finally, one wonders if it is possible to have access to the Internet without running the risk of being constantly hacked.

Our communications, our habits but still our his history which are frankly at the mercy of the most astute of hackers.

So what do we do?

Here are 6 tips to make sure you don't expose yourself to the risk of internet hacking.

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1 – Hide your IP address

The IP address is the identifier that is attached devices we use when we access the web. Conceal it to go unnoticed on some sites while avoiding the hassle are attached. As a result, there are many ways to do that. for you can use a VPN service. By subscribe, you can IP footprints borrowed from around the world. There are also the most famous anonymization networks are Tor and I2P. They present the advantage of fully or partially encrypting your communications.

2 – Use an alternative search engine

Classic search engines such as Google, or even Bing are often accused of storing our personal data for then monetize them. They exist to counter some recognized services for their privacy of information. Among other times you have "Startpage," "Duckduckgo" or Ixquick.

3 – Use the cloud for secure storage of your data

It is often best to store all of the data on an external server. This allows you to save their integrity, but also to protect yourself from certain forms of attacks such as Ramsonware.

However, if you have to opt for this solution be sure to turn to structures that will offer you the best Highly secure open source solutions. On our side we can tell you buddycloud, Owncloud or Kolab. They will offer you a without having access to the content to give you as they will be encrypted from your terminal.

4 – Gradually migrate to a social network alternative

It is true that we are attached to certain social networks such as Facebook Snapchat or Instagram. However, it is there are some competitors of these social networks who are respectful of the privacy of their use. Example of "Diaspora" super but not not only it can connect to other social networks but also you will gradually migrate his contacts and then finally get rid of Facebook and others.

5 – Encrypt your communications

Several software programs will allow you to decrypt the content of your exchanges via online messaging services. Whether it's your emails, your instant calls or personal data mailings. he There are some phone models that allow for exchanges Encrypted. In particular there is the Blackphone produced by the Swiss company SGP Technologies.

6 – Install protections on your browser

It is essential that your browser is protected by various tools including anti-tracing tools or ad blockers and vulnerabilities such as Adblock Edge, NoScript, Disconnect or NoScript. In addition, you need to be careful about the cookies you accept. Refuse as many cookies as possible, if possible refuse them all.

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6 what to do to use the Internet safely

As we all know, the internet is not a safe place.

However, we need it for almost everything today. Our work, our daily needs, but also our entertainment.

As a result, it is you would have to know exactly how not to expose themselves to its many dangers that lie ahead. Here are 6 behaviours to adopt to be in Internet security.

1. You have to limit your visibility on social networks.

Every time you use social networks and you post something there tell you that much of this content is accessible to the general public. Only if you had the reflex to disable public vision. However, few those of us who do. Moreover, even allow for a limited category access to this content does not protect us. However, it is not not for lack of a try. Make sure your content is only accessible your friends, that is, the ones you have in your knowledge lists.

Be the most restrictiveness possible.

2. Avoid disclosing your personal information on social networks at every turn.

If you have to reduce to the maximum your audience on social networks, it goes without saying that you need to Avoid publishing your personal information enough. news personal information about your identities as well, certain data related to your loved ones or those who intimately share new privacy. This may be the name of your dog, the middle name of your last child, or your place of the number of schools attended by Monsieur, or the date of your stay. marriage. Some information that we often pass for innocuous, but just know that the consequences could be devastating for you. plus you need to be wary of your conversations through your online messaging, whether you know it or not, all your exchanges are and could backfire.

3. Avoid publishing your children's photographs.

Everything you put on online are a goldmine for people of bad faith. They can seize it and use it for totally opposite purposes of the purpose of User of origin. People can use your children's photo to activate paedophile posts or to try to ling to the inclinations of this type. So you'd be surprised to see the pictures of your children on posters or sites whose purpose is not at all Catholic.

4. Avoid publishing activities to identify you where clearly highlighting your identities.

Continuing what we said above it's very important to pay attention to this published on social networks or on any site. you must make sure that it is not too safe. More you give the details about you, about yourself or your habits, give you the possibility to malicious people to be able to trace you, you spying, or stealing from you.

5. You have to choose a pretty solid password.

The password on first barriers that protect us from intruders. Also your password should be strong enough to prevent it from being stolen from you. Also avoid 1 2 3 4 or the flashy password as your dates birth or the name of your mother or child. There are different techniques to be able to form passwords, you can use it to inspire, research, train yourself to better understand this technique.

6. Use VPNs to access the Internet.

VPN is a method of using a hidden network to gain Internet access. Thanks to this, you have anonymous access to the web interface where you can surf safely. Some apps will allow you to have this ability to navigate while hiding your personality. However, you must purchase them from official online shops. Avoid free software that you don't know the origin of.

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4 tips to better protect yourself on the internet

1. Avoid unsecured or illegal sites.

You've probably been confronted with this kind of question. So you think it's basic as advice, but often some things that we neglect could come back to us in full swing face. Then we'll repeat this advice again. You have to do everything you can not to access sites that you're not sure about. Also avoid illegal sites. It is generally tempting to make downloads on the site where everything is free or just easier access.

that are including free download sites or videos at the request. The most common are sites that produce content pornographic nature or illegally broadcasting productions not yet marketed or marketed at prices High. These are real virus fields waiting for you to infect your machine. Be vigilant and always check the HTTPS protocol before you continue browsing or even access it beforehand.

by elsewhere this advice also affects certain types of applications. Indeed, applications that have been cracked where hacked are also virus mines too although free download sites.

2. Update your terminals regularly

the updates are largely aimed at closing loopholes in the safety that have been discovered by the producers of the machines you Use. So with each update new fixes are made to to ensure better security of your terminals. As a result, you don't have to neglect them and be constantly on the lookout for any updates.

neglect The update is a clear method of neglecting the safety of its because it is the only way to expose it as easily as possible.

3. Install effective antivirus on its machines.

like we tend to tell you, it is more than necessary to have you software protection on all these machines. Whether it's a mobile phone or a computer. Indeed, these protection software are also a kind of against potential security vulnerabilities in the system itself. However one thing is to install an antivirus and another is to install a good antivirus.

in indeed all antivirus are unreliable. A recent study has shown that 90% of Android antivirus is ineffective in the face of attacks. Also he recommended to be on the lookout for news. Find out more and often try to interview experts in the field. However, some of the antivirus deserves success in the cybersecurity market. In particular, it is BitDefender which was considered the best antivirus of the year 2019. And in second place we found Kaspersky. However, for some time now, controversy affects the publishers of the Kaspersky antivirus. That's why you are asked to be constantly informed of the news of the cybersecurity to find out which app to allow you to defend.

4. Install an ad blocker on its machines.

Advertisements are sore when we browse the Internet or when we use free software. In addition to being annoying, they can also be dangerous because they often contain malware. It is true that some browsers offer features that often block certain advertisements, however it is generally advisable to have software on its terminal to block them. In this way you can you can thus guard against certain problems that could arise because of their fault. However, you will be asked to be vigilant because not all ad blocking applications are reliable. So you risk exposing yourself to malware. Try downloading your software on official blinds.

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Hackers and our personal data

Personal data is information that are generated and collected through digital information systems.

Among other things, they allow us to identify ourselves, but also to link us to certain institutions, certain sectors or even to markets. That's why hackers want to steal them from us all the time.

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However, the use of this data a hacker varies depending on the type of data he or she will have.

The data from health

Health data is called all information to determine a person's health status, or to determine a person's health medical services that could be accessed, or accessed by an individual.

This information can be used to identify persons at the same time as identifying personal information. some offenders can use health data to obtain medicines or treatments that can only be provided by express issuance of an order. One of the causes of drug trafficking or narcotics.

The data related to education

Information about a person's journey such as his school curriculum or various courses he could have taken are in the education-related data category. This may also be transcripts, diplomas.

Criminals often use it to make to blackmail or to make illegal copies of diplomas. However, identity thefts are also one of the alternatives. Indeed pirates computer scientists pretend to be students or students to commit vandalism or assault on administrators.

IDs connection

Connection identifiers are the information which allow you to have access to an account on a website or on the website web simply. These include email addresses, names users, passwords…

Except for this kind of information it will literally you can't access an account you'll have on any website. So you understand that if a hacker manages to get his hands on it he will also have access to this account. With all the inconvenience that could to go there such as stealing other types of data, identity theft, espionage. Worse, the hacker can prevent you from having access to your accounts by simply changing its identifiers.

It is for all these reasons that it is recommended generally to be very careful about how you use your login credentials. You should have this disposition not to serve anywhere, at any time, also to pay attention to the terminal you use. In addition, it is advisable to change passwords and opt for duplicate confirmations stage.

On the other hand, connection data generally social networks, allow them to attack other people or others. to initiate other types of attacks such as phishing. especially Pay attention to your email address as it is the login ID on the more important it is that you won't. It's like your web identity in somehow.

Social Security numbers

The Social Security number is also data which are generally the target of cybercriminals, especially those in the case of cybercriminals. Years.

We can take the example of hacking database of Capital One, the U.S. bank that was robbed of about 140,000 Social Security numbers.

Your Social Security number for hackers it is a valuable tool that allows you to have the benefits you deserve especially in the use of public services. It's as much more countries such as the United States and Canada. Indeed, in many cases, these two countries the social security number is a major reference allowing to identify individuals.

The phone number

The phone number and a data not delicate enough because its use is not so decisive. However, it can allow hackers to spy on you or have access to certain items that refer you, such as your first and last name, your address. However it's quite different when it's a service you used through the phone number. For example, banking or online accounts.

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The different things hackers can do with your personal and financial data stolen

It is not uncommon for you to hear that there are data leaks or system intrusions there.

The goal or the consequences are always the same. Stealing personal data. But the questions we don't usually ask is what is he going to do with his data that he just stole? Speaking of the pirate, of course. So we're going to show you in this article the different things a hacker could do when he has your data in his hands, finally in his computer.

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Use what a data hacker could do that uses varies depending on the nature of the data and of course its importance.

Personal data related to Identity

Digital data linked to the identity of the user or even called, by the famous lawyer Alain Bensoussan, name data, are a set of information that allows to identify the individual whether in terms of marital status or on the social or geographical aspect. In other words, it is usually names, first names, home addresses, age, marital status or data relating to race or ethnicity. And also the phone number or the social security number… it is data that is recently stolen during data leaks or powerful cyber attacks. Hackers use this kind of data is diverse. For example, making loans or loans, ordering credit cards in the name of the victim whose identity has been stolen. This data may also be sold to organizations specializing in the analysis of personal data for advertising or statistical purposes. It is not uncommon to see this kind of data marketed on the DarkWeb.

Financial data

that are data that relate to financial transactions or financial transactions victims' financial identifiers. These may include, among other things, bank identity, account numbers or passwords, passwords, usernames for financial platforms. Once that kind of data is in the hands of hackers, you don't know what are the consequences you face. Indeed, they could to access your bank accounts or the various platforms through which you and constantly put transactions. the consequences are terrible for the finances of the victims. You can quickly you find a debtor of a large sum of money or see your accounts bank emptied.

one very sensitive data is that of the bank card. Indeed the number credit card that his life has many things especially with the evolution of online markets. If a hacker manages to access your account number you are in a good place especially if you don't know anything about it. in effect it might just be just shopping online, not to risk but the consequences are the same if your account banking. It will crumble.

That's why it's essential to make sure your credit card ages aren't that easy. All the more reason to opt for alternative security means, such as dual-factor authentication.

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