How to change your Yahoo password?

Your Yahoo password is the key to unlocking all the online services offered by Yahoo, including your mailbox.

Lost your password? Suspicious of someone signing in to your account? Do you want to secure your e-mail by changing your password? Follow these few steps and change your Yahoo password easily and quickly.

Reset your Yahoo password after forgetfulness

It happens that by using different passwords for your accounts, a memory leak occurs. Fortunately, Yahoo offers to reset your password directly from your email access.

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After entering your email address in the dedicated box, press the button I can not access my account. Then select the Password problem option, click Next, and enter your username. Several options are then available to you to change your Yahoo password. It’s up to you to choose the method that suits you:

– Sending an SMS on your mobile phone

– Answer to two secret questions

– Sending an e-mail on your emergency e-mail

When you receive the Yahoo message, click the Change my Yahoo password link and follow the instructions. If you opt for the secret question, know that you will have to correctly answer two questions selected by you during the creation of your account. Following the correct answers, the reset will be done directly online.

Change your Yahoo password for more security

You know your password but want to change it for security reasons? Changing Yahoo password is as fast as it is easy. All you need to do is follow these six steps:

1: Log in to your Yahoo account with your usual username and password.

2: Click the small gear at the top right of the page and select the Account Settings option.

3: Enter your Yahoo password in the dedicated box.

4: Press the Change your Yahoo password button.

5: In the new page that appears, type your current password, and fill in the new password in the next two boxes.

6: Click the Save button. Your password is now changed!

All you have to do is memorize your new Yahoo password and use it for your next connections. Be careful not to reveal it to anyone and not to use it for other online accounts and services.

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