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How to hack GMail account?

Never give your GMail credentials to anyone.

It is very dangerous to communicate your private information to third parties. Fortunately you will never do it, however, you may be doing it without knowing it...

The lucky beneficiaries of a GMail account are not without knowing that the Internet is dangerous and filled with invisible trap. Hacking a GMail account is not a science reserved for professional experts in the field. Anyone can hack a password in a few simple steps.

Hack GMail password

First method:

GMail is the most used messaging service on Earth, it is also the most popular way to exchange secret messages between people. Generally, these are couples who want to know information by hacking the devices of their spouse, for this they have what is called a Keylogger.

This little program is the easiest way to hack a GMail account. When it is installed on the computer or smartphone, it will record all keys on the keyboard which will automatically include the password GMail. There is no need for special knowledge to use this software. It has been specially designed to install easily and be quickly taken in hand by its end user. Any user with a bit of computer or phone knowledge can start using a keylogger to hack GMail.

After the installation, the keylogger will hide completely and start recording all the keys on the keyboard like carbon paper. It is therefore impossible for the user to guess that he is being spied on and that his GMail password will be registered. The keyboard keys are saved in a text file. This document can be sent by email or save in a discreet corner of the hard drive.

Second method:


PASS BREAKER is a software able to hack any GMail password by exploiting databases vulnerabilities. You simply need the email address of the GMail account and the software will hack and display you on the screen the password of that account.

Find a GMail password account
This video shows a GMAIL
password hacker

You can hack as many password as you want without beeing limited. It also can overpass the double authentification (2FA) protection. You simply need 1 email to start the hack and after a few minutes, PASS BEAKER will display you the GMail password on your screen.

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