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How to Hack Yahoo Account?

Yahoo is one of the best mailbox for hackers. It's full with security fails.

There a 2 methods to hack a Yahoo account:

Method 1:

PASS ACCESS let your recovering Yahoo! password even if the password is encrypted. This software has direct access to the database where are stored the passwords.

You simply start type the email address you can to hack and it displays you the password associated to it.

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Method 2:

A hijacking Yahoo account may be illegal if it is done on an account that does not belong to you. It is important to understand the methods of hackers to protect themselves.

They use a technique called "clickjacking" which is a virus hidden behind an image. You will see, it's very simple.

The hacker will create a website with a button saying "win a gift". Unfortunately, this is a trap, indeed, the hacker has loaded an iframe with your Yahoo email account that has aligned exactly the same button the "change the password" button.

The victim who does not suspect anything and click on this famous button which in locurence will change the password of the Yahoo account.

It's dramatic, but it exists.

To identify its flaws, you must first look at the URL of the site, if it starts with HTTPS then it is secure and there is little chance that this hacking happens, but that's not all. Browser cookies can also be used by hackers. Indeed, they keep all our personal data when we browse the Internet. When a user writes his username and password, the cookies are stored all in spite of us. Once the hacker has access to cookies, he can simulate your presence and connect as if it were you on a browser.

After that, he can connect to your Yahoo mail, see your emails, your contacts. What interests them most is your contacts because they can get passed by you and ask them for money. Let's imagine that you go on vacation, they will contact your family by email and ask them for help by inventing a lost passport story. All you have to do is wait for the answers and receive the money.