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PASS UNLOCKER is the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified application designed to facilitate the recovery of all TikTok account passwords, even the complex ones through the power of artificial intelligence.

Many users encounter difficulties in recovering their TikTok passwords, but PASS UNLOCKER offers a quick and effective solution to address this issue.

Find password for TikTok accounts
Here is an example of a TikTok password
extracted thanks to PASS UNLOCKER from a profile name.

Take advantage of this simple tip, you will be amazed at the result! There is no usage limit and thanks to our application you will have the possibility to enter a TikTok profile in just a few minutes even if it is private. Whether from the @username or the telephone number or simply the email address linked to the account, PASS UNLOCKER offers easy password decryption, giving you full access to the account.

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How does it work?How does it work?

With the assistance of artificial intelligence, PASS UNLOCKER exploits security vulnerabilities in databases associated with TikTok, enabling it to quickly retrieve passwords linked to the targeted profile.

To understand how PASS UNLOCKER operates, it's essential to know that its advanced technology relies on a search analysis system equipped with a script algorithm for complex and optimized asymmetric cryptographic decryption supported by a neural network:

Find a password

  • The technology of deep learning has been refined using the training dataset to create intelligent systems specialized in password analysis.
  • Neural networks train to interpret and analyze data similarly to the human mind. Those of PASS UNLOCKER are designed to use various properties and structures, generating samples of password deduction hypotheses.

Once a password sample is validated, PASS UNLOCKER employs these probability formulas to deduce the complete password following the neural network's distribution. The password appears on your screen.

This rapid and efficient approach enables PASS UNLOCKER to effectively decode passwords while bypassing two-factor authentication (2FA) protections. In other words, it ensures a discreet connection without triggering any alert notifications during the account login.

Warning WARNING: "Please use this application only on your own account or on an account for which you have permission to access. Read the rules, be aware.


Hacking a TikTok account is possible and thanks to PASS UNLOCKER you can find as many passwords as you want. This is why we developed it!

To start using it, you just need to follow 3 steps:



Click the "DOWNLOAD" button from a smartphone, computer or tablet.



Wait while it loads, then follow the instructions on your screen. Enter either the nickname (the login-ID), the phone number or the email address of the TikTok account you are looking for, then validate.



PASS UNLOCKER exploits vulnerabilities in mining customer databases and automatically decrypts TikTok passwords (this operation may take several minutes). By precisely targeting the identifiers of the account you are looking for, the result will be displayed on your screen. Subsequently, you will be able to automatically connect to the profile without generating an alert related to double authentication.

Not sure about something? Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us or opt for the trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee! Indeed, we are so confident in the effectiveness of our application that we guarantee you will be able to recover all MSN, Hotmail and Outlook (also all Office 365, live) accounts and passwords. Full refund if not satisfied or if it doesn't work.

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One off purchase / No subscription
Last update on 07.01.2024
Compatible with OS compatible
Unlimited access / Free update

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use PASS UNLOCKER?

Anyone needing to recover TikTok account passwords can utilize PASS UNLOCKER. However, please ensure compliance with your country's laws and only use the application on accounts you have authorization to access.

How many TikTok passwords can be found?

There is no usage limit for PASS UNLOCKER, it can find as many TikTok passwords as needed.

How long does it take to get results?

Password recovery with PASS UNLOCKER can take a few minutes. It can easily retrieve passwords for any TikTok account, whether private, personal, or professional.

Is the security of retrieved passwords guaranteed?

With PASS UNLOCKER, the security of retrieved passwords is a priority. No information is stored to preserve user confidentiality and integrity.

Is the usage of PASS UNLOCKER anonymous?

Indeed, PASS UNLOCKER operates discreetly to avoid detection by TikTok or the concerned user. No notifications are issued, ensuring anonymous usage, while strictly adhering to applicable laws.

Can I use PASS UNLOCKER in my country?

Yes, PASS UNLOCKER is designed to work worldwide, allowing users from different countries to utilize its features.

On which platforms is it compatible?

PASS UNLOCKER works on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone smartphones, as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and Windows, Mac, and Android tablets. This allows access to the application from a variety of devices.

Is there a trial period for PASS UNLOCKER?

Yes, PASS UNLOCKER offers a trial period with a satisfaction or money-back guarantee valid for 30 days. So, you can test the application and get a refund immediately if you are not satisfied or if it doesn't work by contacting us.

Does it require a monthly subscription to use?

No, PASS UNLOCKER is available for a one-time purchase. There is no monthly subscription required.

How long does it take to receive after payment?

Download is immediately available after payment, with no waiting time to start using PASS UNLOCKER.

Is PASS UNLOCKER safe and legit to use?

Yes, PASS UNLOCKER is certified compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards, ensuring its security and reliability during use.

Is it legal to use PASS UNLOCKER?

The legality of using PASS UNLOCKER depends on the laws of your country. We recommend checking the current legislation regarding the use of password recovery software before using it.

Unlock all TikTok access

PASS UNLOCKER is a quick and easy tool that allows anyone, even less experienced users, to quickly extract TikTok passwords. However, please respect the laws of your country and only use PASS UNLOCKER on accounts that you have permission to log into.

Unlock TikTok account

Given the possibility of daily hacking of thousands of TikTok accounts among the billions of active users, the security of a TikTok account is a risk to be taken seriously. Enjoy unlimited access, click TRY NOW to access TikTok accounts in minutes, otherwise, get a refund.

Why hack a TikTok account?

Hack TikTok

TikTok, boasting a staggering 2 billion users, has surged to become a paramount social media platform, especially appealing to the younger demographic. This dynamic space for video sharing has magnetized a worldwide audience, offering an interactive and creative sphere where users can freely express themselves and engage in a variety of content. Its addictive nature and innovative features have contributed to its widespread popularity, making it a significant player in the realm of social media. However, due to its growing popularity, some malicious people might be tempted to hack accounts.

The reasons may be as follows:

  • > Hackers may be motivated by the desire to hack profile data, contacts or other private details present on the TikTok account in order to resell them on the DarkNet.
  • > Hackers could seek to obtain compromising information about the account owner which they could then use for blackmail.
  • > Access to a TikTok account could be used for fraud, whether for financial activities like redirects to merchant sites or to deceive other users with ransomware campaigns.

These three patterns are the most frequently observed, but others can also be mentioned. Everyone can have their justification for trying to hack a TikTok account. Often, these are people you wouldn't suspect, such as a family member, a work colleague or even a friend. The idea that anyone can be tricked into hacking a TikTok account can sometimes be surprising.

What are the other techniques for hacking TikTok accounts?

Every day, hackers develop strategies to compromise the security of TikTok accounts. Aware that traditional processes are losing their effectiveness, these hackers are developing increasingly sophisticated stratagems. The days of hacking using phishing emails or fake login pages have passed and TikTok users now face more sophisticated threats.

Here are some examples of innovative methods developed by hackers:

Method 1: Modified USB cable

Modified USB cable

These seemingly ordinary cables come with advanced features that make them dangerous for user safety. USB cable hacking involves embedding a WiFi microchip into the cable itself. Once connected to a device, the cable activates and begins to act as a spying device.

Similar to a keylogger, this alternative technology allows the USB cable to capture all data entered by the user in real time. The WiFi microchip embedded in the cable facilitates the immediate transmission of collected information to a web interface, providing hackers with direct access to the confidential user data of the TikTok account.

Method 2: Backlight

Hacker backlight

This ingenious method exploits the intricacies of the screen backlighting system, using micro-controllers connected to LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to emit light signals imperceptible to the human eye.

In this specific context, hackers deploy these micro-controllers discreetly to establish clandestine communication with photoelectric sensors integrated into target devices, such as smartphones. The ultimate goal is to compromise access to TikTok accounts by exchanging malicious information surreptitiously, thereby bypassing traditional communication channels.

Method 3: Mobile adware

Adware smartphone

These mobile adwares are not limited to intrusive advertisements, they represent a more sophisticated threat aimed specifically at smartphones. Malicious strategies involve injecting harmful script codes into mobile devices via malicious ads, allowing cybercriminals to compromise security and collect sensitive personal data.

The use of these mobile adware can go beyond simply disrupting user experience by introducing malicious features, such as data collection, online activity tracking, or even unauthorized access to information confidential. TikTok users should therefore be aware of these emerging threats and adopt rigorous digital security practices.

Method 4: Ransomware

Ransomware smartphone

Ransomware is also known as ransomware. These malware target anyone and are not limited to financial extortion. They are also used by hackers to steal sensitive data that can be exploited later in different ways. The process usually begins with a discreet infiltration into the target's system, often via malicious emails or links. Once inside, the ransomware activates, hijacks the data and communicates it to hackers.

Method 5: The man-in-the-middle attack

man-in-the-middle attack

It is a sophisticated method used by hackers to intercept communications between a user and a network, a web platform, or even a terminal. This interception allows the hacker to monitor the victim's web traffic, giving them the advantage of collecting personal information and other connection data. This attack has various variations, including session hijacking based on cookie exploitation, requiring advanced hacking skills.

Another common variation is the use of fake WiFi hotspot routers. In this approach, the cybercriminal impersonates a public WiFi hotspot, luring in unsuspecting users who connect. This action exposes users to serious risks, giving the hacker access to sensitive traffic and data. In particular, the hijacking of TikTok accounts can be considered. To protect yourself, it is recommended to avoid using public WiFi networks, especially without authentication. Additionally, promptly deleting cookies after visiting a website is an essential preventative measure to prevent this data from falling into the wrong hands.


Although the list of TikTok account hacking methods is extensive, the main ones have been presented previously. This list is constantly evolving and new techniques are released daily.

Here are some tips to strengthen the security of your TikTok account. Above all, limit the exposure of your personal life on the platform. Avoid connecting unknown devices to your device and always opt for private internet browsing. If you discover a TikTok password hack late, using PASS UNLOCKER may be necessary to recover it. Stay vigilant and adopt online security practices to prevent any attempted intrusion into your personal accounts.

Protect TikTok account

How to protect your TikTok account?

In the category of the most used social networks in the world, TikTok occupies a prime position rivaling GAFA. Due to its simplicity of sharing videos, many young people use it frequently. However, this use is not always regulated in a secure manner, often exposing users, mainly young people, to potential risks online. With every login, hackers are lying in wait, ready to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise the security of TikTok accounts. To help you strengthen the protection of your account, we will present 5 essential security methods.

Step 1: Password protection

password protection

The password represents the master key to your online identity, used to authenticate your access to various platforms. When a cybercriminal attempts an attack, their first goal is often to reveal your password-related ID. It is therefore crucial to treat this information with rigorous discipline. In terms of composition, it can be biometric, voice recognition, facial recognition, etc. It is strongly discouraged to use easily guessable personal information, such as your last name, that of a relative or of a pet, as well as your date of birth or numbers related to your work, family or hobbies. Cybercriminals exploit these habits and can turn them against you. Nowadays, the recommendation is to construct your password based on a phrase, thus complicating cracking techniques and quick attacks.

It is also recommended not to use the same password for several online accounts. Data leaks are unfortunately common and it is impossible to predict when such information may escape the vigilance of a platform. Finally, it's a good idea to get into the habit of changing your passwords regularly. This way, if your old password is compromised, you will benefit from increased protection against possible exploitation.

Step 2: Strengthen security with two-factor authentication


Nowadays, double authentication is becoming an essential measure. So, it is highly recommended to activate it on your TikTok account. This secure method verifies your identity twice: first when entering the password, second when you must provide the confirmation code received by email or text message. It is also possible to use authentication applications such as Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator. No matter how complex your password is, it's essential to recognize that there is no such thing as zero risk. Adding an extra layer of security can only strengthen your protection. So don't hesitate to activate this crucial feature.

Step 3: Avoid phishing and social engineering pitfalls

traps phishing social engineering

Whether it's phishing or social engineering, users of digital services are constantly exposed to these old practices that remain strangely effective. It is crucial to remember that hackers will always try to trick you by using messages containing fraudulent links, tricking you into signing in through these corrupted links. Thus, increased vigilance is necessary. Social engineering also poses risks. It is strongly discouraged to disclose personal information to unknown individuals, regardless of the level of sympathy you may feel during exchanges on social networks. Never share a code received by message with a third person. If you receive a message containing unsolicited code or instructions, delete it immediately, especially if you did not send it. Some individuals may manipulate these messages to retrieve sensitive information, including your authentication code, thereby putting your account at risk. Stay constantly vigilant during your trading to avoid any potential risk.

Step 4: Avoid public networks

public wifi connection

Connecting to public WiFi networks, such as those offered in internet cafes, can pose a serious risk to the security of your data. Due to the open nature of these networks, it is easier for cybercriminals to intercept user traffic. Common attacks on public WiFi networks include session hijacking and interception of sensitive data, such as login credentials. Using sophisticated techniques, hackers can access users' personal information, thereby compromising the privacy of their online accounts. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to avoid using public networks for sensitive activities, such as logging into bank or social accounts, to protect your information from possible cyber threats. If using a public network is unavoidable, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can add a layer of security by encrypting Internet traffic and thus protecting your data from prying eyes.

Step 5: Keep your device safe

safe smartphone

It's crucial to ensure the security of the device you use to access your TikTok account, whether it's a computer, smartphone or tablet. For added protection, make sure you use a reliable antivirus to guard against malware. Setting up a virtual private network (VPN) is also an essential security measure to secure your connection, especially when using public networks. Remember to check for available updates regularly, as they often include crucial security fixes. Finally, take physical precautions by restricting access to your device, preventing any unauthorized person from accessing it without your consent. Adopting these security practices will help strengthen the protection of your personal data.


You might be caught off guard one day. For this reason, we have developed an application that will allow you to quickly recover your TikTok account in case of loss.

With PASS UNLOCKER, find your code in just a few minutes after using it. Our app ensures that you will never lose control. Don't delay, try it now!