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Why hackers hack your FACEBOOK account?

Our tool offers a service for all FACEBOOK users who wish to recover their lost or forgotten password.

Unlike what you have read or heard, it is really possible to get hacked into a FACEBOOK account and very easily.

Moreover, the hacking of accounts arises the interest of more than one, there are many reasons for this cheat:
- Parents may wish to see what their children are doing online to monitor them.
- A boyfriend or girlfriend wants to know what the partner is doing behind their back.
- A wife wants to spy on her husband to check if he is still faithful to her or the wife is faithful to him.

Download PASSWORD FINDER now and for FREE: the most effective password recovery software available that helps users acquire FACEBOOK passwords no matter how complex or how simple the password is.

Indeed, every day thousands of accounts are hacked and you are increasingly using our PASS FINDER software.

You simply start the software and follow the instructions and VOILA! It delivers the past and current FACEBOOK passwords that are associated with that account. Need to access a FACEBOOK account right now? Download PASSWORD FINDER and have your password in minutes.

Here is an example of FACEBOOK email address
with passwords that PASS FINDER recovered.

How does it work?

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  • You load the software on the device you use to access to the FACEBOOK account.
  • Next you start the PASSWORD FINDER software.
  • After that, you simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Once you have entered a valid FACEBOOK account email address, the PASSWORD FINDER will automatically decode your password. Once the password has been secured, you can save it into a text file. You can run PASSWORD FINDER and find other passwords without limits!

PASSWORD FINDER's powerful programming algorithm has the ability to decrypt passwords encrypted with AES in CBC mode, PBKDF2, MD5 or SHA.

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PASSWORD FINDER setup file is totally FREE.
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Why is Facebook the resource for hackers?

There are 7 billions peoples on the earth, Facebook has 1 billion of registered active users. Can you imagine the possibilities for a hacker with bad ambition? But why should someone hack your Facebook account? Why should he take part of your life ?

A few of human emotions are played out across Facebook. We think that these reasons helped you to understand the reasons why one would like to hack another user Facebook account.

It doesn't matter the age of the hacker, many users reveal their deepest secrets on Facebook: hobbies, fans, likes and dislikes with their best friends. This is exactly what hackers want to access to.

Now that you know why your account has been hacked and why you lost your password, you will certainly understand why our software is so popular and downloaded thousands times a day.


Be careful with some rumors on Facebook claiming that your account could be in danger that you have to click on a link to get the result of a possible hack of your profile. Fake news is a big problem on social network, they encourage you to make something that you will never have done in real life. It is very useful to consider this experience as a test. When you try to login to a Facebook account, you haven’t noticed that the easiest way to get a Facebook account password is to simply write a password like “123456” which is the most password used worldwide. It is not too late to change the password if it is a simple one. You have to put some characters as $^*?! with letters and numbers. Don’t forget to regularly change the password.

How to protect yourself against hackers?

There is not 100% protection, only 99% of your account can be protected. Everything that contains a password can’t be totally secured and will be hacked one day. There are good hackers and bad hackers. The good hackers are white hat and there goal is to find fails in IT system that they will report to the administrators in order to fix the issues. They earn money with that and lot of security system companies are specialized in this business. Also FACEBOOK organizes every year a competition cup where the best worldwide hacker meets together and where the winner can get out with more than $5,000USD in his pocket! After that, the competitors will have a nice experience and companies like Microsoft or Google will contact them in order to hire them! The black hats are just hackers who want to make money illegally. There are most part of criminals organizations in Russia, China or Africa and their goal is to earn a lot of money faster! They hack FACEBOOK passwords accounts and sell them on the dark net. The authorities like the FBI or CIA try to arrest them but these hackers use proxy and they are totally anonymous on the web. They are parsed in the world and work in a team. They are the hackers, the sellers and the boss. The hackers are in charge of the password finder. They use every possibility to hack the FACEBOOK password. The sellers connect to the dark net and sell the account that was previously hacked. The boss is in charge of this criminal organization and gets the money.


For what purpose some people buy the hacked FACEBOOK account?

They are many reasons; the first is for marketing reason. Once the account is in possession of the buyer, he will send many requests to the FACEBOOK account to put his advertising on the wall. After that the FACEBOOK user will share spam information without knowing from where it came. This grows up the turnover of the buyer. Can you imagine if he does the same thing thousand times? Each FACEBOOK account has an average of 150 friends; it is a theoretical of 150,000 views for 1 hack! The second reason is to usurp the owner of the FACEBOOK profile in order to ask money to the friends list. The method is called the "Advance-fee Scam". It consists to impersonate the real user and to pretend to be in a country without official paper and money. After that, the guy in the friend list is contacted and should send the money to help the fake owner. Generally it is in Nigeria or in Africa that this scam is made.

1. I use PASS FINDER software as a 2017 Facebook password hacker tool.

2. PASS FINDER is a software to hack a Facebook account online but it is not to spy my competitors, family, friends...

3. PASS FINDER is the software to hack Facebook password account.

4. Thanks to PASS FINDER, I can hack password Facebook. Your software help me to hack my password FB.

5. PASS FINDER the ultimate password cracker that nobody can stop.

6. PASS FINDER only recovers the saved passwords of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers.

PASS FINDER is the software that allows users who have lost their FACEBOOK password to retrieve it.

Without a valid password, you cannot exchange messages with your old and new friends, find out what's new in their life or tell them something important. You also cannot participate in your favorite common interest groups and do other interesting things over FACEBOOK. How can you recover your FACEBOOK password if you have forgotten it and are unable to reset it for one or the other reason? PASS FINDER unlocks and decrypts the passwords. Take advantage of this simple fix! With PASS FINDER, you can find your password very simply for every account!

PASS FINDER, finally a solution that lets you easily hack a Facebook account without being an expert.

Facebook Password - Decrypt, crack, hack or steal Facebook passwords with the software PASS FINDER to spy on your friends, your children, your parents or your competitors is now 100% possible and achievable in just a few minutes after installed on the computer but totally illegal and liable to criminal prosecution in many countries.

Enter in a new Facebook dimension

Have you ever wondered how to access to the best social network in the world? Do you have an old FB profile? But you forgot the key? Or maybe you just made an account but completely forgot what you entered in. It happens to the best of us especially when you have signed up for many things on the Internet. Or maybe you want to see what someone has been privately posting. But first you need access to their private life. There can be several reasons why you will want to obtain someone's privacy and login thief makes it possible to do so. The way our software works is very simple. Thanks to our Facebook Password Hacker, every database access will be open ! All you have to do in order to also become a professional, able to go into any user information’s of your choice is to obtain our advanced software, Facebook Password Hack Tool (Anonymous Software) which will enable you to get IDs at will!


Own this way to go on all Facebook profiles for free

You are still not fully convinced ? For a few days only you can download our application, the Facebook decrypting software downloading, completely FREE of charge, yes that's right, you can become a professional for free! Grab a copy of the tool while you still can and enter in your friends’ information today and very easy! It opens new possibilities to you. Some time ago do this on was a difficult operation but our service requires constant support and development due to detected vulnerabilities of website and we fix them regularly. We all make use of social network to chat with friends, video calls and other, but is it 100% secure? Can be your FB account be hacked? Can someone pinch webcam while you talk? YES! Facebook is not 100% secure! Our new target was it and now we make it to success without survey.

Facebook login
This picture shows you Facebook login page

Why choosing this specific software?

The program name is Facebook Password Hacker and is a manufacture made by professionals. This software assists you if your account was hijacked or you forgot your password and hidden questions, assist you to get webcam without consent, show the email, secure your account against hackers! Every day, a lot of people ask themself about suspecting their boyfriend or girlfriend of cheating and ask me how to show the hidden part of FB so that, they can investigate the truth about their partners. If you are in a similar situation or just wondering to know how to connect to a Facebook password, then this post can surely help you out. Get now a free copy of it while you still can and scan everything today! Anytime your work is successful, the user's login password and info will be made available for you to access from your computer. Our application works also on Android phones or tablets.

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