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An iPhone is a smartphone developed and built by the company Apple. This phone is a real pocket tool. It is constantly tested by hackers who want to hack the data.

4 ways to keep the iPhone safe

Like any mobile today, the iPhone is also about hacking.

Indeed lately, iPhone security has been a lot of experience. One of the most secure phones among the most secure today, today has become much less secure because of the many security vulnerabilities that have been discovered.

Right now some will wonder how could we attack their telephone. It should be noted that the biggest security flaw in our mobile and ourselves. Indeed, it can often be loaned to friends when we will lose in infrequent places. So how do you make sure that our iPhone is perfectly safe. Here are some tips.

1- Use a password to block the use of your iPhone

one is often try to use the standard biometric security system that is the fingerprint reader. However, this is not always reliable 100% especially that your fingerprint could be recovered by anyone, in a public place, for example. The safest thing about this whole system is old and old classic password. Make a strong password that can mislead anyone. Make the effort to get rid of the 4 standard figures. Try to dial a minimum password with 8 Characters.

2- Beware of the apps you use

like you probably know some applications are affected by flaws security that can enable the hackers who are quite talented, infiltrate your iPhone and steal data or you spy.

It's iMessage and Safari app. Then you have to be careful when you're still using them or when your phone is connected to the Internet at least at least makes it suspicious, you'll need to automatically reset your phone, to remove the hacker's traces in case he tries to infiltrate your mobile.

from plus this app doesn't work with password security yet they are quite important and sensitive. So you need to make sure not to allow anyone to access its applications. If you have the ability to encrypt you app or protect them with passwords, don't hesitate, it's rather essential that we will say.

3- Limit your connectivity to the maximum

he we very often want to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi network that is in the cafeteria or near the establishment we frequent on the more. However, it often happens to be dummy networks, with the aim of is to attract us and of course to open a door to our data Personal. Also, whether it's via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or any other type of wireless connection or even with the wire of the cable, we need to be more and more careful. It is possible for a hacker infiltrate your phone through any wireless connection or with wire. So beware of all devices.

4- Install protection software / antivirus

Basic advice, it is more than important today to have on our mobile devices whatever the brand, a protection software. It is additional protection that is needed. There is a range of antivirus to help you secure your iPhone. Whether it's free or even paid you don't miss it. Among many others we can mention the most famous is recognized as being the best antivirus of 2019, BitDefender. There is also this free anti-Malware but also very effective called AVG. And many more… Whatever precautions you take, you say, that there is always a flaw in the system. Also having an anti-virus as extra security measures would be well top. But having an antivirus doesn't mean you have to neglect system updates. Because just like the antivirus updates can fill in loopholes that could be discovered much later, after the design of the phone.

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8 features to adopt to better secure your iPhone iOs 12

Apple has meant that its new operating system is able to protect users from attacks and also from advertising tracking.

Apparently it would improve the login login management system in a sense, passwords and username.

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Version 12 iPhone operating system as promised by Apple would present a features that will enhance the security of users iPhone or even iPad. Here are the 8 security features:

1 – USB Restricted Mode

This feature will help disable the lightning system data connection if the mobile, for at least one time has not been unlocked. This way if the phone is stolen or lost whoever gets it back won't be able to use this communication interface to recover the data contained in the mobile, not the means of connection usb. This means of protection also extends against law enforcement, whose "Cellebrite" or "Greykey" hacking system will be Ineffective.

To enable this protection access the settings "settings" – then Face/Touch ID – Code –  USB accessories.

2 – Password reporting already used

The manager built into the new system informs the user if the same password is being used to different platforms.To do so it must access the setting menu – Password and account – web password. and follow the directions. From the moment the same password is used to A new account an alert tab will appear to report it.

3 – Complex password production

The new system allows the user to have a generator integrate password. When the latter wants to open a new account on the safari platform or mobile app, the system will provide him with a fairly solid password automatically. To enable this feature, you'll need to activate the iCloud kit first. For this go in password settings and account – iCloud – kit.

4 – Adding Third Password Generator

This feature is a way for the system Apple to combine these features with those of third-party apps that you'll have installed. This is the case for other password managers. from So the keyboard will help you draw your passwords from your applications already installed on mobile, just to make it easier for you. So you don't have to choose between it and your apps because you will have a proposal from the applications at the same time. To activate This feature go into the password and account section setting.

5 – Sharing Words between Apple devices Pass

With version 12 of iOS you have the option to send passwords to other Apple-branded devices that maybe a computer, i.e. a Mac or an Apple TV.

6 – Automatic execution of security code filling

This feature is generally limited to dual-factor authentication.

Indeed, when you act on the internet and you will receive a security code for secondary confirmation, you will be easier with this new version of the system. Indeed, your keyboard mobile version 12 of iOS will make an automatic proposal of the code received by text to speed up authentication. it'll be simpler and more ergonomic.

7 – Security against spyware

Apple in this version of iOS improves security and prevention against spyware in particular, snippets with the prevention system against tracking.The aim is to prevent websites to track their visitors through the "share" feature where other windows and "utility"

8 – Automatic system update

This new version offers an update automatic.

In this context, as soon as a security patch becomes available, the mobile will automatically take care of updating actions once connected to the Internet. This will of course allow users to not forget, neglect, or even ignore, its updates. That's literally a good thing. But to do this, turn on this feature to the software update section settings.

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How do you protect yourself from spying on your iPhone?

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most used mobiles in the world.

For the past ten years, few have at some point dreamed of having one. However, like any computer hardware, it can also be a source of some hassle. Indeed, as the saying says, there is always a flaw in the system. And these loopholes are often used by foreign or close people for not very Catholic purposes. According to a survey by the National Commission for Computer Science and Freedom in France, 71% of smartphone users download applications without reading the terms and conditions of use, only 9% have installed an antivirus, 27% neglect or do not know the locking of the smartphone and 40% store sensitive information in their smartphone.

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One of the most feared things at this point is espionage. Why should we fear spying on our mobile? Simply because our mobile exposes us more and more This is what we will discuss in this article. Throughout, we will tell you how you will be exposed, and how you can guard against this espionage and/or its perverse effects.

How could you expose yourself to espionage?

Mobile espionage usually tracks, intercepts or copies a person's activities on their device without authorization. On the iPhone the best way to be exposed to this kind of surveillance, which can cause a lot of damage, a spy application would have to be installed on your mobile beforehand. Either by the person who wants to spy on you. Either by yourself unconsciously.

Some apps will require the person who wants to spy on you to have physical access to your device to install the app, but most apps won't take more than several minutes, during which you may not even have noticed.

In addition, there are many applications available today, designed to hide after they are installed. This means that even if you browse the apps installed on your device, the spy app won't be displayed in the menu. From another device, the device will be able to collect all the information it wants (phone conversations, call history, SMS and emails, photos and videos stored on the device, lists of websites visited, location of the phone). A wealth of confidential information can be sent without your knowledge to the person who is spying on you and this necessarily has your expense.

How do you protect yourself from spying on your iPhone?

Such an invasion of privacy is illegal. But as this practice is relatively accessible. We give a few tips to help you protect yourself.

First, we should focus on prevention. The first thing to know is that it is literally impossible to monitor a phone remotely without having it in your hands beforehand. Also you will need to adopt certain habits such as:
– Don't let your phone hang around anywhere give it to anyone.
– Turn on the automatic locking of your phone after a certain period of inactivity (preferably not too long)
– Do not disclose your password.
– Change passwords often
– Ensure your connectivity. USB, WIFI, control center…, only connect to interfaces on.
– Equip your phone with an antivirus. In addition to being able to detect the presence of spyware on your phone, it can also protect you from viruses and malicious files.

Then you have to be vigilant and listen to your phone. Generally, when you are spied on, your iPhone reacts accordingly. And this can often manifest itself in small bugs and irregularities. Indeed, your phone often gets slow. Some adjustments are made without your consent, messages sent without your knowledge. Your battery could discharge faster than usual or your higher data consumption…

However this does not mean that other technical problems are not the cause of these bugs. You will be asked to be vigilant.
Once the spyware is discovered, you can get rid of it with an antivirus. But the best way would be to reset your iPhone. It's radical but more effective. Once the phone has been reset, avoid reinstalling the apps you've backed up. In fact, you risk reinstalling the software you tried to get rid of.

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