How do I create a good password?

How do I create a good password?

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In an age of social networks and an increasingly connected world, the Internet user is more and more likely to have his personal data spread on the internet. To protect them from hackers and the most prying of curious people, a good password is needed more than ever. If you are reading our password folder you need to know what a good password is.

The characteristics of a good password

A good password must first be secure for the data it protects. It must therefore be very difficult to find for those who would like to collect your information. For this, it is recommended to:

  • Choose a password of more than 8 characters containing letters, numbers, capital letters.
  • Also include special characters such as 'or '. The latter make it particularly difficult to hack.

However, it's not just the complexity of the combination that makes a good password, it also has to be easy to remember.

Method to create a good password

To do this, here's a multi-step method:

  1. First, choose a phrase that you will keep in mind like "My father's cat is white.»
  2. Take all the initials, but also try, when you can, to replace some letters with a number. Here "from" becomes to 2. So we get: lc2mpeb.
  3. You can, if you want to make it even safer, and add special characters. So it's like: @lc2mpeb@.

So you have a good password, and rather secure in appearance.

Personalization tips

However, it would be unwise to use it for all your accounts. Indeed, the malicious individual who manages to hack your password on one of your accounts would thus access your entire online life. To avoid this, you can customize your password depending on the site.

So take the first 3 letters from the site in question. For Twitter, this gives Twi.
Then shift the capital letters of one or two letters, and this gives:


This gives you a secure password that you will remember, even if it concerns a site that you visit very little often.

To remember

You can make other additions to your password if you wish, but it's important that your password stays in your memory. The rules to follow are:

  • An easy-to-remember sentence
  • Special characters
  • A way to customize the password to the site.

Find the fun test of the government website to make good passwords or the advice of the company Microsoft.

With these rules, you will have what can be called a good password, namely a secure and mnemotechnic password.

Ideas for finding passwords

If this method does not suit you however, it is quite possible to imagine other methods. However, the rules remain the same, namely a password that is not too short, containing special characters, and which adapts to the sites where it is used. Apart from that, all means are free to find his password. Check out our article for more password ideas.

The automatic password generator

In some cases, you don't have to create your own password. Indeed, some sites sometimes use password generators that assign the user a unique password and generated randomly according to certain rules. These have the advantage of being highly secure but are sometimes hard to remember. Learn more about password generators by following this link.

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