Crack or hack a password

Crack or hack a password

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If our password folder gives you the strings to create and keep your password, it must also protect you from password hacking. Here's what it's all about.

Why learn about password hacking?

While passwords exist to protect your data, they don't always prevent malicious individuals or software from trying to steal your information. In order to protect yourself from this, it is important to know the techniques and software that can be used to strengthen your passwords effectively.

Knowing how to crack or hack a password can also be useful in some situations. If you have permanently lost your password or if your co-worker is sick and you have to access his computer to finish an important file, this may be justified.

However, make sure that this will not interfere with the co-worker or the person whose password you retrieved.

Bad jokes or intentions should therefore be banned, and it is important to remember that the illegal use of hacking techniques is punishable by law in the same way as theft.

The most used passwords

In some cases, cracking a password is not really difficult.

Indeed, many Internet users still use the same passwords for all the sites they frequent, and who define passwords based on personal information.
Unfortunately, social networks today provide a large number of personal data that can all be useful to hackers, such as the date of birth or the city where you live.

The most used passwords, however, are still suites found on the keyboard such as AZERTY or 123456, or WXCVBN. So to avoid.

Different hacking techniques

To hack a password, it is not necessarily necessary to be an ace of computer, and that is the danger. You can simply ask the relatives of the person whose password is being searched, or delve into their belongings.

You can also guess if you know this person well. Finally, a final, more technical method is to use software, either to "force through" or to reveal the desired password.

The software used

To crack a password, two types of software are commonly used.

  • The first is to enter a large number of combinations in an automated manner until the right password is found. This is called "force-going" and is akin to a kind of giant Mastermind.
  • The second category of software has a slightly different purpose. Indeed, once installed on the computer, they simply reveal the password. The latter becomes quite readable instead of being a series of stars. So it's best to avoid letting your search engine or computer "remember us."

In view of this information, it is therefore very important not to share your password and to make sure to choose a different one for each site you visit.

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