Lost or forgotten password

Lost or forgotten password

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An indispensable step in this folder on passwords and know how to handle a situation where you have lost or forgotten your password.

Have it! I lost my password!

Losing your password is quite similar to losing your keys, and generates the same reactions.

The first reflex is to search for the password and try all the combinations that one thinks you may have chosen (note that this method can be really harmful to your account; blocking, banning, … ), until you realize that the password is actually forgotten or lost.

However, as when you lost your keys, there are not many solutions at the end:

  1. Either we managed to find him.
  2. Either you have to resolve to change it, when you don't just have to recreate an account.

The latter solution is rare, however, as most sites take into account the possibility of losing or forgetting your password.

What should I do?

When you lose your password, it's important to reason logically.

Like most Internet users, and even if this is not recommended in terms of security, you have surely chosen a password linked to personal information.

When you think about it for a moment, this kind of password can more easily come back than others. If you don't, check to see if you haven't registered it somewhere, or if someone else you don't know. This article sums up precisely what to do in case of forgetting or losing a password.

Incorrect password

You may be told that your password is incorrect after entering your password and ID.

After entering it again several times by being vigilant about spelling, make sure you haven't confused the password of this site with another.
If this still doesn't work though, it may simply be that the site doesn't work momentarily. Find out how to handle this situation in detail here.

How do I find him?

If you have permanently lost or forgotten your password, don't worry.

PASS REVELATOR is the software to find a lost or forgotten password. You can download this software here https://www.passwordrevelator.net

There are indeed ways to find it via the site concerned. Websites regularly anticipate (if not always) the fact that users are human, and that they can lose or forget their password. All leads to finding his password are in this article.

A "lost or forgotten password" link is often displayed at the bottom of the authentication page for the most distracted among us.

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