Why change or change your password?

Why change or change your password?

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If you now know how to remember and keep your password, do you know exactly why it's so important to change it from time to time?

Protecting your personal and professional life

Beyond the security of your personal data, the protection of your password may also concern your business, or the management software of your business.

In addition, if your password were to be hacked in your professional setting, it is your liability that could be incurred in case of insult emails or abnormal invoices.
Changing your password regularly means guarding yourself against these kinds of tricky situations.

The importance of changing your password

If changing your password is so important to the security of your password, it is because there are now many ways to have it stolen, even without noticing it.
Software may have slipped into your computer without your knowledge to spy on your keyboard, or a site you are using may have been the victim of data theft.

If you typed in your password while you were on an unusual network such as a restaurant or hotel, it could well contain a bug.

Finally, if your password was pre-entered into your old smartphone or computer, what happened to your old smartphone or computer?
Perhaps it is in new hands, not necessarily well-intentioned.

How often do you change your password?

It all depends on how you use it.

An old survey of the newspaper of the net shows us that few people regularly change their passwords and yet it is a wrong.

If a 3-month frequency is a good average, some data that requires more protection, such as business or banking data may require a more frequent change.

Such a procedure must also be performed in case of device change (phone, smartphone, tablets), theft, or computer hacking. In the latter case, if the discovered password is also used for other accounts, it is important to change it quickly.

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Account-based solution

To change your password, all sites with individual accounts offer a link, even if it's not always easy to find.

In general, however, it is always possible to change it by going to the account settings. Therefore, the site can send you an email to change your password, assign you a new one, or allow you to change it instantly.

Change passwords from current sites

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