COMPUTER security and health: awareness instead of investment

COMPUTER security and health: awareness instead of investment

April 8, 2021 Off By admin

Since the beginning of 2021, we have been constantly witnessing a flood of cyber-mallenement in the health field.

In France, several cases of data leakage as well as information system breaches have been identified. In the face of this, the French government has said that it takes the threat in the health sector very seriously. In 2020, there were nearly 27 health facilities affected by computer attacks. Finally February 2021, French laboratory named Ocealab, located in the valves was a computer attack, an attack that also allowed cybercriminals to steal personal data from nearly 121,669 patients.

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If today, in a certain way, we are used to this kind of situation, we must recognize that there has been some increase. Despite these threats, health organizations in the Vannes have not yet adapted their computer systems.Yet they know very well, at any time they can be the victim of a computer attack. There is also a good chance that he will be a victim of computer attack. Indeed, like many others, they have to manage very sensitive centres. Data that comes in value to cyber criminals.

"We are on the alert despite all the precautions we take. We're all wondering when this is going to fall on us. We live with a constant haunting of being on the hunts of these cyber criminals," says Rolland Barel, director of information systems at GHBA.

"This is not a threat that puts us in constant tension since the risks are identified," said Nicolas-Pierre Poizat, director of the private Hospital Oceane.

"Improving IT security is an ongoing concern," said Yann Deguillaume, the managing director of the Océalab laboratory.

Yet, despite the fact that the alert is given, health professionals do not rush to pay large sums of money in their safety. On the contrary, they seize the opportunity to accentuate communication around the cyber threat. "It was an opportunity to re-communicate the individual responsibility that our employees have," notes Nicolas-Pierre Poizat. In other words, raise awareness among all direct and indirect players related to cybersecurity.

That's not all, professionals take advantage of cyberattacks to observe the tactics used by cyber criminals. "The attack on Océalab confirms our investment in security. We are closely monitoring the consequences and adjustments necessary to draw from this event," stresses Gaspard Lallich, Deputy Director of the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM).

As far as government action is concerned, a strengthening of the status of public health organizations is being developed. The requirements for data management and it system protection are changing. Hospitals and other health centres will then be supervised to resume its new requirements.

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