Hack a Twitter account

Twitter is one of the largest social networks

How to hack a Twitter account?

When a hacker cracks a Twitter password, a user always wants to hack it again to regain possession of it.

Entrepreneurs who work in computer security also have their Twitter accounts cracked. There is not so much point in hacking Twitter but the challenge is the motivation of the hackers.

They can then describe their exploits to their small community. They often have competitions between them and meet to discuss new generation hacking techniques. Groups of hackers share it among themselves on the DarkWeb or even hidden and private forums. Don't think that it doesn't happen without a business behind it. There is indeed a hidden underground trade inaccessible to most of us. This is where it all starts and where Twitter accounts are cracked. Even if their purpose is not so motivated, it is still useful for a political opposition group or competitor to damage the reputation of a Twitter account followed by millions of people.

Do you have a Twitter account? Have you ever been hacked? Have you tried to hack a Twitter account?

Of course we don't ask you to do this because it is illegal to hack someone else's account. But you may have needed to hack your own password due to the difficulty of being able to access your account.

Today there are several hacking techniques. The nature of these attacks varies depending on the person and the interest in carrying out this hack.

We give you some tips that can be useful especially when it comes to hacking Twitter passwords

How hackers do to crack the password of a Twitter account?


Find a Twitter password
How to hack a TWITTER
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Sniffing hack Twitter

It is a technique that consists of analyzing a computer system using software called a sniffer to find vulnerabilities and collect the data that passes through this network. It is a kind of surveillance that aims to collect as much unencrypted information as possible. This technique is also known as sniffing. There are several categories:

  • Packet sniffing:
    • This basically consists of analyzing the computer programs as well as the hardware that you use. Thanks to this, the hacker can track and intercept the generated traffic.

  • Network sniffing:
    • This basically consists of monitoring the bandwidth and determining if the network has a vulnerability that can be exploited negatively. Basically, it is a method used by network administrators or security specialists to verify the integrity of a computer network. Hackers have a way to hijack the normal use of the network for malicious activity.

We can remember among other things that sniffing is a technique that not only allows you to spy on a person or a group using the same computer network. It also makes it possible to collect sensitive data such as passwords which will be very useful for carrying out computer attacks on Twitter.

Brute Force Attack

Brute force hack Twitter

It is a technique of gradually trying combinations of letters, symbols and words until the correct password is found and confirmed. The brute force attack is one of the most used hacking methods by hackers. Computer hackers use it constantly and in particular to crack the passwords of social network accounts like Twitter. The effectiveness of this method varies according to the techniques put in place to carry out the hacking. We know, for example, that hackers will use software to randomly generate these combinations and try them automatically. In this way, taking into account the computing power made available for this action and the complexity of the passwords that must be cracked, the duration of the hacking can be fast or long. Beyond the brute force attack, there is another method known as the dictionary attack. This method uses the same process of random testing through an automated computer program. Unlike the pure brute force attack, the dictionary attack will use a database that already contains login credentials. The objective with this method is to do a sorting, so as to detect the good passwords after having tried them one by one.

Attack of the Rainbow Table

Rainbow hack Twitter

This technique essentially consists of doing an analog analysis of the set of passwords extracted following a computer attack on a platform in order to find the identifiers of a victim. By taking advantage of a security breach a hacker can steal a set of passwords stored in the rainbow table. Under conditions where some web programs use the same encryption and storage process, the hacker often takes advantage of certain similar conditions to try to compromise passwords from another platform. There is also the fact that users adopt the same behaviors regardless of the website concerned. This is a logical consequence of the fact that users use, for example, the same login credentials across several online accounts. In this context, the rainbow table attack looks a lot like a sort of dictionary attack. Even if it relies much more on the decryption of hashing systems.

Screen recorder

Screen recorder hacking Twitter

We are talking here about a computer program that gives the possibility of recording the activity of the screen of a computer device and sending it to its operator. In other words, this program is capable of not only spying on you, but also letting other people know what you are doing. Screen Recorder is a classic malware. It is used to fill in the gaps of the keylogger. Indeed, the keystroke logger, known as Keylogger, is a computer program that is able to record and send to the hacker who installed it anything you type on your computer keyboard. It is therefore very useful in the technique of espionage. Its weak point is that it can be circumvented with the use of a virtual keyboard. This is why hackers additionally use the screen recorder. When its two tools are used together, hacking and theft of sensitive information can only succeed! If you log into your Twitter account, for example, it will be easy for hackers to harvest all your credentials.

Password reset

Twitter password reset

Indeed, this solution was not at all created with the aim of cracking a Twitter account and yet, it is indeed a method of hacking Twitter passwords. Especially if this technique is combined with social ingineering. To succeed, the attacker will first initiate the password reset of your Twitter account. Then he may ask you, following a phone call, to send him the code that you received by message, claiming to have made a mistake in the recipient, for example. This code is actually the security code sent by Twitter in order to confirm the password reset. If you ever make the mistake of sending him this code, you will automatically lose access to your account.

Password theft by the browser

Steal password browser Twitter

A situation that happens most often when using a public computer to connect. For example, you go to an internet cafe and you decide to connect to your Twitter account. It often happens that saving the password is done automatically. After your session even if you log out, remember that your password is already saved in the browser. A person with bad intentions can then access this computer and steal your credentials. The same is true when using your smartphone or another computer. It is impossible to know when someone might become aware of your personal data. There is a risk if you inadvertently save your login details. In addition, the hack can still take place even if the hacker does not have physical access to your device since he may have previously installed malware that can act as an intermediary that can recover all your Twitter identifiers.

Data Leaks

Twitter data leaks hacking passwords

Data Leaks are situations in which a database containing all personal or professional information escapes the control and monitoring of the organization that was responsible for protecting it. Most often, it is the web platforms that are victims of this situation which unfortunately is a common thing on the web. Data leaks put users at great risk as it often makes it easy for hackers to collect user data. Thanks to all this information that can easily be harvested through leaks, hackers can initiate several types of attacks such as password cracking or dictionary attacks as mentioned above. Typically, data leaks are caused by failures of servers that are supposed to host user information.Data leaks are also usually caused by hacks.


Spidering Twitter password

This practice consists of analyzing and studying the behavior of the targeted person. By observing it indirectly and most often from a distance, the hacker tries to determine the behavior patterns of the user in order to be able to predict them. The practice strongly resembles social engineering but it is totally different since there is no direct contact between the target and the hacker.

Phone tapping

Phone tapping password Twitter

As the name suggests, it is a spying technique that basically involves spying on the conversation of a target person. In the telephone sense of the term, it is the use of spy equipment or software that makes it possible to intercept communication. As far as computer networks and web communication are concerned, there are malicious software that also allow listening, monitoring and collecting data during a communication. Obviously, the computer device of the targeted person must be corrupted by this program. Most often, the installation of telephone monitoring equipment as well as web communication monitoring software is done physically. The hacker for example can corrupt the Trojan or sniffing.


Rootkit hacking Twitter

It is a computer program that allows a hacker to make changes to the system so that they can gain a wide variety of access. It is malware that is used in a specific attack. He can create backdoors allowing hackers to enter and exit as he pleases. It can allow the installation of malicious applications. And finally, it makes it possible to steal information contained in the targeted smartphone or computer. Rootkits are programs used by hackers with a high level because of the difficulty of obtaining them but also of using them.

Botnets attacks

Botnets Twitter

Botnets are networks of computer devices connected to each other by malicious software. Several computer devices of different users are infected with the aim of generating a lot of computing power in order to carry out malicious cyber acts. The objective is first to contaminate them thanks to the software which will be in charge of the link and then to take remote control of the computer devices in order to be able to carry out certain tasks. When a computer device is included in a network of zombies (botnets) the hacker can use it to infect other devices. The hacker can also monitor them remotely and he can also collect information that may be useful to him later. Generally, all devices that can be connected to the Internet can be victims of botnets, including computers, connected objects and even smartphones.

How to protect your Twitter account?

Protect Twitter account

One thing is certain, sooner or later your Twitter account will be the target of hackers. Maybe hackers have already tried to crack your password. It is important to measure the danger and know how to deal with it, and this in the best possible conditions. The objective is to determine methods that can help to better protect oneself. Here are some techniques that can improve the security of your Twitter account and protect your password:

  • Lock access to your computing device:
    • No security measure will be effective if anyone can simply access your computing device and do whatever they want. It is for this reason that your first security measure is to simply lock its access. Make sure that in your absence or when it is not in your possession, no one else can use it. Therefore, protect it! Use password to lock screen with fingerprint and face recognition.

  • Protect your smartphone with an antivirus:
    • After the physical security of smartphones comes software security. The vast majority of computer attacks involve the use of malware. Which means your biggest threat is malware. It is in this context that you should do everything to obtain anti-virus protection software. The most important thing is to be able to detect the threat and to be able to respond to it as effectively as possible. Having an anti-virus today is no longer a luxury because there is something for every budget. There are malicious programs that you can use for free. So, install protection software now for better security.

  • Perform updates:
    • Updates are used most often to have new features but also to provide better security. Indeed, security vulnerabilities are discovered more and more often and at every moment, we must be able to close them to prevent hackers from using them against us. It is for this reason that updates are regularly made available to you when you use a number of computing devices. Don't wait to make your updates. The more time you waste, the more you are exposed to cybercriminals. Updates concern the operating system of your computer device as well as all the software you commonly use, even those that are not directly related to your Twitter account.

  • Use a virtual private network:
    • Every time you connect to the Internet, you may be vulnerable to session hijacking or interception because the physical security of your smartphone cannot help you circumvent the global danger of the web. It is for this reason that virtual private networks have been designed to ensure a certain confidentiality and security during your connections. Indeed, to avoid interceptions, the VPN will allow the connection using remote servers to hide your identity, which gives you anonymity.

  • Use a unique password:
    • We often make the mistake of using the same identifier on several online accounts and this is often detrimental when one of our platforms is the victim of a data leak or hacking. It is also for this reason that it is strongly recommended never to use the same identifier on several accounts at the same time. You have the possibility of using a password manager which will make it easier for you to use several passwords.

  • Use double authentication:
    • Twitter, like all digital platforms, offers two-factor authentication. This is particularly useful when, for example, your password is compromised for some reason. Today double authentication is necessary. This is the key recommendation in terms of online account cybersecurity. This means that you should activate it as soon as possible if you haven't already. It is possible to set up two-factor authentication by using either an authenticator application or by using the SMS code method.

  • Pay attention to the phishing message:
    • The scourge of the Internet is phishing. Indeed, phishing is something very common on the Twitter platform. It is therefore important that you do not click on any link when you are on social networks. When you receive a message or an email from Twitter inviting you to take an action, it is not recommended to do so if you did not initiate any action in this direction. Avoid clicking on anything. Moreover, if you are curious and want to know exactly what is hidden behind the links sent, you simply have to go to your browser and enter the address of the website concerned. But the instruction remains the same, do not click on the link.

  • Beware of third-party apps:
    • When using the social network Twitter, you will come across several third-party applications that are supposed to help you improve your user experience. It is best to simply avoid them. If you want to use Twitter, use it directly with its official application. Third-party apps often come with data collectors. Most of the time, you have no idea who is behind these apps. It could be hackers trying to steal your credentials.