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Why hackers hack your INSTAGRAM account?

PASS DECRYPTOR is the only software to date able to find all the passwords of INSTAGRAM accounts even if they are encrypted. From the moment you run the software, PASS DECRYPTOR takes care of recovering the password of the INSTAGRAM account!

Our application has a script based on complex formulas capable of scanning and decoding at high speed the passwords belonging to its accounts.

People who hack into INSTRAGRAM profiles act for a number of reasons:
- To make a stuffing or a big hoax.
- To steal a competitor's INSTAGRAM account.
- Impersonating a user.

There is no other way! Stop looking left or right. To date, the only solution to solve this problem is PASS DECRYPTOR and most of all the other websites that promise you the same thing are fake! Download PASS DECRYPTOR and access the INSTAGRAM accounts in the next few minutes...

Here is an example of INSTAGRAM email address
with passwords that PASS DECRYPTOR recovered.

How does it work?

PASS DECRYPTOR requires only 3 very simple steps to operate:

  • Click the "Download" button.
  • Open the program and install it.
  • Then, enter the email address, phone number or log-in ID and click the "OK" button in the application.

Through these 3 steps, PASS DECRYPTOR will connect to the various databases where the password is located and have it displayed on your screen with the possibility of saving it in a text file in order never to lose it again.

What makes PASS DECRYPTOR unique in its kind is that it has the ability to decrypt all encrypted passwords in SHA, AES with CBC mode, or MD5.

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PASSWORD DECRYPTOR setup file is totally FREE.
Please click on the "Download" button.


How do they hack?

Today, hackers are increasingly tackling personal and corporate accounts. Their goal? Take control of a maximum of Instagram accounts for thereafter to derive a very big profit. Indeed, Instagram is an application based on the exchange of photos in the form of social network. It has no less than 600 million active users monthly! This leaves a good margin for hackers wanting to exploit accounts and private information inside.

In order to prevent your Instagram account from falling into the wrong hands, it is imperative to find your password quickly. For this, download PASS DECRYPTOR:


Keep in mind that our software is used every day by thousands of users that have lost their password. Also politicians are hacked. Barack Obama for example, has been hacked. The answer of the secret question was the name of the dog. It was very easy to hack his TWITTER account.

There is a common technique that hackers all use to hack Instagram passwords. This is a phishing page where the hacker will display an Instagram login page that will look exactly like the actual Instagram login page. Most of the time, they use the programming skills and massive spam email where they will send in an email containing the following message "This person has displayed your profile picture on Instagram, click here to check your photo", and once you have clicked on the link, you will be redirected to the fake login page. Then, as soon as you have entered your password, it will be automatically sent to the hacker who sent you the fake login email. The fake page will then turn into a real login page and you will be truly redirected to the actual Instagram page. Most of the time, the victim does not even realize that his password has been hacked.

Instagram Login
Instagram's login page

Hackers hack user passwords for many reasons. Indeed, some of them simply demonstrate their skills and some of them hack into profit as mentioned above. Many of them will use your Instagram to send spam links to your contact list or use your Instagram account to send a request link containing spam. However, the major problem occurs when the hackers take possession of your private and sensitive data. As explained above with a completely commonplace method, there are many other methods below that allow hackers to fraudulently access your account.

What are the hacking methods used?

This is one of the basic tools used to get a victim's passwords: the Keylogger. This is a small piece of software that fits into the system memory of your device and runs at every boot. These keyloggers record all the keystrokes you type. A log is created with all the letters you typed and is subsequently sent to the hacker. The most famous keylogger is the Ardamax Keylogger. It can be customized so that it can not be displayed in the "Processes" list in the Windows Task Manager. This makes the task even more difficult to detect and to remove it! If you think you are currently a victim, you might want to start by using a virtual keyboard online when you type a password for sensitive sites, such as your bank account or your Instagram account.


Another piracy tool is: the RAT! RAT means "remote administration tool". With RAT, a hacker can connect to your computer without your consent. It can see what happens on the screen, what you are doing currently, what sites you visit... A keylogger is also integrated. The hacker can copy all the files from your hard drive to his computer and all this without you noticing it!

And this is just the beginning of piracy...

Trojan: these are, to date, the most common malware. Trojans spread mainly from warez sites. Indeed, most Internet users want movies, software... for free, but watch out! When you download from warez sites, all keygens and patches are virus! This means that you will get the free movie or the free software you were looking for, but your computer will be affected by a Trojan.

Hackers use all means to hack Instagram

When you run the patch or keygen you will get what you want, but behind the scenes, your system will be infected with a very dangerous Trojan. For example, Turkojan is a famous Trojan virus. Having infected hundreds of thousands of computers in the world. Know that a Trojan is much more powerful than keyloggers and RAT. It provides much more opportunity for hackers to steal your Instagram credentials.

Hackers want to have your Instagram!

The list is very long, but the main ones has been listed above. There are many other ways that hacker usually uses. For example, if you are connected to the Internet on a LAN using the same router, a hacker can use any key decoder to read all the sensitive data transmitted by your computer. This is one of the reasons why it is always better to enable secure navigation wherever possible. Most sites like Instagram are very vulnerable to their users and the proof is that you are more and more every day using our software PASS DECRYPTOR to find your lost password!

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