3 dangers for 2020 to watch more closely

3 dangers for 2020 to watch more closely

January 19, 2020 Off By admin

Without exaggerating, it can be said without an eyebrow that 2019 was the year of "cyber insecurity".

If we have to take into account the massive data leaks that took place during the year in question, the chain computer hacks around the world, we must simply remember that the year has been very eventful.

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By 2020, cybersecurity experts are already on a war footing. The aim is to avoid at all costs that the year 2019 is repeated once again. For this, at several levels dangers have been high. Kevin Bocek, vice president of the security and threat analysis section at Venafi, a digital identity protection company, said the 2019 threat is still a reality and should be ensured that cybersecurity experts do not catch off guard. "Cyber criminals are aware of the power of machine identities and their lack of protection.

That's why they target and exploit them." Explain. He added: "In 2019, companies have spent more than 10 billions of dollars to protect human identities, but are beginning to hardly to do the same for their machine identities. This trend is continues, even though the number of humans on the corporate networks remains relatively stable, while the company's identities of machines in need of identities (virtual machines, applications, algorithms, APIs and containers) will increase at a rapid pace extremely fast in 2020. It is inevitable that attacks on machine identities are intensifying this year. ».

For Mr. Bocek, three main threats are to be anticipated for 2020:

1. The hijacking of software update services Automatic.

It is remembered that in 2019 the update service automatic computer manufacturer Asus, referred to as Asus Live update utility had been screwed by hackers computers that have successfully injected malicious code, allowing to reach millions of machines using the automatic update functionality that were pre-installed on machinery. By 2020, such incidents must be anticipated, as millions of machines are constantly equipped with these kinds of programs that are far from invulnerable to cyberattacks.

2. Ransomware on the attack of connected objects.

The awareness of security vulnerabilities in the Internet of Things has long been the order of the day. Several problems have already occurred in 2019 concerning certain devices which have unfortunately been targeted cyberattacks. This has been of concern and we can be sure that by 2020, will be recognized in this regard. Indeed Internet of Things are booming right now. Connected objects and the growth of the sector seems to be no longer to stop. However, connected object manufacturers and internet service providers objects have not yet found this technique that allows them to ensure appropriate protection for users. We remember the cameras Amazon Ring which was hacked last December. With the growth of the sector as described above, hackers will start to think about several ways to take advantage of it. While in 2019, cyber-attack campaigns on ransoming have mainly targeted the systems of health institutions cities and municipalities, it is clear that 2020 heralds an opening for connected objects, which increasingly seem to be prime targets.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For a long time, 2020 has been heralded as the year of artificial intelligence. If we can see for it already several features at the industrial and technical level, in terms of cybersecurity artificial intelligence will not be set aside. Far from it. She will of course be an important player in the struggle between good and evil. Hackers will of course use it, that's for sure just like cybersecurity specialists. What is certain is that cyber criminals have always been ahead of the protectors of information systems. This advance has always been detrimental to users of digital solutions. With artificial intelligence the damage is likely to be even greater. It is for this reason that anticipation in the sector would not be luxury but rather a necessity.

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