Create super-strong passwords

Create super-strong passwords

January 19, 2020 Off By admin

The problem of passwords remains.

As one of the first possible barriers against hackers or other unannounced intrusions, passwords are now one of the leading causes of computer hacking. Users of digital solutions tend to be quite lazy about formulating their passwords, most often opting for easy solutions.

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On the other hand, hackers also set up systems to easily overcome these little bits of code that often make them barriers. So here are some tips to help you make more about the passwords you'll use for your various accounts.

1- You must respect the fundamentals of a good password.

Indeed, a good password will be composed of at least 8 characters. It must also consist of a few elements of numbers, letters and other random symbols.

2- Every six months, change your passwords.

This initiative is quite difficult for many people. However, it is more than necessary. Constantly changing your password protects yourself in case it has been hacked inappropriately or discovered by clumsiness by a third party. In this regard, Cyril Leclerc, head of security at Dashlane, noted: "The problem is never the strength of a password. It's about not giving the same to the 200 accounts we're going to create in our lives to limit the risks." In this way, in case of data leakage, or in case your password is disclosed by a relative by clumsiness, you will be protected.

3- Avoid personal references in the password.

Indeed, today with social networks and the various accounts that we constantly create online. It is possible for someone quite intuitively to guess your password if it refers to an element of your privacy. This is why it is automatically discouraged to use names or dates of birth, phone numbers etc. "Criminals test the most popular passwords first. For example, surnames followed by site names before using the brute force method, that is, by testing with software all possible combinations to discover the key," said Ivan Kwiatkowski, a researcher at the GReAT laboratory at cybersecurity firm Kaspersky. He adds: "The only way to take shelter for good is a complete sentence that you are the only person to know by heart."

4 – Stay informed

Hacking techniques are evolving by the day. the cybercriminals are always discovering new techniques to be in able to better carry out their criminal activities. Always listen to know how to anticipate this kind of evolution. Researcher Cyril Leclerc Dashlane noted: "Be careful not to think you are smarter when typing all the letters in the diagonal on the keyboard."

5- Consider using a password manager.

Today, it's tools are in vogue. This is surely an interesting enough alternative to secure all of your passwords. Indeed, compounded strong and solid passwords often poses the problem of memory retention. Then password managers will make it easy to keep it on the Internet without being afraid to inadvertently disclose them. Especially since you only have one password to remember. The manager's.

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