5 computer attacks you need to know

5 computer attacks you need to know

December 12, 2019 Off By admin

1 – Geopolitical attacks

In the world of computer security, there are known groups of hackers, whose objective is to carry out actions of a political or activist nature. these groups of pirates are often supported by government regimes, so we will talk about the APT where they decided to band together, thus forming a real small band of criminals that some authorities generally refer to as "activists". the purpose of these groups of hackers in this kind of context is to generally destabilize political regimes.

It could also be a strategy of intimidation of one government against another, or in other contexts, it could be called industrial espionage or theft of political secrecy. The scope of this type of piracy has never been determined in advance. But what can be said with certainty, governments are generally involved directly or indirectly. This type of hacking has paved the way for a new era, that of cyberwarfare.

2 – Smartphone hacking

Smartphones are increasingly used these days. let's just say that these are the tools that are the most used in the world. We use them today to do almost everything. Watching television, making calls, connecting to the Internet, controlling certain connected tools, let's just say they have become indispensable for our daily lives. Hackers have noticed. they also want to take advantage of it. Smartphone hacking is proving to be more profitable for smartphones than any other device, because once you have managed to access a person's mobile, it is even easier to infect other devices (computers, tablet, etc.).

Because of the data exchanges that will be inevitable sooner or later between these machines. According to cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, there were more than 116.5 million computer attacks on smartphones in 2018. The rate increased by 100 percent in 2017, when there were 66.44 million attacks. The problem at this level is twofold. First of all on the manufacturers' side, we must admit that the terminals are not always secure as they should be. But on the other hand, users of these machines also have risky attitudes that often facilitate the work of hackers.

3 – Intersite scripts (cross-site scripting XSS)

It's a technique that requires a lot of skill on the part of hackers computers who decide to practice it. It will consist for the latter injected malicious codes content of a web page in order to corrupt the target's browser. that will allow hackers to be able to edit the content of a web page by adapting it to its and stealing information via cookies. This means that an attack of this type efficiency will, of course, allow me to have access to truly sensitive data, and even be able to infiltrate the victim's terminal for other purposes.

4 – Spoofing

It is a hacking technique that involves impersonating and login credentials of a person close to their victim in order to contact them and establish relationships that can range from financial transactions. It's a deceitful technique that goes down a bit to social engineering. For this reason it is recommended that you always verify the certainty of the identity of a loved one who is writing to you in order to ask for money or to engage in any transaction.

5 – Attacks on Cloud Storage Servers

Businesses today have begun to shift from physical storage to cloud storage. It is a method that is beginning to grow and will become unavoidable in a few years. The advantage of this process is that it reduces maintenance costs and allows access to data wherever you are. Given the magnitude of the matter, hackers will attempt to steal encryption keys in order to gain access to the content backed up on those servers. To prevent this, it is recommended that companies that have decided to migrate completely to the cloud, prefer the secure encryption system with an SSL certificate whose provider is a trusted server.

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