Cybersecurity Trends and Issues for 2020

Cybersecurity Trends and Issues for 2020

December 12, 2019 Off By admin

According to studies conducted by the firm One Identity, the challenges faced by companies, individuals and cybersecurity actors will be extinguished in several areas.

We can certainly note the continuous automation of processes, the security of the cloud, the protection of personal data, the expansion of the integration of artificial intelligence…

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All of this will be part of a dynamic to give a new face to the security and the different realities that this will entail.

Issue 1: Increasing process automation

The first challenge raised by One Identity is related to the use of machines in order to facilitate certain usual processes. "In 2020, robot process automation will continue to transform entire parts of our society. Increasingly widespread, this technology will take root every day a little more in our daily lives. described the One Identity report. Gartner, for its part, has forecast that there will be an increase of $1.3 billion in the robot market. growth that tends to increase. However, this development will challenge us on two serious problems. Security and legislation.

Indeed, by favouring an attitude tending to speed up the automation process. The main players risk relegating security to the background. It is this weakness that is likely to be exploited by cyber criminals who will take it to heart. Another, and not least, problem is regulation. the legislation is not sufficiently focused on the development of this technology, which is likely to have a strong impact on the economic and legal relations that will be established on this basis. It is hoped that by 2020, policy makers will be able to address these issues, which are more important than they seem to

Issues 2: The Cloud

The trend within companies is now for migration to the cloud. the majority of large companies around the world have begun to consider solutions to move data they use much of it to cloud servers. But the worry is the same. The majority of these companies have started this migration virtually blindly. They do not seek to ensure in their dynamic if the solutions available to them at the time of the migration can ensure their long-term security in a sustainable manner. that which allows for an analysis that in 2020, "many companies will face theft of confidential data and fines for have not properly studied these issues before taking the plunge. ». And it it is to be expected that many companies will be unsure of their responsibility in this level.

Issues 3: Compliance with current rules

Legislation digital technology, specifically in terms of data protection personal have a hard time to be moved into the organization of companies. The requirements are not still not properly complied with and data management violations digital networks will only grow in 2020. On the other hand, businesses will have to bear the cost of fines they will have to face. It is necessary to foresee the birth of new regulations that will seek to adapt the evolution of the digital sector, confidentiality and economics. And its implementations will not be so simply.

Issues 4: The Illegal Digital Data Market

The value of digital data will grow more and more I know that. By 2020, cybercriminals will continue to find ways to continue the illegal collection they are used to. And unfortunately we have to expect a irresponsibility of companies as we already tend to observe. However, according to the One Identity report: "In 2020, as companies will still not be able to implement Preferred Access Management (PAM) and Identity Governance (IGA), for properly secure and manage the data they hold, some of which of them will no longer be able to maintain their advantage competitive and will deviate from the right path. ». In other words, the more computers will be vulnerable to data misappropriation, the more will turn to increasingly responsible services in the field of management of their information. The lack is won alongside the companies, they will have to make more effort. especially in a world where digital data are becoming more and more important than oil.

Issues 5: Artificial Intelligence

We need to anticipate a significant advance in the evolution of artificial intelligence as a technology in its own right. Indeed, it will no longer serve as a smokescreen. The planned developments for this tool will make it a very important point in business development. By 2020, this technology will be better controlled by companies that will effectively implement them in the management system. However, there are still questions about the security upgrade.

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