Android more secure than iOS?

Android more secure than iOS?

December 13, 2019 Off By admin

It has been confirmed that 80% of Android-based apps have a feature of encrypting traffic by default.

This is not the case for the majority of iOS. This encryption provided by android default applications is done by adapting to a HTTPS network. The AMERICAN giant Google, publisher Android operating system has promised to relax this feature to more application in the coming years.

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It must be admitted that Google has now taken a step forward in terms of securing its platform. In terms of getting more services and systems to adopt the HTTPS standard, its relentlessness is becoming more and more of a fact. "Four out of five Android apps (80%) available for download from the official Play Store encrypt their network traffic using HTTPS." announced Google in a blog post. This easily means that all traffic coming in and out of its applications is then encrypted, so its transmissions cannot in principle be intercepted and read by third parties at the exchanges. The American company's goal is to further relax the scope of this adoption of the HTTPS protocol. This has been part of a measure deployed by the company since 2016 and which is gradually being applied. This takes into account the warnings in the IDE tools and in the dashboard of developers in Google play.

Unlike its rival Apple, it must be acknowledged that Google has actually more effort to impose at its HTTPS level on its developers. that clearly evident in a report published during the half of 2019 months of June, that only 1/3 of iOS's apps use the ATS standard, a kind of HTTPS equivalent reserved for apps running on iOS. This is not at all advantageous for Apple because the ubiquity of Google on networks allows it to apply its own rules. Like what the American giant has the possibility from time to time to disable ATS and replace it with a third-party application running on its platform, SDK Google Mobile Ads. So, the immediate consequence of this problem will be observed in the fact a mobile application in the google's advertising board, while using Google's advertising ATS is impossible.

As a result, Google should be commended for its performance in securing transactions through its platform and affiliated applications. Indeed, in addition to the manufacturers of applications running Android, the American technology giant also managed to convince several websites to see a very large majority adopt the HTTPS protocol, which was supposed to replace the HTTP protocol recognized as being very vulnerable.

"The use of HTTPS inside Chrome is now between 85% and 95%, depending on the platform. according to a Google report entitled "Transparency Report." This means that 89% of websites on Chrome's Android platform are now compatible with the HTTPS standard. For Google Chrome's Windows interface, it was rated exactly 84%. You can also quote an equivalent rate with the Firefox browser. The latter, for its part, estimates 80% of the Internet pages loaded with the HTTPS standard since September 2018.

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