Critical security flaw appears on Internet Explorer, Microsoft tries to deal with it

Critical security flaw appears on Internet Explorer, Microsoft tries to deal with it

October 1, 2019 Off By admin

Since the beginning of last week, US digital giant Microsoft has been trying to roll out a system update to fix a critical flaw on its Internet Explorer browser.

The browser that was once the most used in the world that even if today it is exceeded by Google Chrome is still used by many Internet users.

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The thing is, Microsoft itself has for some time advised users of its browser not to use it, having not updated it since 2015, especially with the provision of Microsoft Edge, the successor to Internet explorer, which still remains used by millions of people around the world.

the the issue of the flaw first appeared on the British website The Register. Then reported by the French channel BFM TV, it is brought to everyone's attention, in particular, experienced users Internet explorer, an update will be deployed in a significant way to correct urgent "major security breach. browser. This flaw was spotted by a cybersecurity analyst at the company Google. According to him, this vulnerability is capable of affecting deeply the memory of the machine. This will allow hackers to install malware in an abusive manner. Take advantage of this loophole to run "an arbitrary code in user's environment," in a statement. published on the U.S. firm's website, it says that: "An individual who took advantage of the loophole could thus obtain the same rights that the user (…), installing programs, consulting, modifying or delete data."

from in a practical way, Microsoft is trying to tell us that just consulting a corrupted web page or even open a simple email, users Internet explore exposes itself to hackers you could enjoy of this loophole and take control of their machines remotely and allowing them to have all the privileges of a director. the American firm wanted to notify that Microsoft edge could transform itself now in Internet explore. The flaw only affected versions of explore from 9 to 11.

by elsewhere if Microsoft has managed to put in place an update that can put to end this security breach, we must not forget that Redmond's firm continues to ask users of this browser to stop using them to migrate to Microsoft edge or other.

If in the early 2000s, Internet explorer was the most used in the world, today it has become a remnant of the past because is behind far mostly Google Chrome, for example safari or Mozilla Firefox. It is clear that if the publisher itself advises not to use it anymore, the same goes for us because this flaw is serious enough for your endangered computer as well as your data. Even if this loophole has been compensated, the fact remains that others will appear.

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