Is it possible to disappear from the Internet?

Is it possible to disappear from the Internet?

October 1, 2019 Off By admin

Today, many people tend to talk about the so-called right to digital oblivion.

This action would allow anyone to erase their digital footprint and remain in total anonymity on the internet. And you know what? It is possible. Yes it is true.

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Social networks have evolved and have become real abyss of personal data. It now has all the data in the world everyone. As a result, they can determine our kinship, habits and preferences. It often even happens that when we apply for a job, recruiters do tricks on our social accounts to try to determine our profile and decide from the , if we are going to make a good candidate. All it takes is an ill-fitting post where an unsuitable photo is on Facebook to discredit forever.

then it just so happens that it is normal today to want to protect one's privacy and not to let the internet be the window that allows everyone to violate.

Since the entry into force of EU law on the right to be forgotten, the American giant Google has been obliged to comply with the provisions that have been adopted. However, these provisions are only in force in Europe. This means that European citizens are entitled to digital oblivion as prerogatives linked to their status. That is, they can request that certain information about their people disappear on search engines. But on terms, of course.

he there was an example in which an individual had sued Google for the latter to delete information about him in relation to an old conviction. Won his trial, the British justice, which had been referred to the case, ordered the U.S. firm to proceed with the removal information for the individual. "When you ask, we balance the person's right to privacy and the general public's interest in accessing information, as well as the right to others to disseminate the information. Google informs. "For example, we may refuse to delete certain information about scams financial offences, malpractice, criminal convictions or public conduct of public servants." In other words, let's be sure you can ask that we erase personal information about you, but you should know that all information will not be erased. Some public interest information Remain. So before you do anything stupid on the internet do well Careful.

Now, if the Right to Digital Forgetting doesn't suit you, you still have the privacy alternative. Indeed if you can not erase all of you on the internet. You can at least make them confidential. Each account where each social network has a system to ensure the confidentiality of the information that these users publish where they generate. Also if you've posted on forums or groups and you can't delete those posts. The only advice we can give you is simply to contact the administrators of these forums or groups. Ask them simply to do it for you. For ease the task insert links to the posts you want to delete or get rid of.

The last piece of advice we can give you is to learn how to use a VPN. Thanks to these programs you can easily surf the Internet in complete safety and privacy.

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