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The social network Snapchat is the most used of young people. It is also most often hacked and users often have problems recovering their accounts. Keep up to date with our latest information!

Snapchat and suspicion of security flaw, where are we today

In the middle of 2019, there were suspicions about the Snapchat app's potential security breach.

In this regard, the leaders of the social network had quickly tried to react to try to stem the wave of suspicion that was growing. Apparently, there was information that employees of the firm who allowed themselves to use Snapchat's tools, for the purpose of gaining possession of certain personal information of users.

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Information that was stored to allow use when necessary. This also affected some registered Snaps, which should be used to develop the app. Data that was allegedly abused by Snapchat employees included location-related information such as location or GPS data, user identification information, names, usernames and certain profile information.

The American company immediately reacted, trying to shed some light on the case.

At that time, the case had been revealed by the Web platform Motherboard. Based on sources close to the social network or even employees, it was confirmed on the platform that the access tools that allowed to be able to use personal data had been mismaned by several employees of the entertainment company. And the system that was paused for that was called SnapLion. It is a system that allows, in the interests of respect for the law, and in a need for user assistance and development of the application, to access data quite sensitive to the latter, despite the credo of the company Snap Inc. to highlight its aim of privacy. As the case has exploded, it is clear that Snapchat employees are not really that ambition.

SnapLion is known to have been created by the U.S. Entertainment Company as a result of a U.S. data security law requirement. The goal is to collect a number of usage data to serve the U.S. justice system when needed, especially when an investigation is underway. in this way several types of data will be available through this collection including personal identification data (such as phone numbers, names and surnames, email addresses, usernames etc…),), accurate location data, and Snaps backed up in the app or even deeper in the memories.

In addition, Snapchat's collection tool is used in the company's "spam and abuse" branch. Another branch called customer operation, whose purpose is to combat harassment on the social network concerned, why also have access to this tool, just like the security branch.

According to a revelation made by an employee at the platform Motherboard, SnapLion gave the "Keys of the Kingdom", that of data Personal. but that doesn't mean that it's through this tool that employees were able to access the data they used on their own intention.

Snapchat, for its part, said management was aware that some of its employees had at one time abused certain users' personal information. but that this kind of misconduct has not gone unpunished or will not go unpunished. The firm will even add this: "Any intrusion into users' personal data by unauthorized persons is a violation of rights and would be punished. »

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Would Snapchat spy on its users?

Last May, it was revealed that some members of the social network's staff used their position to spy on users for personal or other purposes.

Apparently the Snapchat app has some built-in programs to access users' personal information and its programs are used by even social network staff for inappropriate purposes.

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In an article published by the platform Motherboard, several Snapchat employees would use their professional situation, their privileges to use the tools discussed above in order to spy on the consumer. According to the source provided not the Snapchat's "SnapLion" program would provide keys to accessing personal information to the user. It's a program that in principle had been developed to provide information to law enforcement as part of an enforcement action a court order that complies with the rules. This access has expanded and other services have been affected by this in the case of "Customer Ops", a service security in their objective is to combat bullying or other spy program.

If you have to know that on the one hand you cannot move from this kind of program on social networking applications, given its usefulness for the police or for law enforcement in the observation public order and criminal investigations, however, the fact remains that that it exposes users to the drift of those who hold these kinds of tools in their hands. The solution that would then be required is to implement a policy that tends to control requests based on the requests received.

This kind of practice would not be a first. some former Snapchat employees or current employees have acknowledged that some of them had already taken advantage of those built-in tools to the social network spying on users for unsuitable purposes and without valid grounds who can justify that. As a result, the malfeasant employees were able to access photos, videos and Other information on the geographical location of individuals including telephone numbers, electronic, all of which were accessible to employees.

The leaders of the social network have reported they take the matter very seriously : "We keep very little user data and we have robust policies and controls to limit internal access to data we have. Unauthorized access is a flagrant violation of standards of conduct and, if detected, is immediately blocked. ».

To say that Snapchat has put in place a very strict controls that will now regulate access to data at all Levels.

it is true that having so much data on people within his reach, it would be tempting to abuse them. Snapchat is not the only social network that has faced such a concern. As of 2018, Facebook had already dismissed an employee who had allowed himself to use user data for inappropriate purposes.

It is to be asked by its digital solution providers to be very vigilant about their employees. Indeed, the professional private life of their users is in their hands. This information is very important and makes the very essence of digital identity.

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Snapchat's source code was hacked and published on the GITHub platform

Last May, snapchat unfortunately missed the mark, allowing a hacker to attack the app to update the iOS version of its app.

The immediate consequences were the publication of the partial source code of the entertainment application on GITHub. It is not clear who is the culprit in this case, however, according to what has been revealed, he is a hacker of Pakistani origin.

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the bridle of code that was leaked on the platform would seem to be intended iOS system, which had been removed by the company that owns the Microsoft, following the receipt of a withdrawal notice issued by a representative of the social network. And according to the rules in this area, you can't request data restoration when you're erased on the platform only if following a counterclaim from the publishers of the data in platform leaders agree to respond to the request. he it is possible to see it when accessing GITHub, the request for withdrawal is always and mentioned as am at the bottom of their tab "Unavailable repository" DMCA withdrawal."

the content involved here in this hacking case was titled " Source-Snapchat." It was posted by a user whose identification "i5xx." This user claimed that he had found the code elsewhere so he only copied it on GITHub.

that which is sure is that in general, we think that the latter has only posted this bridle of code, that he did not even know the source of the leak.

he would be just a curious one who was lucky enough to stumble upon some something so precious. In addition, Snapchat also announced that it had launched its side an investigation for the purpose in order to know more. He considers the hacking the app as being one of the biggest attacks in a copyrighted system that may be in 2019. Especially since rather within a year, iOS components had been hacked and unveiled on Internet.

According to 'a cybersecurity expert, quoted by the media newsWeek, the lines that have been unveiled on GITHub seems to be part of the application itself and not of an older version. Probably these are basic lines of code Snapchat app.

for it's time for the hacker to be everyone's priority. According to the media Newsweek, he would have computer with the identifier "i5aaaald".. We've got it located in a small town in Pakistan precisely in the province of Sindh.

As for the consequences of this data leak nothing has been specified by the social network. Although some believe this is a danger to users no statement from Snapchat has yet been received at this level. It is announced that there is no danger of threatening all of these 500 million users. No alerts being given on Snapchat's side. The whispers are still heard. Moreover, this leak, although it is embarrassing, does not seem to have any immediate consequences on the operation of the application less is what we have seen for the time being about three months now.

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Oltean Vlad hacked into his Snapchat account

Logic would have it that the more you are noticed on social networks, the more likely you are to be victims of a future hack.

This was the case with Oltean Vlad, an influence on social networks. Almost five days ago, he announced on his Instagram that his snapchat account had been hacked.

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The pirates had fun making some rather disturbing publications on his story. Apparently nudes were posted, and he wanted to inform these subscribers that it was not for nothing. "You get to you my Story Snap? I think I was hacked. Askip we put nudes on it, I can not see. I contacted snap, I think they will answer me either Monday or maybe tomorrow. If you see stuff chelou, I swear it's not me! If anyone has any quick knowledge about Snapchat, please contact me privately"

Some of its subscribers announced that they had received sex photos or other perverse posts. At the moment we don't know how did the hacker have access to his account? Is it classic piracy or a third party abused these identifiers in order to gain access to Snapchat account?

He wanted to clarify things by announcing that the photos that were published on his page were not of him. "It's not me in the pictures, is it? In case where you think that"

Moreover, it states that it still does not have access to snapchat account. "For my Snapchat, I still can't connect. And I didn't get a response from Snapchat. I think that as my account is not certified, it doesn't pay too much attention to it." But for now his Instagram account is still active and he better write his fans there.

This time, Emma cupcake's ex is not the first Stars or well-known personality or influencer to get hacked account. It even seems like this is common.

On July 26, it was the Twitter account of actress Jessica Alba who had been targeted by cyber hackers. The culprits used their access to the star's account to spread messages to racist and misplaced character ranging from homophobia to pro-Nazism. These 9 million subscribers call unpleasant publications that misrepresent the image of the star. She had to call in computer security experts especially to clean up his account with the help of Twitter.

Even further it was the young singer Selena Gomez, who got hacked various accounts online. On this side, hackers had the clever pleasure of posting pictures of Justin Bieber naked, his ex-boyfriend. It has been the victim of several hacks, including in 2016 but also 2012. The culprit at the time was a 21-year-old English youth Gareth Crosskey. The latter had tried to blackmail her or sell messages to the highest bidders for private messages.

Stars are constantly being hacked into accounts line. Often the goal is unhealthy, in a context of revenge or protest. It can also be simple hacking, the purpose of which is to steal personal data. But generally, these hacks are not the work of professional hackers. These are largely little geeks who do it just for fun or to make some money.

However, recently, the hacking of the Twitter manager's account was the work of an expert hacker. But that we will explain in a future article.

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