Cybersecurity to the test of telework in times of coronavirus

Cybersecurity to the test of telework in times of coronavirus

April 9, 2020 Off By admin

The challenges facing COMPUTER security experts today are many.

More than before in a context where Internet and digital agents have increased considerably. According to a study conducted by Dimensional Research, also published by Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd., Hackers and other cybercriminals, make the most of the coronavirus-related situation, which forces companies to change the way you operate on you you put away the telework. Clearly, cyberattacks have increased a term of intensity.

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This makes it more difficult for professionals. "Cybercriminals will always seek to take advantage of the latest trends to try to improve the success rate of their attacks. The coronavirus pandemic has led to a flood of information, as well as dramatic changes in the work practices and technologies used by companies. As a result, many companies' attack surfaces have increased significantly and jeopardize their security," said Rafi Kretchmer, head of product marketing at Check Point. He went on to add: "To ensure the security and continuity of operations in this rapidly changing situation, businesses need to protect themselves with an end-to-end holistic security architecture. The aim is to ensure accessible and reliable connections between enterprise networks and remote devices 24/7, facilitate collaboration and productivity between teams, networks and offices, and deploy robust protection against threats and advanced cybercrime techniques at all points in the company's network. »

According to the results of the study, Dimensional Research, one can still note this:

The increase in coronavirus-related or thematically-related computer attacks was reported by 71% of security professionals.

– among these attacks, phishing takes the lead with 55 percent of the reports. in second place we have malicious websites which make up about 32% of reports, and 19% are reserved for ransomware.

95% of the individuals surveyed reported an increase in the consequences of cybersecurity challenges since the spread of coronavirus. Almost 55% of respondents felt the need to increase the safe framework for remote work.

This result does not describe anything new. However, it does confirm the situation we are in. This situation has been a challenge for two months now, all professionals and individuals and even business managers of public institutions. Coronavirus promotes cybercrime. And the growth continues for cybercrime that benefits the most. In this context a significant contribution from all actors is essential. By actor, we allude to the technology manufacturer, to the application publishers, the regulatory authority but also to the final players who play a big role in this circuit.

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