More and more ransomware victims among SMEs

More and more ransomware victims among SMEs

February 27, 2020 Off By admin

In Switzerland, as elsewhere in Europe, private companies, large and small, are continually victims of cybercrime, especially ransomware piracy.

The technique is famous and we know almost all of it today. Hackers will not only take their victim's computer system hostage, but they will also ask to make this world a ransom to deliver the decryption key they have after encrypting all the user's data. Today, ransoms can go up to millions of dollars.

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face to this growing threat, authorities are increasing awareness campaigns. Since the at the beginning of this year, more than a dozen such hacks were carried out reported near the authorities. In Switzerland, the information security analysis recording centre, meant that hackers are very active these time. Recent weeks, several weeks private companies have seen The system information become unusable. After an in-depth analysis, it was discovered that the security put in place by these different societies suffers structurally flawed. As might be expected, its companies have largely ignore the security measures derived from the various authorities in charge of the security of information systems.

According to the analysis recording centre for the Information Security: "Companies have either not noticed or taken serious messages from antivirus software warning that malware had been spotted on the servers. In some cases, several servers did not even have an antivirus, which greatly increases the number of risks of malware spreading within a corporate network. ». As in several cases observed during all of these problems, information systems were not protected only by simple passwords, in particular remote control. "In addition, their listening port was often the one that set by default (port 3389) and there was no restriction of access, for example by means of a VPN or address filter IP). "Central" noted. This openly explains the vulnerability of these Systems. the cybercriminals have no have to make a big effort to achieve their goals. And this allowed them to install on these different information systems, malware and to fully spy on targeted companies.

In addition, it was reported that several companies did not have an online backup of their data. In other words, they were not completely separated from their system. Unfortunately for them, piracy has led irreparably to the taking control of this data by cyber criminals. And it cost a lot of money.

In addition, the management of security patches by companies was deemed calamitous by the plant after its study. Especially when you consider that no real maintenance had been deployed at this level. As usual, negligence is the number one cause of computer attacks.

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