EDF to the blockchain through Exaion

EDF to the blockchain through Exaion

February 14, 2020 Off By admin

Exaion and a structure created within EDF by employees whose objective is to provide solutions allowing the French group to exploit all their digital resources in line with the realities of the blockchain.

The aim of this subsidiary of EDF is to increase the security of the various infrastructures of the French Agency. But these activities will not be limited to the provision of services for EDF. Exaion will also be able to work in collaboration with other companies that present the need to use blockchain technology. According to EDF's subsidiary spokesman, Exaion, the company's main objective will be to make it easier for companies to access "processing power for IT resource-intensive applications while minimizing the necessary carbon footprint. »

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Created by employees of a French group, Exaion was born at the beginning of 2020 as part of the intrapreneurship. The initiators of this project are Fatih Balyeli the director general of the subsidiary and Laurent Bernou-mazars, the technical director. "The Exaion's computer system is completely independent of EDF's, but it was designed and built based on the best practices of the group and it benefits from its cyber-surveillance services and unique know-how EDF on cybersecurity," fatih Balyeli, co-founder of the noting this clarification: "The cloud computing and cloud computing activities blockchain as a service rely on infrastructure installed in France in the Tier 4-level EDF data center with electric redundancy and and duplicated data between two sites."

The offer of EDF's subsidiary in the field of blockchain will address issues related to traceability and security in different industries. With this in mind, all companies that genuinely want to develop the traceability of their activities and services, and then move towards IT infrastructure and network proposed by Exaion. "There are three levels in blockchain, the layer network, the infrastructure level, the most sensitive, where we position ourselves, and the application level, i.e. the smart contracts themselves," explains the co-founder of the start-up, Bayli. The start-up's offer is based mainly on the protocol of the ethereum blockchain. But in some cases it will be possible to opt hyperledger or other. "We rely primarily on cases of use as long as a partner wants to work on another protocol crypto-active – there are more than 1,500 with intrinsic values – it will be reviewed by EDF's ethics and compliance team to establish its before it can be integrated into our protocol dictionary explained to us the CEO of Exaion.

But beyond all that, the goal of Exaion and to bring something more drinkable in the blockchain sector. In this regard, the Managing Director, Fatih Balyeli said: "What is important for us is to professionalize the blockchain business in such a way as to make it eco-responsible (…) We have set up a very virtuous cycle with active energy management. When the power grid is powered up, we withdraw and have created a whole heat recovery system to limit the carbon footprint of cloud computing and blockchain activity (…) On the HPC, we set up electrical engineering to optimize our service offering. We will run our machines over maximum periods of time so that we can withdraw from the network when it is stretched, which will be passed on in the contracts by lower rates. On the contracts we prepare, we will know what months and hours customers will be able to consume."

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