Effectively fighting ransomware: what are the best tactics?

Effectively fighting ransomware: what are the best tactics?

January 3, 2020 Off By admin

Today, the most dangerous malware for global security is nothing but the famous ransomware.

It now represents the majority of cyber threats.

FireEye, the computer network security firm, has released a document with strategies to protect against malware as ransomware and also to eradicate it.

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With regard to ransomware, it should be noted that its impact on an organization during a computer attack is quite remarkable in the negative meaning of the term. Not only can it be understood in one way but it can also be observed on a material level because, as is the case, knows, it's a trademark doesn't will be nothing more than to prevent holders or directors computer systems to access their data or systems, causing interruptions rather unpleasant activities. From a financial point of view, there is no denying serious revenue losses resulting from such an attack. This is in addition to the costs generated by the restoration actions of the and, of course, the implementation of new protocols and actions security, financially, it can be said that ransomware is budgetivorous.

The cybersecurity firm and network FireEye, detailed several techniques for effectively combating ransomware in its paper "Ransomware Protection and Containment Strategies: Practical Guidance for Endpoint Protection, Hardening, and Containment." This guide is a collection of tactics that could help improve a company's security environment and the best attitudes to adopt to not only contain but minimize the impacts of a ransomware attack.

These techniques have been designed to better help organizations – to reduce the risks that can lead to or facilitate a ransomware attack, including exposure of privileged accounts, accumulation of workstations and network systems, uncontrolled use of passwords, and unassurable use of workstations. "Threat actors realize that the more they disrupt their victims' operations, the more money they can extract money from them. Over the past year, we have seen long-time cyber criminals specialized in stealing credit card identifiers abandon this activity and turn to the deployment of ransomware (FIN6 for example), more lucrative than the resale of credit card numbers.

We have also seen an increased number of threat actors stealing data from organizations and extorting money from them, often using social networks and news articles to press their victims to pay them. These operations can generate six- or seven-figure gains at the expense of victims," noted Mandiant's CTO, FireEye, Charles Carmakal.

The fight against ransomware is only really beginning. Awareness and training will be the keys to enabling security officials not to leave hackers too far ahead.

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