Personal data: More leaks in Canada

Personal data: More leaks in Canada

April 1, 2020 Off By admin

In Canada, there has been a non-negligent increase in data leaks from state-owned and private enterprises.

And this problem has started since 2014, when millions of Canadians have seen and continue to have their data stolen, disclosed and even used without their knowledge. Quebec's health insurance authority alone has accumulated more than 80 incidents in just four years. 18 other organizations have also acknowledged experiencing this kind of hassle in the past 5 years.

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And for the majority of cases, several errors have been raised by the agents of his companies. "Twinning errors are common: passports sent to the wrong address or sun cards transmitted with inverted photos or names, for example. Two workstations were also infected. It's worrying […]You can pretend to be someone else," s[avec ces documents]aid Steve Waterhouse, a cybersecurity specialist and former head of The Government's Computer Security Unit in Canada.

Last year, we remember the various data leaks that have damaged Canadian and Quebec structures, as well as the millions of citizens who have seen their computer data abused on both sides. Starting with Desjardins at the revenue Quebec data leak via the U.S. structure's data theft case, Canadians have seen their privacy tested or even violated. "With the automation of data collection, the error is made more easily. With two clicks, an email is sent and when it's gone, it's gone," recalled Steve Waterhouse, who emphasizes errors as the primary sources of leaks.

Apart from the errors of the agents involved in the leaks, data thefts should be highlighted. For example, Héma-Québec reported two data thefts targeting more than 4 structures between 2014 and 2016. Flights that later led to computer problems related to personal data. In addition, the collection of information about unreasated work staff also poses a serious privacy issue as it increases the risk of leakage and the damage is ever greater. "At the Quebec Shared Services Centre (QSPC), one of the reports reported that an employee collected the personal information of a co-worker when it was not necessary to exercise[ses] assignments." This clearly indicates poor control of the collection procedure, but also the characterized carelessness of the senior officers. Steve Waterhouse will say, "There is no structured management, so it gives you that r[des écarts entre les sociétés d’État]esult," says Waterhouse

Simply put, data leaks are a real problem for the privacy of personal data. The disadvantages range from the financial sector to the security sector to the health sector. However, the causes are known but it is still difficult to put in place a clear and clear strategy to combat this. Data theft, agent errors, negligence and the like being the main cause may be combated. But to do this, awareness and the establishment of safe and effective drinking infrastructure is needed.

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