How do I secure connected objects in business?

How do I secure connected objects in business?

February 1, 2020 Off By admin

In order to talk about a successful deployment of the Internet of Things in business, we would have to take into account the elements of cybersecurity.

From the beginning, it must be put in place to ensure maximum security of the objects that will be used in the computer setting. To adapt and better build your Internet of Things framework, there are good practices that we need to follow that we will detail during this article.

1. Have control over your endpoints

Indeed, with each new termination bridge during the introduction of a new connected object into a computer network, automatically opens a entry route for cyber criminals who can take advantage of the potential security flaws during the proceedings. "The devices of the Internet of Things are generally designed by many manufacturers, on multiple systems owners or open source. They have varying levels of computing, storage and network flow. explained in a statement article. He also notes: "Every end point of the Internet objects will need to be identified and profiled, and then added to an inventory of resources. His condition and safety will then have to be monitored. »

2. Establish device tracking and management program Connected

Even if this advice seems pretty mundane, it is important to remember that the best way to establish a strategy security is to determine in advance which devices work in the company and what what exactly is their scope. In a large part, it is impossible to properly track all devices because of their number, better establish a defined program based on follow-up and programmed management determined.

3. Anticipating problems in advance that may pose barriers to IT security

According to Earl Perkins, "Knowing when and how you have to secure the physical element is going to be a major goal for many data-centric IT entities and it requires usually with the help of engineers. ». In this way, it is essential to detect in advance what could be a problem for IT security experts not to be in the deadlock later.

4. Constantly plan to fix security vulnerabilities

in installing connected objects in their business, managers need to know that security vulnerabilities must be constantly fixed because of course there will be because there are always. Adopt a tense attitude always be prepared to apply the fixes as soon as they do. Receive. Merritt Maxim analyst at Forrester Research notes: "It's important, not only for security reasons, but also because it is important to there may be other business imperatives that require the code to be changed over time (…) However, some devices may have limited capacity to apply software fixes, or the process may involve multiple steps for the user and be more complex than what a user user is able to do it right. ».

5. Organize connected objects based on a risk-driven strategy

In terms of computer security, of course, it will be necessary expect a form of prioritization when deploying the Internet objects like other technological models. So that's why that in some institutions it is recommended to adopt the strategy based on on risk with Gartner, as described by Earl Perkins

6. Assess and test the company's connected objects

Analyst Merritt Maxim recommends that devices connected to the Internet of Things be regularly evaluated at both hardware and software levels. The evaluation must also be done even before the deployment. "These devices may have vulnerabilities and you need to understand which ones before putting these devices in the hands of the public or your users It becomes important to make sure that some form of testing has been done. ».

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