The importance of data center access control

The importance of data center access control

June 24, 2020 Off By admin

Many companies do not consider physical security to be an option anymore.

Indeed, it has been presenting itself for some time, in most cases as a necessity. The key link in the company's cybersecurity strategy. This has been demonstrated by the shift that has forced several companies to opt for remote work at the expense of office work.

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To facilitate this professional transition, data centers and other digital resources, particularly storage, were the most in demand to enable the new system to function optimally. However, in order for these data centres to function properly, it would require in-person staff to deal with them. Both technically and in terms of safety. This excludes in this context remote work that seems to not work in terms of the security of this kind of infrastructure.

The development of remote work has put a lot of computer risks. While before cybercriminals were already very active, telework made their activities even easier. Creating opportunities they would never have dreamed of. "In comparison, data centers are highly sensitive places housing corporate servers. The security vulnerabilities on the accesses of these computer "fortresses" show that they are equally important targets to take into account. Although internally protected assets are not tangible, there may be a case of destruction or theft of highly confidential personal or professional information. Observe Magid Kelaia, IDF Trade Commissioner at SimonsVoss Technologies.

So now is the time to anticipate threats. Especially those that might be physical in nature. And as experts say, these are threats that can occur either outside and inside infrastructure. So the risk that running a data center is not just about the it. Acts of vandalism, theft or deterioration are also risks to be taken into account. This must require more control on the part of officials not only of the interior of the building, but also of its surroundings. "When a company installs its data in a data center, it wants to be sure that it will do everything in its power to protect it from unauthorized access. As a result, access control within data centers must be an integral part of its approach. There is talk of putting in place security measures to ensure a high degree of visibility and control over the people handling the equipment. Whether this is the case with a data center that stores the data or a data center called a roommate, high security is required in both cases. The prioritization of access control solutions will vary depending on the areas to be secured: computer bays, perimeter zone, IT premises, technical or telecoms, as well as possible regulations to be respected. points out Magid Kelaia.

Viewed from a commercial point of view, the safety argument is a factor of attractiveness to potential customers.Magid Kelaia noted: "Among all the options available on the market, an access control solution must attract the attention of decision makers at the Datacenters level through several key factors: system management, reliability of the solution and the autonomy of its products, product quality at the mechanical and electronic level, ease of installation and during retrofit. , its long-term cost, the levels of protection proposed… ». The first step would be to identify the types of data and equipment that should be protected.

This will then determine how security equipment will be installed, implemented and defined over the long run. The next step will be between determining the time slots and verifying compliance with current legislation and regulations defined by the state structures in charge of regulating this sector, such as the National Commission for Computer Science Freedoms in France.

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