The city of Marseille, victim of cyberattacks that has been going on for 1 month now

The city of Marseille, victim of cyberattacks that has been going on for 1 month now

April 11, 2020 Off By admin

For the past month, the city of Marseille has been hit hard by a computer attack that has severely affected its inhabitants and continues to affect them.

This computer attack took place between 13 and 14 March, it hit the community of Aix-Marseille-Provence, which is composed of more than 90 municipalities. Experts have called it "Unprecedented in its scale", the attack was "massive and widespread". For the population, the consequences are quite serious. Especially at a time when telework has become more than a standard but an obligation for many of them, their performance is already in trouble.

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Returning to the details of the attack, the local authorities testified: "Our servers were encrypted to the tune of 90% against a ransom demand." "It is all the digital services of the Metropole that have been affected to varying degrees of severity including information and management systems for human resources, payroll, finance (…) The operational operating tools of the services but also part of the telephony, websites and services to users. The metropolis told Agence Française de Presse.

To use telework safely during this containment period, officers operating remotely were advised to use personal WiFi networks. Because the city's network had been shut down to prevent the infection from spreading to other terminals (public and private). To assist and maintain the essential activities of the administration and to allow community officers to continue to work, systems to enable remote work by videoconferencing have been deployed.

For the moment, the city hall of Marseille avoids any communication on the extent of the attack, it does not give enough details about the potential consequences. Probably not to be frightened, given that the pandemic of COVID-19 is already much more worrying. However, she did point out that some services have been restored, such as the digital payment tool for invoices and market processing and even that of "Allô Mairie". The city also noted that: "The municipal services are working tirelessly to get back to normal. ». According to an estimate by the city authorities, it would take until 20 May to expect a return to calm and thus have the possibility of "rebuilding a complete system. ».

But this cyberattack was not limited only to the locality of Marseille. Indeed, the city of Martigues had also been affected. However, she said she was able to stem her problem about 10 days ago now.

After an intervention by the National Agency for Security of Information Systems, it was counted that nearly 300 machines have been decommissioned since the beginning of this computer attack.

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