Phishing is the hackers' preferred hacking method

Phishing is the hackers' preferred hacking method

December 17, 2019 Off By admin

According to a study conducted by Microsoft, the preferred technique of cybercriminals is phishing still called phishing.

As you already know, this method of hacking involves influencing Google's search for the purpose of writing users to fake sites resembling official sites, with the aim of being able to steal some personal information about them. We are talking about login credentials (usernames, passwords). Once recovered, they will use it for purposes that are not legal, of course.

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According to Microsoft's study of piracy trends 2019 worldwide, phishing is a method of hacking that managed to beat the famous ransomware. Although this year was marked by several attacks due to this ransom virus, as well as the damage it would have hackers have used much more in 2019, the right thing to do old method of phishing. Behind phishing we of course have The Ransomware, and crypto mining, a computer virus that is used by hackers to use the Power of computer computing infected to generate cryptographic currency.

Phishing simplicity and 19th-throes to retain a set of information about several individuals or a particular individual, by pushing them to click on a link that will automatically direct it to an online platform designed to collect its personal data, or which inadvertently install on his terminal a malicious program that will have the burden of siphoning these news. This information begins to facilitate certain modes of physical or physical crime such as identity theft.

According to figures obtained by Redmond's firm, the phishing piracy increased from 0.2% in 2018 to 0.6 October 2019. That's equivalent to billions of emails. "Even While technology improves phishing detection, hackers continue to perfect their techniques," noted the American computer giant. he later added: "We see hackers using name spoofing to impersonate the emails as if they came from brands or colleagues known as effective methods of getting users to click on open emails. ».

But what impresses cybersecurity specialists the most is that hackers are able to influence Google's search results, so as to channel traffic from real sites, and replace them with certain positions of the criminal sites they control themselves. "Targeted websites go up in Google's results for some very specific terms. ». And since in practice, Internet users tend to always click on the first link, so it's easy to get caught by the cyber criminals who often control these fake pages. In some cases, Internet users make it easier for hackers to receive them via email or text messages. According to the specialized website Futura Tech, hackers are using a new technique. This "other paid method" is based on creating untraceable pages displaying error 404. This process allows cybercriminals to bypass phishing detection systems." This will result in the user clicking on a booby-trapped link, and will be automatically redirected to the cybercriminals' website.

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