Is hacking stars that hard?

Is hacking stars that hard?

December 15, 2019 Off By admin

Pascal Desgagnés, famous "pirate of stars" faces about 7 charges in front of the French justice system.

The latter allegedly managed to seize hundreds of photographs contained in private phones belonging to well-known public figures. And it might not have gone through a rather complex ploy.

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According to one of his victims, named Jessica Harnois, he probably managed to get it because she had been using the same word for years on several of his accounts. It was following the discovery of the piracy she was experiencing that she decided to change things. "Yes, I've been using the same password for a long time, and I used it other sites," she said. And that combination was also used by this victim to access its iCloud account, Apple's cloud service, which of course allowed it to store such as images or videos. In addition to iCloud, the same login and password credentials was used for him access to his Facebook and even Netflix Instagram account.

Otherwise a source police to the press on Friday, it is not the motives of these victims who had been compromised. Indeed, the majority of the flaw came from iCloud accounts who were generally associated. And according to the results of the surveys, it did not it was not discovered that the hacker had injected into the phones, malware that would have helped him in his espionage task, or even that he would have made a copy of the contents of the SIM cards, the individuals with bad intentions have leaked some information, as some Experts.

Moreover, it is known that the hacker by having access to the iCloud account of victims, he could thus have access to certain content of the iPhone as a whole. whether it's multimedia contacts or notes, literally stored. So the latter will only navigate to the data that might interest him. Also as the Apple iCloud account also allows you to sync emails as well as the photo and video gallery, the hacker and then read the messages received by his victims, download photos and videos that might interest him. it can also duplicate the contents of its victim's iPhone by connecting another blank iPhone with the victim's iDks. and it will be able to have real-time content on another terminal without making the most effort.

But what we need to know is that at the moment, the hacker has not been able to access the phone call functions as well as that of the text messages received by the victims according to the police source. "The more we know about what happened, the more evidence suggests that the hacker probably had access to the victims' iCloud account. explains a computer security specialist named Eric Lessard. "He did what's known in jargon as an iCloud swap. ».

however it is still unknown how the hacker managed to obtain the IDs and passwords of his victims. "It's about 95% safe that the hacker had access somewhere on the dark web to a database of passwords and identifiers. Eric Lessard noted

The most likely idea would be those databases where thousands of combinations of identifiers would be illegally marketed. In most cases these are identifiers that are no longer up to date. However it is not uncommon to find some that still work. This makes specialist Eric Lessard mean: "If you don't change your password at regular intervals, and you use the same password everywhere, you make yourself vulnerable to this kind of attack. It's like leaving the doors of the house unseated. It's becoming a bit of negligence. »

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