Mobile phones have become prime targets for spies

Mobile phones have become prime targets for spies

December 15, 2019 Off By admin

It is very common today for hacks that directly affect mobile phones.

This could be explained in particular by the explosion of cell phone use around the world, which have become increasingly indispensable for our daily lives. In fact, the mobile phone has become the most used tool in the world without any challenge. This will of course create a growing interest in the criminal class. Computer security expert Steve Waterhouse noted, "I've seen an upsurge here" in cell phone attacks.

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"It's growing fast, because i[le cellulaire]t's the medium increasingly used to communicate," explained Eric Lessard, a private IT security consultant. For the latter he more needs to be more concerned about the phishing technique, which will allow easily to a hacker to install malware on the mobile phone target by misleading it. "[Le pirate]make sure you're incentivizing to click a link, such as a contest, by posing as a friend. You can only see fire. He noted. "There are even solutions that to take full control of the device, to see exactly the content of the screen," continues Mr. Lessard.

According to our expert, people who try to hack mobile phones are not always computer geniuses.Indeed, it There are now many computer tools to make it easier to this kind of illicit activity. It is very easy to get it on the internet. Whether it's free or paid there are many forms and levels of piracy. "A 12-year-old who can read and who is the "technological" will be able to do so, explained Mr. Lessard. "Everyone is at risk. Everybody! Noted Sophie Thériault, spokeswoman for crypto.Quebec City, a structure that is interested in privacy and computer surveillance.

It should also be noted that all of these practices espionage and cell phone hacking, which is the majority of the in a context of control or voyeurism. "There's software that almost allow you to take full control of the cell phone, without that its owner doesn't know. They even allow calls to be made from the device without leaving a trace, unless you check your reading monthly. noted Guillaume Tremblay, president of Delve Labs. He adds by other than people being targeted for reasons of voyeurism or gain lure: "If the person's cell phone is not up to date and the criminal took the time to target his attack, he said, the person will not see nothing. ».

A majority of mobile phone hacking cases reported in Quebec, according to Thériault, are believed to be triggering domestic violence events. And the ability for spies to get software of this type is very easy, so the cases are more and more extensive. "The former spouses take remote control of their ex-flame's phone and go through a thorough search," she warns cautiously. It sounds simple, but it can do a lot of damage. ».

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