Data leak at Zoom

Data leak at Zoom

April 5, 2020 Off By admin

As we know, this is last moment were not only good for the Zoom video conferencing application but also quite complicated to manage.

Indeed, the application has experienced a boom in use since the explosion of telework due to the coronavirus pandemic. While this is to be seen as something beneficial, the fact remains that the application has been shaken for some moments by several controversies.

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On the one hand, if we are talking about security vulnerabilities that could endanger the privacy of users' data but also the privacy of users, on the other hand we are talking about collusion with Facebook in order to transmit private data to the social network without the prior consent of the persons concerned. The last few days we've been talking about data leakage. Because apparently, according to several news sites, there have been thousands of videos of a private nature that have been publicly circulated on the Internet. Videos from users of the video conferencing app.

Highlighted by the American media outlet The Washington Post, the disclosure of the user data we are talking about here is believed to be due to a security breach. Unfortunately, Zoom's success continues to be marred by security issues. If this was highlighted by a severe security flaw in its Windows 10 version. And this vulnerability allowed anyone in bad faith to steal important, even confidential, information when using the app. According to The Washington post, thousands of videos from video conferencing software users are available on the Internet without even being protected. Computer security researchers named Patrick Jackson, noted that they discovered on the web more than 15,000 private video exchanges undertaken via the Zoom app, stored on an unsecured cloud server, allowing here any person to have access to potentially confidential or even very sensitive information.

"Some Zoom exchanges are even findable on YouTube and Vimeo," the Washington Post and the Mashable news site meant."If for some videos it is simply a mishandling (a recording on public servers), it is still unlikely that 15,000 people reproduced the same error. Patrick Jackson meant. For the latter, this leak could be caused by a problem related to the infrastructure of the network of the firm. But the communications company defends itself. For Zoom, the fault lies with users who have been careless when downloading videos over the Internet: "Zoom notifies each participant when a host chooses to record a meeting, and Zoom provides a safe and secure way for hosts to store their records. Zoom videos are recorded only when the host decides, on their own machine or on Zoom's cloud. (…) If hosts later choose to upload their video conversations to others, we urge them to do so with extreme caution and to be transparent with other participants, carefully considering whether the meeting contains sensitive information and taking into account the reasonable expectations of the participants."

However, enforcement officials said it would introduce a new system to increase the security of exchanges and, in turn, user data. But for that we will have to wait at least 3 months.

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