NordVPN increases security measures

NordVPN increases security measures

December 1, 2019 Off By admin

In March 2019, the VPN service provider publicly announced that it had been the victim of a cyberattack.

A blow for this firm for the very purpose is to protect the users of these services so as not to be the victims of such incidents.

With the aim of restoring its reputation and regaining the trust of its users, the consumer VPN service provider decided to take a set of measures to optimally increase the security of these infrastructures, in turn that of its users. This is clearly based on various forms from infrastructure testing to Bugs Bounty.

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It is remembered that last week, the supplier of the VPN service had meant officially that an individual who does not have the clearances security services, managed to gain access to the company's servers based in Finland. this fact happened but only last year. The concern, NordVPN did not know it there only a few months. Following this discovery, the company decided to end its partnership with the relevant data centre.

To make up for it, the consumer VPN provider decides to hire a company that specializes in security VerSprite. The latter is considered to be the intrusion testing specialist. According to the VPN provider, the mechanisms that will be put in place will make it possible to better assess the forms of computer attacks to which its system would be vulnerable as a whole. This would allow for better management of threats and threats develop a better counter-attack and security strategy. In addition, an independent audit which will cover all technical and physical infrastructure (Code backend architecture, software) of the company should be realized early next year. And for this is referred to in a defined approach long-term.

In addition, since the incident occurred on a server leased by the company, NordVPN is now considering modifying its entire infrastructure with servers without discs. The goal is that nothing should now be stored locally. This measure will make it easy to prevent any intrusion, even in the event of a server theft.

According to NordVPN's announcement, are likely to receive several improvements. There are exactly 5,100 of them all over the world.

In addition, NordVPN plans to implement a bug detection premium program (Bug Bounty) that will be open to all. And as practice has demonstrated many times, it is a process that makes it possible to discover very reliably and quickly the vulnerabilities of computer systems.

For NordVPN, all the security measures that will be taken are aimed at:

  • First, to ensure the credibility and reliability of the service offered by the provider.
  • Reassure its customers that all measures are being taken to ensure the security they aspire to.

With regard to the intrusion faced by the service provider and the general public of VPNs, there would be no fear to be had. "The service as a whole was not hacked, the code was not hacked, the VPN tunnel was not broken, and NordVPN applications were not affected," he said.

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