The best password managers in 2019

The best password managers in 2019

December 1, 2019 Off By admin

One of the most recurring topics in the central theme of computer security, we have that of password.

Indeed, we cannot address the issue of cybersecurity without mentioning one of the main shields of the sector. we know that the best way today to be able to connect to the Internet and use online services require the making of very sophisticated and different password depending on the account used. in this case it will be very difficult for a single person and complex to be able to remember when the password is not only complex but also different to each account. And that's where the password manager comes in.

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The essential tools for the security of our terminals and our Internet access is password manager. It is a tool that brings together and keep in one place all the passwords we use it on the internet. This makes him and the most important tools.

This tool computer will record all the identifiers and words in a secure safe used to access different accounts. This safe is also accessible with a password. Simply put, you'll only have one password hold, the one from the trunk. We're not going to deny it, this kind of solution is starting to become more and more popular. This popularity is not usurped because password managers, in addition to the security they offer, it saves time when you access different online accounts.

Therefore, his choice must be wise. In this article we've listed the best that are illustrated during the year 2019.

Let's start with the free apps:

1- BitWarden

It's a popular app by many computer security specialists. Despite the its free price, this tool offers a quality of service that does not envy paid software. It would be maintained by a single developer, running in open source, totally free. It works by an application that runs on most platforms, it can easily synchronize with the Cloud. It also offers end-to-end encryption, which of course allows encrypt the various transactions that will be carried out by this service. the best in all of this is that it's possible to create some kind of dismemberment of this service on its own server, to have control and be able to guarantee the protection of your own data.

2 – KeePass

It is an open source tool, which has been officially certified by the French National Agency for Security Systems and Computer Science (ANSSI). For now it will be said that it is a project even if it is fully functional. Its Android version (like the others surely) allows to use an offline safe, which can be used and stored in the cloud. (Dropbox, Onedrive and Google Drive).

3 – LastPass

It's a fairly regular password management tool as to how it's updated. it was a service that is listed thanks to a premium subscription that he devotes exclusively to a professional target.

In addition, now let's talk about Paid apps:

A category of password managers are not available only with paid subscriptions. This is the case of the famous 1Password and Dashlane which are the most recommended for their simplicity of use and clarity of their respective interfaces. the difference with free services is also done on services Provided.


An app originally dedicated to iPhones. This tool has expanded to the Android system with its simplicity of use inherited from Apple. Its effectiveness is proven in fields several applications defect. In other words, it's the perfect password management tool in line. The app is available on Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Linux, and Android. Its price approximately $39.49. That's €35.

2 – Dashlane

It is an application that since 2018 with its project "Mirror" had the ambition to dominate the market of password managers. It's a very comprehensive application. It offers many features. It is possible to have this app for free on an Android device up to 50 passwords. To obtain an unlimited number of passwords you must subscribe to the tune of about 40 euros. It is also possible to find the application in MacOS, Linux, iOS and Windows.

Now access an unlimited number of passwords:

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