Trapping your friends

Trapping your friends

June 10, 2016 Off By admin

Making jokes with friends or colleagues has always been topical.

With the arrival of the internet in our daily lives, a new world is opening up for budding pranksters and the possibilities are tenfold.

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Taking the plunge

If you also want to joke with your colleagues or acquaintances, it is useful to find out a little because on the internet, there are many ways to detect pranksters.

It's a shame when you see the extent of what can be done to laugh or relax at work or visiting friends. Of course, there are the traditional alterations of the facebook profiles that we go through in detail, but have you ever thought of registering your colleague in the Barbie club newsletter?

It's a wealth of information for pranksters who lack a bit of inspiration and I invite you without further ado to choose what you are looking for.

Joke ideas

If you feel like it, but you're running out of ideas, then go to this page to discover ideas that are more hilarious than the others to trap your friends on the internet.

Tips for a successful move

To prevent your mischievousness from turning against you, discover this series of tricks to succeed your tricks on the internet. You will be able to laugh without exposing yourself!

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