Protecting your business from cyber threat

Protecting your business from cyber threat

April 5, 2020 Off By admin

Today's digital revolution has made the use of digital technologies indispensable.

It is rare to see a business operate today without any computer tools available. Let's say it's impossible to see such a venture. However, this growing use of digital services raises the question of security. Because that says digital, says cybercrime.

So protecting against cyber threats must be a priority issue for businesses to address. But before we talk about protecting ourselves, we must first look at the most convincing and dangerous threats to them.

Which Cyber threats to be wary of first?


This is one of the most common threats that have hit businesses in the last 3 years. Some will even say that this is the most significant threat. As a reminder, it should simply be noted that ransomware, and a malicious program used by hackers to take hostage companies' computer systems. Once this malware is installed on a system or on a device, it prevents the main user from accessing it as he pleases. On the other hand, the publishers of this program will demand payment of a ransom so that the owner of the terminal or the infected server can access the contents of its system. Under certain conditions, the use of ransomware may shift to the disclosure of sensitive data when the targeted individuals resist the demands of hackers. According to a report published by Coverware's Ransomware Marketplace, ransomware-based attackers were the most widely used during 2019. That's why 2019 is dubbed the year of Ransomware.

The Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDos Attak):

It is a very common cybercrime technique. In most cases, it is used against sites that exploit the majority of their data on the web. We will refer here to the e-commerce site or social networks for example. The goal of the attack is to throw several towards its target. So as to saturate the target's network. Once this is done, cyber criminals demand a ransom to free up the network allowing their victims to freely use their feed.

Data leaks:

The ordeal of companies, the data leaks are something constant nowadays. It is difficult to go for almost a single month without a reported data leak somewhere. This is very degrading for the image of a company, but also tends to expose people affiliated with these companies. Not to mention the fines they incur.

Phishing or phishing:

If ransomware is one of the most commonly used techniques, phishing is by practice the most common method of hacking or attacking computers. On this issue there is no doubt. Many computer attacks are initiated as a result of phishing campaigns. Mylène Jarrossay of Cessin, the association of computer security systems managers, notes that cybercriminals tend to proceed through:

"- messages inviting you to connect to fraudulent online shared spaces, slid amid the abundance of legitimate shared spaces mounted as a means of urgency

Malicious emails appearing to come from the Ministry of Health and other authorities

Malicious emails impersonating the helpdesk

False HR requests related to the organisation of work from home

Malicious apps and sites that are supposed to provide information about the crisis

"Fake phone calls from the help desk."

to easily target businesses.

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