Protect your pc from untimely advertisements!

Protect your pc from untimely advertisements!

December 2, 2016 Off By admin

You are used to using the Internet on a daily basis to work, do personal research and keep in touch with your loved ones. You think it's a great tool, but one thing bothers you all the same. Indeed, you have the impression that there are more and more advertisements, to the point of disturbing your browsing!

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Why protect your computer from advertising?

Today, protecting your computer from advertisements is simply essential. And for several reasons:

Some websites incorporate so much advertising that browsing becomes really uncomfortable!
Some ads are malicious and can redirect you to a page with viruses! And sometimes it's really hard to tell the difference between real and fake advertising!

If you have not taken any action against online advertising to date, then it is high time to address this. You will be able to find a smooth and pleasant navigation on the Internet. And it will also be much safer, because you won't risk downloading viruses by accident!

The ad blocker, a good solution?

There is a very clever tool that can hide advertising from websites. These are ad blockers. We advise you to download one: you'll see the difference right away! On the other hand, you should know that websites do not like these software: advertising earns them money! This is why, in recent months, some websites have been asking to disable the ad blocker in order to be able to navigate it. So this solution has its limits. However, we still invite you to install it: this program will still allow you to block a large number of ads.

What if I still see ads despite the ad blocker?

You've installed an ad blocker. But when you browse the Internet, you get the impression that some ads are popping up out of nowhere. You don't even feel that these ads are embedded in websites.

If you find yourself in this situation, we advise you to be very careful: your computer has probably been infested with a virus or malware!

We invite you to do a scan with your anti-virus in order to find the source of the problem and eliminate it. You may also need to change the parameters of your anti-virus to make it more efficient and fine in its scans. We also advise you to stop clicking on links that you don't know the source of on social networks and in your emails!

With these tips, you should find a little peace of mind in your Internet browsing: the untimely advertisements will disappear!

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