Smart city and IT vulnerability

Smart city and IT vulnerability

November 18, 2019 Off By admin

The concept of city intelligence continues to expand more and more.

However, as in all IT sectors, the issue of security still comes into question. the emergence of a smart city cannot be done unless there is a comprehensive and safe cybersecurity strategy. Of course, a certain prioritization of threats is necessary to conclude that a maintenance system is appropriate.

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By taking the example of the metropolis of Bordeaux, we can that more than 12,000 software probes have been executed in information system, from computer network servers to computer stations. management. Confided in a local start-up called Thetris, the whole facility aims to for 2 years to create a shield against computer threats that could target the entire city system.

As a result of the city of Bordeaux's concern about the basic use of technology in the management of public services, the question is constantly being raised about the virtualization and computerization of certain sectors such as red lights, for example, which could well be managed remotely, in an equally automated way. While the idea is tempting and achievable, the risk is as great and unsurest. "With the rise of the digital city, the issue of computer security is even more challenging.

Communities are playing a big role, whether it is in terms of credit to the people or real damage. Information Systems Security Officers (RSSI) are on the front lines of these growing threats. Bruno Caudal, Head of Security for the Information System of the city of Vannes (53,200 inhabitants). Morbihan). He will add: "The protection of signage? It's at the top of our risk hierarchy."

In this respect, everything is put on the spot to avoid the maximum damage to people. because in practice no computer system is immune malware.

However, some security experts say that that risks should not be allowed to stop progress and bring a minimum of ease in the management of public services. The key is to put on sets up a set of methods and strategies to be constantly in the process of security development: "You have to control your heritage thanks to a proper maintenance and safety plan, it is a governance fairly classic in computer science, but which is still little practiced on the urban facilities. jean-Noel Olivier, the deputy director-general digital and information systems in the metropolis of Bordeaux, which is 28 municipalities, and 783,100 inhabitants.

however the disaster scenario is not just a myth especially as to the deployment of the Smart City. the risk is great and all specialists are convinced of this. the technologies do not provide a guarantee of a maximum state of securing the sites. Especially since the major concern is at the level of it is the computer science of the industries. Bruno Caudal said: "Most of the equipment is full of security vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited by the pirates. (…) Manufacturers favour turnkey solutions easy to use and deploy. ». However, the "Absence of encryption of communication flows, network silos, weakness passwords, complexity of updates or lack of physical protection complicate the task of professionals. ».

In conclusion, the issue of the security of smart cities will always be at the heart of the debate related to its extension. We know that the intelligence city will take shape sooner or later. But under what conditions? The question remains.

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