Snapchat Privacy and Security in 3 Tips

Snapchat Privacy and Security in 3 Tips

November 19, 2019 Off By admin

Snapchat today is one of the most used social networks in the world.

This popularity attracts a lot of people, some of whom are not very good intentions.

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Admired by young people and adults alike, Snapchat's ephemeral content appeals. In this way, users can send photos and videos that would have been retouched called 'snaps'. In addition, the app also allows you to interact with other users.

If in the beginning, the use of the application was quite limited, today it offers quite vague ways of personalization in use. which now allows them to address certain privacy and security settings. Also whether you are a regular or a new subscriber on Snapchat, you need to be careful and try to implement certain regulations that will be a shield for you against any unusual intervention.

1 – Limit your posts to your friends

We know that Snapchat's setup means that your posts, by default, are seen only by friends. When other terms, only the people you have in your friends list who have confirmed the invitation can send you photos and videos vice versa, and also view your stories. Users are advised to keep this setting. even though it's often tempting to let everyone see what you're doing, you don't have to be attracted to the celebrity of the unknown. So it's better to limit yourself to his friends so you know who looks at your stories.

In addition, regularly check the parameters privacy, to make sure you don't inadvertently tip over "Everyone" mode. If you see people you don't don't know, send you messages, you'll need to immediately review the privacy settings to make sure you're not hacked.

2- If you doubt the ephemeral nature of your Snapchat posts, don't worry about them

In principle, posts made on Snapchat are supposed to disappear after being posted online. In addition, the app is supposed to notify you if anyone has registered your posts, whether it's simple chats or your Snaps. However, we must not be fooled. Indeed, it is quite possible that your Snapchat posts are shared and even registered without you noticing. there are of course several tricks to achieve this. This makes it impossible to prevent a person from backing up your photos or videos without your consent.

For example, in 2014, an annex website called SnapSaved was hacked causing a data leak involving more than 200,000 Snaps backups, creating a phenomenon called Snappening. While Snapchat's terms and conditions prohibit the use of third-party apps to back up photos and videos posted on the platform, this does not prevent many individuals from doing so and continuing to do so. That's why it's recommended that you don't publish if you're too straddling the evasiveness of your stories.

You will also have to make the effort on your side, not to violate the privacy of other users of the application. The ephemeral nature of Snapchat's posts effectively misleads users, prompting them to take pictures they shouldn't have taken and publish them in a normal way.

3- Create a robust password and don't disclose it, even to your acquaintances

No matter what social network you use, what platform you access online, what services you use. The advice is the same. Your password must be strong enough to protect you. You will have to build it in which way it cannot be guessed by hackers. As you know the password is the first shield against computer hacking. Therefore, you will have to make sure, that it is not easy to guess where to steal.

Do not disclose it around you as it is not advisable to give it to your loved ones. Avoid using the same password you already use on other online platforms. Because if one of these online accounts is hacked, you automatically put your Snapchat account at risk. Especially since, we know that websites and other applications are constantly being hacked.

Also, avoid making classic passwords such as the famous 1 2 3 4, or use your date of birth, the dates that marked your life, the names of your children, your dog or your favorite hero. In addition, you must each time your profile make sure you are the only one who uses it. check your settings to see if this is something have not been changed without your knowledge.

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