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Snapchat and the security of your Snaps: a security increase without users' knowledge?

Many people don't know this, especially the majority of users of Snapchat, the social network with ephemeral publications to since January adopted end-to-end encryption.

This method of encryption is starting to gain momentum in the online messaging industry. Even if for a long time the social network has ignored this method, the fact remains that it has finally decided to adopt it in order to secure the message of these subscribers.

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The discovery of this mutation was published by the media Telegraph, in one of these editions, published on 9 January this year.

It was posted to know, that the platform had opted for this mode of encryption 1 year before the general public realized. The journalists in charge of the investigation had formally announced this while Snapchat had at no time warned its users, although this encryption is very important for them. To answer this question, some people say that perhaps encryption has not been fully implemented or deployed. It is due to this failure that the application preferred not to notify its community at this time.

For its part Snapchat claims that end-to-end encryption is only available for exchanges between two people in private. It is not yet deployed for group exchanges.

According to the social network, its team of engineers is working day and night to ensure that the way messages are secured via its platform is soon complete. like WhatsApp or Instagram, subscribers will be able to enjoy a higher security framework in their exchange. Once this is available, the whole community will be informed.

While the fact that Snapchat has decided to encrypt from start to finish comes a little late, it is still very good news. If this becomes a reality, then we can congratulate the social network for finally being fashionable regarding the modern security system. Above all, we can avoid another data leak like those caused by the famous Snappening, which occurred in 2014 with nearly 200,000 photos and videos that were hijacked and published online.

in practice we know that end-to-end encryption is a method that encrypts the exchanges between different correspondents, so as to make them unreadable, in case where a few succeed to intercept them, because for this, hackers must first the key to decipher the content, which according to its importance is very well protected.

Even the person who provides the snapchat service here will not be able to access these conversations (in theory). However, while this mode of protection of online messaging conversations is appreciated in the community, it is not infallible, not to mention the threats to it, such as backdoors in some software, poor programming of source code, or encryption protocol or certain types of very specific computer attacks.

Moreover, according to computer security experts, Snapchat's encryption work is really satisfying. The quality is there. We realize then that we are far from 2015 where the makers of the platform claimed that Snapchat was not a privacy service but rather a platform whose goal is to be entertained, that taking into account this logic, users had not demanded such a level of investment.

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Snapchat Privacy and Security in 3 Tips

Snapchat today is one of the most used social networks in the world.

This popularity attracts a lot of people, some of whom are not very good intentions.

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Admired by young people and adults alike, Snapchat's ephemeral content appeals. In this way, users can send photos and videos that would have been retouched called 'snaps'. In addition, the app also allows you to interact with other users.

If in the beginning, the use of the application was quite limited, today it offers quite vague ways of personalization in use. which now allows them to address certain privacy and security settings. Also whether you are a regular or a new subscriber on Snapchat, you need to be careful and try to implement certain regulations that will be a shield for you against any unusual intervention.

1 – Limit your posts to your friends

We know that Snapchat's setup means that your posts, by default, are seen only by friends. When other terms, only the people you have in your friends list who have confirmed the invitation can send you photos and videos vice versa, and also view your stories. Users are advised to keep this setting. even though it's often tempting to let everyone see what you're doing, you don't have to be attracted to the celebrity of the unknown. So it's better to limit yourself to his friends so you know who looks at your stories.

In addition, regularly check the parameters privacy, to make sure you don't inadvertently tip over "Everyone" mode. If you see people you don't don't know, send you messages, you'll need to immediately review the privacy settings to make sure you're not hacked.

2- If you doubt the ephemeral nature of your Snapchat posts, don't worry about them

In principle, posts made on Snapchat are supposed to disappear after being posted online. In addition, the app is supposed to notify you if anyone has registered your posts, whether it's simple chats or your Snaps. However, we must not be fooled. Indeed, it is quite possible that your Snapchat posts are shared and even registered without you noticing. there are of course several tricks to achieve this. This makes it impossible to prevent a person from backing up your photos or videos without your consent.

For example, in 2014, an annex website called SnapSaved was hacked causing a data leak involving more than 200,000 Snaps backups, creating a phenomenon called Snappening. While Snapchat's terms and conditions prohibit the use of third-party apps to back up photos and videos posted on the platform, this does not prevent many individuals from doing so and continuing to do so. That's why it's recommended that you don't publish if you're too straddling the evasiveness of your stories.

You will also have to make the effort on your side, not to violate the privacy of other users of the application. The ephemeral nature of Snapchat's posts effectively misleads users, prompting them to take pictures they shouldn't have taken and publish them in a normal way.

3- Create a robust password and don't disclose it, even to your acquaintances

No matter what social network you use, what platform you access online, what services you use. The advice is the same. Your password must be strong enough to protect you. You will have to build it in which way it cannot be guessed by hackers. As you know the password is the first shield against computer hacking. Therefore, you will have to make sure, that it is not easy to guess where to steal.

Do not disclose it around you as it is not advisable to give it to your loved ones. Avoid using the same password you already use on other online platforms. Because if one of these online accounts is hacked, you automatically put your Snapchat account at risk. Especially since, we know that websites and other applications are constantly being hacked.

Also, avoid making classic passwords such as the famous 1 2 3 4, or use your date of birth, the dates that marked your life, the names of your children, your dog or your favorite hero. In addition, you must each time your profile make sure you are the only one who uses it. check your settings to see if this is something have not been changed without your knowledge.

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How to hack Snapchat effectively?

Snapchat is now with Facebook and Twitter, one of the most used social networks in the world.

For social, economic and even relational reasons it is often tempting to want to hack into the Snapchat account of someone we know or not. So we're going to ask ourselves how we can achieve that goal.

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First of all, it's easy to find tricks on the internet to help you hack. However all these tricks are unreliable, can often materialize by a waste of time for you. on the other hand, you should know that piracy is illegal no matter how close you are to someone you hack. Also the tips we will give you in this article is for me for educational purposes. You are solely responsible for the consequences that will result from the actions you will take.

There are several types of methods:

1 – Hacking with PASS DECODER

There is software, the effectiveness of which has already been proven by practice. This is PASS DECODER, the software provided by Pass Revelator Suite. It is a fairly simple tool whose use is facilitated for people who do not have a great knowledge of computer science. All you need is to know the email address or the number or ID of the person you want to hack. With this, the software will take care of finding you its password. The advantage with this computer tool is that it has no limit of use. As soon as you install it on your device, you can use it as many times as you want.

You can test it for free by clicking on the following link:

Last clarification, if you fear to meet the dual-factor authentication system, do not fear, because this software will allow you to bypass it through a very programming script developed.

2 – Phishing hacking

Phishing as we all know and a technique that is usually reserved for IT professionals or anyone with advanced hacking skills.

It is simply to recreate snapchat's homepage but in a fictitious way and attracted users who will unknowingly provide all the necessary elements for hackers to access their account. it will be able to easily collect login credentials including usernames and password.

The only problem with this hacking technique will be dual factor authentication. If the victim has opted for this method of verification, the victim should have access to his mobile phone to know the verification code that will be sent to him. However, if phishing is associated with SIM swapping, then the technique will be perfect.

It is known that the SIM swapping will consist of having access to the content of the SIM card user through the transfer of data from that SIM card to another. One wonders how this is possible. It's simple, hackers just have to contact the mobile phone operator into believing that they are the real owners of the targeted SIM card. then claiming a problem or an accident, they will request that all references of the SIM card in question be transferred to another card that will be available to them. If it happens has succeeded this masterstroke then phishing will be a perfect technique, to hack Snapchat. but we'll admit it's not intended for ordinary people with little knowledge of computer science.

3 – Hacking with keystroke recorders

Keyloggers or keystroke recorders are computer programs that record every keystroke a person taps on.

For those who access Snapchat through their computer, this program will be somewhat useful to them. simply install it on the target terminal and wait for the victim to enter all the information you will need to access their account.

Compared to the configuration of the computer program, the information will be automatically sent to you. And you'll just have to log in to the person's account.

However, like phishing, this technique is vulnerable to dual-factor authentication because if the keystroke recorders have recovered the information that has been typed on the keyboard, we all know that the verification code received by text message changes at any time so it would be impossible to recover it thanks to this technique.

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5 Tips to Secure Your Snapchat Account from Hacking

Today it goes without saying that Snapchat is the favorite social network of youth.

More than 40% of young people, aged 15 to 25, counted Snapchat. Linked to other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat is the social network that allows you to share photos and videos with added filters and other customization elements. Also geolocation that the user chooses according to his will.

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Its popularity makes it as dangerous as it is attractive, because it is not only those who want to use for their distraction, but there are also people with bad intentions such as hackers. So in this article we'll give you some tips to better secure your WhatsApp account from hacking.

First of all, this app is available on iPhone and Android phones. With the Snapchat app, published content is normally personal, i.e. it is limited to a well-defined category of people. It is noted that images and photos once published, it will only last a limited time unless the recipients make captures where they are recorded. To preserve the integrity of users and their right to privacy, the National Commission on Freedoms and Information Technology (CNIL) advises users to ensure the confidentiality of their publication to avoid disappointment.

Find a Snapchat password

With THE PASS DECODER software, decrypt a Snapchat password simply by entering an email, ID or phone number.

It also works on tablet, phone or computer. It can decode protect accounts with dual authentication.

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Here are some tips for securing your Snapchat account.

1) Be sure to hide your phone number

Remember that leave your phone number visible to any actor who sees your phone number profile could save it. Imagine the hassle of a stranger having your phone number within reach. To hide your phone number go settings then select "phone number" and "cancel" option to allow others to find it for me."

2) Please use a pseudonym to preserve your true identity

Indeed, it is recommended not to use his real names and surnames. Please separate your personality of your personality on snapchat. Besides don't have fun not to use the same pseudonym on all your online accounts. Because this could harm you if you collect data on your smartphone.

3) Only allow your friends to see your content

actually your story should only be reserved for your friends. You can't know who is in good or bad faith. You are exposing yourself to the general public harm. To do this go into the "settings" then choose the option " my friends" to confirm that only your friends can see your content.

4) Please accept the addition that people you know

It is true that on social networks, have often attracted him by popularity. So we're often takes to collecting lots of friends especially from people we don't don't know personally.

If it seems however, it is also very dangerous. You can attract people who don't necessarily want you well. For your safety limit yourself only to your knowledge.

5) Enable dual-factor authentication

To avoid being hacked in the process, either by a hacker or anyone with your secret code can easily access your Snapchat account, you need to enable two-step authentication. The first step is to get your password in. The second step will now be to validate by a security code that you will receive by message. Go into the settings and select on authentication.

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