5 Tips to Secure Your Snapchat Account from Hacking

5 Tips to Secure Your Snapchat Account from Hacking

August 21, 2019 Off By admin

Today it goes without saying that Snapchat is the favorite social network of youth.

More than 40% of young people, aged 15 to 25, counted Snapchat. Linked to other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat is the social network that allows you to share photos and videos with added filters and other customization elements. Also geolocation that the user chooses according to his will.

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Its popularity makes it as dangerous as it is attractive, because it is not only those who want to use for their distraction, but there are also people with bad intentions such as hackers. So in this article we'll give you some tips to better secure your WhatsApp account from hacking.

First of all, this app is available on iPhone and Android phones. With the Snapchat app, published content is normally personal, i.e. it is limited to a well-defined category of people. It is noted that images and photos once published, it will only last a limited time unless the recipients make captures where they are recorded. To preserve the integrity of users and their right to privacy, the National Commission on Freedoms and Information Technology (CNIL) advises users to ensure the confidentiality of their publication to avoid disappointment.

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Here are some tips for securing your Snapchat account.

1) Be sure to hide your phone number

Remember that leave your phone number visible to any actor who sees your phone number profile could save it. Imagine the hassle of a stranger having your phone number within reach. To hide your phone number go settings then select "phone number" and "cancel" option to allow others to find it for me."

2) Please use a pseudonym to preserve your true identity

Indeed, it is recommended not to use his real names and surnames. Please separate your personality of your personality on snapchat. Besides don't have fun not to use the same pseudonym on all your online accounts. Because this could harm you if you collect data on your smartphone.

3) Only allow your friends to see your content

actually your story should only be reserved for your friends. You can't know who is in good or bad faith. You are exposing yourself to the general public harm. To do this go into the "settings" then choose the option " my friends" to confirm that only your friends can see your content.

4) Please accept the addition that people you know

It is true that on social networks, have often attracted him by popularity. So we're often takes to collecting lots of friends especially from people we don't don't know personally.

If it seems however, it is also very dangerous. You can attract people who don't necessarily want you well. For your safety limit yourself only to your knowledge.

5) Enable dual-factor authentication

To avoid being hacked in the process, either by a hacker or anyone with your secret code can easily access your Snapchat account, you need to enable two-step authentication. The first step is to get your password in. The second step will now be to validate by a security code that you will receive by message. Go into the settings and select on authentication.

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